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[V1.59] Full Soviet Weapons Extension Pack [V1.01]


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After several months not playing the game I decided to share the "Full Soviet Weapons Extension Pack"-mod which I created long ago but never really finished. It includes all available soviet weapons such as Makarov pistol, AK-47 assault rifle, AK-74assault rifle, PK machine gun and RPG-7 rocket launcher.


This mod expands the set of ballistic nato weapons by their soviet counterparts. Simply put, it makes it possible for players to equip their soldiers with soviet and nato weapons during the same campaign. The soviet weapons have the identical ballistic stats to the nato weapons (the only significant difference is the larger magazines used by soviet rifles - these contain 30 instead of 20 rounds). The already existing AK-47 assault rifle has been slightly modified - it has lower accuracy and range but better armour penetration and the ability to fire 5 rounds bursts. (These facts make it an interesting option in close combat especially when facing armoured enemies like the androns) Besides all soviet weapons now use a consistent colouring scheme.

Weapons included:

- Makarov (weapon.pistol2)

- AK-47 (weapon.ak there is also a weapon.ak47 in the game which is not the same)

- AK-74 (weapon.rifle2)

- SWD (weapon.sniper2)

- PK (weapon.machinegun2)

- RPG-7 (weapon.rocketlauncher2)

Installation notes:

To install, you could either:

(a) Unpack the file into assets/mods

(b) Or install the mod using the mod manager






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I have recently released a tiny patch that allows using the soviet weapons in combination with armours from Kabill's Cybernetic Armour mod without having the problem with missing sprites.

for all who is interested in using the mod together with Kabill's mod it is available here:


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