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  1. Game crash after the beginning of my 2nd turn. No dump files on my hardrive. I like the "flat" gun of the Sebillians, perhaps a little too small. recording_9.rec
  2. Yes, a crash to desktop. Crash reporting is enabled but my internet is quite bad at the moment and I was not connected when the crash happened, sorry. I'll try later to play to see if the crash occurs again (I hope not).
  3. Hello, Can you remind me the mail adress to send a crash report, please ? (the dump file is empty but error and output_log are ok) (Perhaps you could add the address in the window which indicates where we can find the crash report's files) Thanks
  4. Hello, feedback on v0.0.6: - The graphic option panel works fine, the menu's contrast check/uncheck is better. - Camera : speed is fine. Can't we have free rotation (with middle mouse button) ? Zoom in/out (with the scroll wheel) ? I usually move with the mouse to explore the map. When I use the keys, it's for smooth moves or because i need to let my mouse pointer on a tile and move the map a little to see something better. Actually, when i move with the keys, the map moves but the mouse pointer move too... I don't like that. - You let us the option to choose the cover indicator radius: nice - The game ran fine on my machine (i7 3770K, RAM 16Go, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2 Go) I don't understand why the sides of the two bridges don't provide half-cover... Or is it a cover indicator issue ? See on the attached picture. Thank you for this early build and I'm excited to see the next one.
  5. Je ne parle pas souvent sur les forums, mais là vraiment je me dois de dire un grand merci pour cet énorme travail Je connais beaucoup de français qui se sont mis à ce jeu grâce à ta traduction. Félicitations !