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W.I.P : Sound mod (non music sound replecement/additions)


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The beta 0.2 has been unleashed onto the world! get it HERE

Beta 0.2 changelog:

- changed rocket launch sounds, removed spring trigger effect to allow faster ignition sound (was doing shenanigans ingame on short range rocket fires)

- gave frag grenades some added ambience making the explosion sound with much more..errm...presence.

-finished with the machinegun. 10 bullets burst. each bullet has 5 parts. that was 50 audio parts in total + 1 echo part at the end. This would not be possible without coffee for sure~

progress update 12/1/2015:

- new air combat canon and missile launch sounds.

- new reloading sounds for all vanila balistic weapons.

- new firing sounds for all except the machinegun (it needs the most work since its bursts only and

those are the hardest to make the way i do them...an no I didn't shoot up the neighboorhood to make those >_>; ).

- new rocket launcher fire + explosions and new grenade exposions.

- updated preview files to showcase new changes.

Progress update 10/1/2015:

- 1 new vehicle death explosion sound.

- 1 new aircombat explosion sound.

- 1 new aircombat crash sound.

- 1 new flames sound.

- changes in sounds and sounds_GC , renaming some sounds and assigning new ones. ( aimed to preserve the number of sounds and their use ingame rather than adding a bigger number of files, reason:not sure how much new stuff I can add so will be changing exsisting files for now .)

work preview,

switched to .ogg files since .WMA downgrades sound quality for some reason -_- ( preview style: original sound followed by mod sound after some silence )


next on the todo list:

- finishing machinegun

- more grenades

- start work on wounded and dead sounds of humans

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update 12/1/2015
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how do I add new ones that will be played on certain actions? and is it possible to control the delay between sounds played or will it be nececary to compile the sounds into one file that has delay already?

can you give examples of what you are going to implement?

is it possible to add sounds to be played for actions that are not currently in the sounds and sounds_gc?

I guess you can't "invent" new actions, but you can add new sound entries for existing actions into these files freely.

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can you give examples of what you are going to implement?

- at the moment Im thinking of adding vocal ques after some actions (aswell as an empty sound file to be played instead of vocal sounds so that it may play the vocal or it may play the sillent, for sakes of sanity since it gets old if they are just talking ALL the time @_@ )

example would be:

1) out of ammo -> play emptyclick , play vocal que of guy saying he is out of bullets after click or play empty sound instead of vocal. [that sort of things]

what i mean sounds for new actions is for example sounds for suppression, degree of damage,panic/morale events.

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well, weapons_gc.xml lets you specify one "emptySound" per weapon. I guess a single entry in sounds_gc.xml is used for all weapons:

    <Sound name="Empty Click 1" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="Played when weapon clip is empty">     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/weapon_empty_click_1.ogg</Wave>     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/weapon_empty_click_2.ogg</Wave>     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/weapon_empty_click_3.ogg</Wave>   </Sound>

I guess you can put any number of audiofiles here, one will be chosen randomly. This means you have to manually append vocals to a click sound as there is no way to play a sequence of sounds. Though I wonder how you plan to distinguish male and female voices here

regarding the 2nd question, I don't see how you can add a sound to the action that naturally does not support auding (suppression, panic etc).

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you can do that.. someone done it with counter strike sounds.. you need to search for it here.. he mentioned it was very limited and he pushed that limits.. i tried it and saw that, they dont talk at every situvation.. for example when u move a soldier, u hear "gogogo" then u wont hear that for 5 soldier.. they talk at grenades and under fire too... it was very nice addition. Just the only minus is there is no difference at man and woman soldiers.. but you wont care it to much because u nearly dont notice who is man or female at GC anyway..

phantha, if u got time and will, i need new sounds at my mod too.. many sounds for many weapons and air combat.. if u interested i would be happy..

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hey anyone know what this one is used for :

<Sound name="Terrain Explosive Sound" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="">


if it is used for collapsing buildings i got a grim dark idea for a creepy building collapse, but if it is used for every destroyed terrain then that kinda shuts my idea down...

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progress has been made, just need to make some echo's/reflections and come up with a way to amplify the effect (other than just making it louder since that is just silly) and were good to go!

also need to fix missile launcher sounds and amplify grenade explosion~ might release a beta pretty soon in the forums

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I've decided that the injured/dead .ogg's will be a hybrid of voices from newnew-xcom and effects from bf (blood and other brutalities/falling body/falling weapon effect etc) this due to females needing a voice and ja2 ones are already used in another mod. might use the death scream echo from bf if i learn how to replicate it for female and other voices.

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