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    nowt to say really but i am an old xcom player, loved the game, twas top of my list of favs, i still have it on my Amiga1200.
    I am 54 year young.
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    pc gaming, ye olde music, play guitar.
  1. If you mean is it incorporated into XCE then it is not, it is included in the XCE mod pack.
  2. I dont notice any improvements, still the occoasional CTD & the game still locks which i need to alt,ctrl & del to exit. Also now getting crash popups when exitng the game. These are not game breaking problems though as the game autosaves quite often & i also make a lot of saves. Regardless, i thank all involved in the developement of XCE.
  3. Is this version compatible with Win XP or is there a seperate .exe fix like there is for 0.34.2.
  4. When you create a shortcut for any .exe file you can add parameters like D:\Xenonauts\assets\mods\xce\Xenonauts.exe -nointro (edit) I think it might have had something to do with windowed mode, am searching google now.
  5. Going to play again after long time away. The whole game folder is archived so i only need to extract but i never saved my Xenonauts.exe my shortcut. There were 1 or 2 parameters in it & i forget what they were, they were in there for a good reason. I have googled & searched the board, does anyone know where i can find the shortcut options please. I patiently await Thankyou
  6. Changing to heavy="1" crashed the game, i removed the whole line & it works. XCE modifies Xenonauts, so to me XCE is a mod, you cannot play XCE with Xenonauts installed.
  7. armours_gc.xml: <VehicleArmour name="HYPERION_ARMOUR"> ... <Special hovering="1" /> change <Special hovering="1" /> to <Special jumpPack="1" /> vehicles.xml is in a mod, it's in the XCE folder.
  8. There are no other vehicles.xml, i am using the original file from game version 1.59 stable. The file does work Ok because the other parameters i have changed work fine. <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VEHICLE.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.97</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.12</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.5</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">POWERPLANT.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">58</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CHASSIS.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">9</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">120</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">200</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">60</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">50</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">50</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">70</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">30</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VV.MACHINEGUN;VV.ROCKET;VV.PULSELASER;VV.PLASMABOLT;VV.MAC</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="20"><Data ss:Type="String">No</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">vehicles/ferret</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3000</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">No</Data></Cell> </Row> <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VEHICLE.SCIMITAR</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.7699999999999996</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.1900000000000004</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">11.2</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">POWERPLANT.SCIMITAR</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">41</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CHASSIS.SCIMITAR</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">9</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">140</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">200</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">70</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">65</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">65</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">70</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">30</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VV.PULSELASER;VV.PLASMABOLT;VV.MAC</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="20"><Data ss:Type="String">Yes</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">vehicles/scimitar</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">9000</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">No</Data></Cell> </Row> <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="14.25"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VEHICLE.HYPERION</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.58</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.99</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">7.8</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">POWERPLANT.HYPERION</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">72</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CHASSIS.HYPERION</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">9</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">160</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">200</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">90</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">90</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">90</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">70</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">30</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VV.PULSELASER;VV.PLASMABOLT;VV.MAC</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="20"><Data ss:Type="String">Yes</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">vehicles/hyperion</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">15000</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">No</Data></Cell> As i stated i can still get the Hyperion to crush props by changing 'hovering' to 'jumpPack' in armours_gc.xml, just means the Hyperion cannot travel over water which is a rare occurance & i can live with that. I do believe the Hyperion is bugged because as i already posted the Hyperion uses the Hunter engine sound, that problem was easily solved by copying the Hunter engine file & renaming it.
  9. That dont work either. The Hunter is not set to heavy but it still crushes props.
  10. Just tried that change before landing at a mission & it does not work. I do know about mod/file priority.
  11. I did try that but i was in Ground Combat when trying different changes, i changed 'Special hovering' to 'Special jumpPack' in armours_gc.xml & just left it, next mission was an alien base & it worked, i discovered later that the Hyperion will not go over water. Thankyou
  12. Is it possible to have the Hyperion break props like the other two vehicles.
  13. Hmm! I dont use Steam but thankyou anyways.
  14. Thankyou :)
  15. Trying my hardest to ignore this bit it's really irritating me now. Who do these maps belong too, the houses with no walls are always Farm. Do i have the load order right, do any need to be updated.