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Change Workshop/ Laboratory User interface


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How do you change the workshop or laboraty user interface to be bigger. So it can contain more letters/words.

Im especially interested in making the right box of the workshop user interface bigger so i can actually read what is needed for a certain item (X-Division). Extendiing it to the right/bottom would help.

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I know, i know. I figured that out when i was dealing with the researchview.lua script.

But i would really like someone to tell me step by step what i have to change in order to get the right box bigger instead of figuring it out on my own.

I know im lazy :P. Lets just say im busy right now, and really need the help :D.

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This is the process and the conclusion i came to:


I deleted all workshopview.lua scripts in:

1; Charons Mod

2, XDivision

3, XCE

4, Vanilla Game

(This is the Mod order in the mod loader as well, except the vanilla thing)

There were no workshopview.lua scripts left in the whole ...assets\ folder

But still the workshop showed up as usual > ERGO there has to be a workshopview.lua script left, but we will come later to that.

I tried to put the workshopview.lua script from the XDivision/XCE into Charons Mod but there was NO EFFECT.

This lead to believe me that there was workshopview.lua script which was active and overwriting all the changes or rather wasnt reacting to me putting other files into the mod directory and applying the new workshopview.lua script althought it had the highest priority.

After a search on my whole computer it showed that the game saves all the scripts for quick use in

C:\Users\Test\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal\scripts .

... a lot of testing later ...

The main point is that the ...internal\scripts folder only takes over scripts which are newer than the ones already present.

This can lead to a lot of problems:

Example 1:

Lets say you play in 2016 and the scripts are mostly from 2016. Than you install another mod which was made in 2015 and most scripts have that date.

>>ERGO All scripts which are from 2015 wont be taking into account when you play the mod, which can lead into potential crashes and makes you sometimes unable to advance in the mod.

Example 2:

Mod A has workshopview.lua from 2016 and researchview.lua from 2015

Mod B has workshopview.lua from 2015 and researchview.lua from 2016

You will be playing with the workshopview.lua from Mod A and researchview.lua from Mod B. Needless to say that this is going to get messy, because there are a lot of other scripts as well, which can be depending on each other.


1, You can delete everything in the ...internal/scripts folder which means the game has to load everything from the mod loader again (and hopefully loading in the mod priority AND NOT FROM THE DATE OF THE SCRIPTS, that would be a disaster)

2, Change the date of every script to today. Simple make some changes and revert them and the last modified date will be there. Nonetheless to say that this is a big hassle

Number 1 is the recommended option.

I guess i can test in what way the scripts are loaded when you delete the ...internal/sccripts folder, but thats a shitload of work.


Whenever you change to another mod or start something new or CHANGE ANYTHING REGARDING SCRIPTS its better to delete the whole ...internal/scripts folder or the changed script to make sure that it actually gets used.

To the coders out there: I think there should be a big sign out there telling people that switching between mods isnt the only thing they have to do if they want to play the mod/mods as intended.

And why hasnt that been fixed yet ?

Edit: So i tested and deleted the ...internal/scripts folder and luckily the scripts get taken from the mod priority order and not from the date.

Have a nice day now and answers will be appreciated.

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I panicked for a while when my lua's did not work. Then someone said erasing the luas at user folder can handle t and it worked. But as i said, all the mod users should do that when they got a new mod with luas.. LUA's are not so modable and i find my parameter with pure trial and error..

And don't bother with fixes.. even XCE is dead for now.. so nobody will add anything to modding for this game..

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How can I enlarge the workshop or laboratory user interface to accommodate more text? Specifically, I'm interested in expanding the right box of the workshop user interface to ensure better readability of the required items for a specific item (X-Division). Increasing its size towards the right or bottom would be beneficial.

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