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Maybe I'm missing something.....


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I've been following Xenonauts for ages, recently decided to pre-purchase as I loved all the Xcom games, and even the UFO series etc...

So, finally load it up to play. Figure I'll set it on easy to get an idea what I'm doing.

Explore the base menu etc, nothing to research yet but I guess I have to kill some stuff first.

Start fast forwarding time to find a UFO after building an extra radar.

UFO appears, intercept it, boom, it is destroyed, no wreck. This used to happen with the first "very small" UFO on xcom as well, so think little of it.

Proceed to play for 30 mins fast forwarding time and killing everything I can that is over land. Everything gets destroyed, nothing crashes, even medium UFOs.

Decide to try shooting stuff with cannons, but I can't get into range before they fly away, even with afterburners.

Decided I should try sending the chinook to one of the points on the map that have appeared, within seconds of it leaving my base it gets shot down.

At this point I gave up completely. Hopefully this is still an alpha etc, but right now the game feels very frustrating and inaccessible to me...

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It's very simple. Using 2x avalanche missiles U will destroy Scout type UFos. If U intercept Corvette use 3-4 avalanches to crash it down. Fighter type UFOs never crash lands - are to small.

I give U advice how to shoot down Scout:

1- send 1 Mig and 2 F17s

2- use afterburners in every craft

3- shoot 1 avalanche - UFo will avoid it loosing some time.

4 - after few sec shoot another avalanche - UFO will avoid it again, but if U hit it it will still flying

5 - catch it with F117 and use cannons

Here's my video:


For me always working. Good luck

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I usally send 2 F-17 and the UFO will attack. I send them in 2 different directions. On the F-17 that the ufo do not follow, I use afterburner. When I see that I can get behide the UFO I order both to attack and I always end up with a crashed UFO, maybee a litle damage on of the F-17 but nothing to worry about ;)


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We will balance this better shortly. Perhaps we'll stop undamaged UFOs just running away from combat altogether - I guess they've already done plenty of running on the Geoscape. That means it'll be easier to shoot them down with cannons.

A cool way to handle some of the UFOs "running away" might be to have them do a high-speed pass at the interceptors; that'd both allow the player to get some licks in and allow the UFO to escape if it's not destroyed.

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