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  1. I originally made the mod for myself never intending to post it and have now decided to not do so. Thank you all for your replies.
  2. Incase anyone else has had a problem with the default loadouts causing issues when modding item sizes or inventory layouts, thought I would post my fix of sorts. If you change the name of the medkit for example (weapon.grenade.medipack1) in Items.xml, weapons.xml, and weapons_gc.xml it will no longer load for the Rifleman default loadout but still work fine when placed afterwards. Although a small thing it was bothering me. Also research.xml needs changes for medkit and grenade so the replace with newer versions works. Also Mikhail, I was testing your script changes for inventory size and noticed if you right click on grenades in equip view when slots are full it adds them to the invisible squares and there is no way to get them out. you can tell as your carry weight keeps going up as you right click items to add. I only used your 2 script files if I missed something related sorry for the alarm.
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