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Yeah, totally disagree.

The Alpha is very hard, due to all the bugs, most of them favoring the aliens. Masses of useless fighters dragging the funding down. Ridiculous prices for jets.

I found the mid-game harder in original x-com. The early crashes were small ufo's with half the crew dead and fairly easy to round up (again, sometimes you would luck out and ALL the crew would be dead on arrival, which should be added back in)

But in the mid-game, you don't quite have the kick-ass armour and weapons yet, but your up against medium and large UFO's with crews of deadly Mutons. This is when my body count and fighter loss count started going up to dangerous levels.

The end game was far too easy, with the drop ship interceptor, blaster bombs, powered flying armour, the aliens were now meat on a stick. I hope that part is balanced to keep being hard in this game.

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I loved blaster bombs. And feared them. They were overpowered but if you think about it, they were kind of balanced after both sides had them.

I don't anticipate any of us talking the devs into rethinking their removal, but here are my thoughts on ways they could have been included w/out making them annoyingly overpowerful:

1) My favorite part about them was that they were guided. But they seemed to be 100% accurate. Their power could be mitigaed by making the # of waypoints decrease their accuracy. The more complicated the flight path, the more likely they are to go off course.

2) Destruction of parts of the UFO is already programmed to decrease your yield of special materials. The urge to lob endless blaster bombs into an enemy UFO would be tempered by this. It could be made more paifully obvious that your playing style is costing you a lot of cool stuff if after a mission there was an "Alien Alloys Destroyed" menul item.

3) There power of each bomb could simply be decreased. Their blast radius was, frankly, crazy big. First time I used one I lost at least 2 soldiers and they weren't anywhere near the center of the blast...or so I thought.

4) Or their damage could be selectable by the player, delivering higher yield payloads with more AP spent.

5) Similar to #1: make them less accurate from distance. Distance assumes that a spotter has located an alien and radios back to the blaster wielder. Well, in the time it takes that message to be called in, the blaster programmed, fired and the bomb to reach its target, the alien is likely to have moved. So the farther the way you are, the less accurate it would be. Lack of accuracy in such a messy weapon is a BAD thing.

That's just off the top of my head. Like I said, I'm not expecting things to change. I'm actually not even advocating it. Just brainstorming for the fun of it.

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And the fun as your rookies try to shoot down the big explodey blimp of doom.

Gauddlike, you genius, you may have finally put an end to always sending the Rookies out first. You're going to want your most capable guys taking out the incoming missiles, and they're no good stuck back in the Chinook.

not only that, but it should now be law that all missiles are renamed 'big explodey blimps of doom' which is a much, much better name for them.

Awesome post Gauddlike!

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