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Tactics Rebalance Mod


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I'm excited about this mod! Here are some suggestions I have concerning the carbine and MG with the rationale for each point.

Carbine- Rifle Snap/Single Shot

Give it the same single shot rifle options, with a gradually greater accuracy nerfs from snap to aimed to precision shots. Example Below


AP=25% Acc=45

AP=40% Acc=80

AP=55% Acc=130


AP=25% Acc=42 -3%

AP=40% Acc=70 -10%

AP=55% Acc=100 -30%

Machinegun- Separate Burst and Auto fire modes

MG Gunners should have the option to conserve rounds to sustain fire over several turns. In addition, I propose MG Burst mode should be able to fire twice in the same turn, and lowering the rounds fired to 5 shots. This allows a stationary gunner to potentially suppress two units. This would not make the AR and Carbine obselete, with the 50% movement penalty and the lack of accurate long range fire. Example Below.

Machine Gun

AP=45% Acc=35 5 shots +5%, -25 shots

AP=80% Acc=30 30 shots

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@xandark - dude, would be polite to ask before using part of someone's mod in your own.

Looks like you are the first one here to defy this common courtesy.

Later edit: Not asking for remove. Just being grumpy to be honest - Xen forum is small enough place to not apply wide internet defaults (take first, apologize later) to it.

And yes, kabill is right, links to the sources will be good addition.

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If anyone would like me to remove thier work please let me know and I will do so.

Quite happy for you to include Fire in the Hole. I'd appreciate it, however, if you'd include a link to the mod's thread (mostly so people know where it is for bug reports/feedback).

Also, how many aliens in the UFOs?! They're going to be tough, for sure. (I have an amusing image in my head of Sebillians packed like sardines inside a light scout now).

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What do you plan to do with the AI?

In my opinion the current AI is too passive. Not saying I want the AIs rushing the dropship every game, but I hate the fact that a large part of the aliens will just camp out in a few houses on the other side of the map. IMO they should move around..? Dunno, the AI just feels to predictable atm.

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Familiar much?

Medkit fill entire backpack but has 2x the normal charges (not everyone can be a medic)

Weapons nolonger fit in backpack (no jack of all trades anymore you pick your role before deployment)

From M'nauts:

Primary weapons (apart from SMG's) no longer fit in the bag, spelling the end for the "universal soldier" effect. Medikits now fill the bag, and have therefore given birth to the medic class.
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