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Xenonauts-2 Version 0.15.1 Hotfix Released!

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This version of Xenonauts 2 is a free public test build, released free because it is still an early build and we don't yet think we can justify charging for it; full details on where to get the build can be found in this thread. 

This is a hotfix for Build V0.15.0 which we released yesterday. The primary fix is for a crash that sometimes happened when your soldiers take damage, but we've also included quite a few smaller changes as a result of the bug reports and gameplay testing.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Xenonauts took damage.
  • We've stripped all the armour from all the combatants, as it was confusing the damage calculation (this means shotguns should actually be useful now).
  • Fixed an issue where the Psyon Officers (the red ones) had too little HP.
  • Female soldiers no longer make male injury / death noises.
  • Lights should no longer be showing through the shroud.
  • Updated the "Alien Turn" etc UI notifications to have a slightly off-black background so they can be seen against the shroud.
  • Fixed the rifle having a higher fire cost for normal shots than aimed shots.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the climbable vines on the cliffs were invisible in the build.
  • Fixed a visual bug where parts of the clifftop ground was being incorrectly hidden by our "roof hide" shader.
  • Minor visual updates to the dropship interior and the alien building interior.

Please let us know if you find any further issues. We have a build scheduled for Tuesday 12th December, but this hotfix contains all of our currently pending fixes so unless there's more bug reports we probably won't have much to put in it! :)

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Hello !

Got a crash when throwing grenades... Here are the .log and .rec

Also : don't know if it is intended but the edges of the map are misleading (both sides of the base). You think you can enter in the base by the side because there are no walls or fences... and of course you can't (normal) but only because you can't click on the tiles.




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Thanks for the report, Spad. We'll see if we can find and fix that grenade crash.

Yes, you're right about the map edges. They are meant to be hidden by the fog of war ... but now the fog of war is itself hidden by default, so I can see why that is confusing. We'll need to find a new way of marking those tiles as impassable I think!

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Finally could play a bit. I really missed this. :)
Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest

Maybe some of the following things were mentioned in the former public release, but I cannot remember if me or someone else did report those. Just take it as a reminder then.

In general:
- The master volume in the menu of the game does not consider the music. It is loud.
- Weren't the keys mentioned in the menu somewhere before? I couldn't find them, took me sometime to use the Medikit. How to stop the soldier from moving down path? It isn't Esc or Space.
- Nice: Soldiers can mover over the seats in the Osprey to go out the other side. Also: Osprey!
- Also nice: Climbing animation looks great.
- During the Hidden Movement, the screen moves to movement place, so you roughly know where something is happening even it is still pitch black.
- The hidden movement also takes quite some time to finish. Didn't know with black screen whether something happened or if the game froze. With visible enemy during hidden movement I could see that the game just waited for some time after the enemy/friendly unit moved.
- Also while hidden movement seemed to stall, it is possible to pan the map by moving the mouse to the edges.
- Missing a height level indicator to know where I am. Couldn't select my sniper on the boulders until I clicked the unit icon and realized the map jumped up a level. Maybe something like the original game had, but only when the unit is hovered over to know this. Or even simpler, just let me select the unit I hover over.
- Missing the hide-roof-button. Especially when moving a bit away from the Osprey and the whole upper part becomes visible again, it is hard to see which soldier I have selcted or where he/she stands inside the Osprey.
- The hit-stuff-in-front-problem is still an issue:
  - Grenade Launcher can't shoot straight and hits rocks/sandbags in front.
  - Thrown grenades are not as problematic but still are way off.
  - Autogunner only hits the door frame he stands in while shooting an alien at the opposite wall of the room.
- Sometimes the weapon selection doesn't work: Rifleman. Clicked grenade to throw but was too far. Clicked on gun again but couldn't change the %-values by right-click. Clicked grenade again, then gun again. Left-click threw grenade. Other soldier worked fine though.

Now some pictured things (as usual from me):

Dust/smoke of grenades/grenade launcher linger in the air and sometimes jitter around.

Grenade Launcher cannot hit properly

Targetting through walls
thru wall 1.jpgthru wall 2.jpgthru wall 3.jpg

Text in second image is a bit misleading: The shotgunner spent the TU correctly on first alien. Targetting second alien just to show that it is possible although he shouldn't be able to see it.

And here is this:

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