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Having trouble getting an armor to show up properly, what am I doing wrong?

Man of Doge

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Just extract the contents of the attachment and load up Ground Combat when you put the Mirage Battlesuit on a soldier in the dropship. The soldier should look like a Praetor, but instead it looks like a darker and more comical version of a soldier in jackal armor... :(

If someone can figure out what I've been doing wrong here: please help--this is not my area of expertise when it comes to modding...

Here's the file:


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Had a look, the only thing I could think of is if the game is finicky about spelling and wants you to spell it the english way - "armour" rather than "armor".

Ah, righty-- had a look at the coding against the folder's name and yes; That would be a mistake I made when naming the armor-sprite file. ;)

Basically; just remind me to get more sleep so I can read what I'm typing. xD

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