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Found 9 results

  1. One of the biggest features I'd like to see implemented is a hit location based damage system with targeted locations on the humanoid form (Head, F/B Torso, L/R Arm, L/R Leg) and location for non humanoid / mechanical targets. Armor could then be designed to cover specific parts of the body allowing for the balance of weight vs coverage. Body parts would have different hit points with varying wound severity (Slight, Moderate, Heavy, Incapacitated, Destroyed) Wound effects based on location and severity (i.e An arm wound could result in x% loss of accuracy all the way to being unable to handle a two handed weapon) Players could target specific areas with varying hit modifiers Allows for greater range of alien/vehicle strengths and weaknesses This along with basic cover and concealment would make a very nice, sleek and easy to understand damage system.
  2. A weapon penetration system is usually designed around a game engine that has the ability to define material composition like unity so I'm not sure if this would even be plausible but I'll go over my ideas about it. This feature to the combat system would really bring a sense of realism and allow for new combat tactics. The first part in implementing it would be to define an objects armor value. A wooden wall versus a concrete wall or a car door versus a armored door, bullet resistant armor versus advanced armor, etc. The second part would be the penetration factor on the munitions or AP value. You would then have the choice of ball, AP or explosive ammunition types along with the caliber size of the weapon or if it is ballistic vest energy etc. This type of system has a lot of moving parts and calculations and is where you will get lots of critiques how the weapons and ammunition should be weighted. It would be a great system, but I think it would detract from the basics of the game too much but I think it would make a great mod!
  3. Hey.. I am a bit confused about gas mechanic in this game. At original X-Com as i remember there was a explosive damage from the time when the grenade/weapon hit and next turn when you move to a gassed tile u took that damage at your every step. At xenonauts when u throw the grenade, it explodes and gives the first direct damage from weapon_GC and the gas starts. So what happened then? 1. Does The unit in gas tile take gas damage directly at next turn beginning? 2. Which steps does the unit take another damage? Only when it stepped another gas tile? As i see the unit takes damage at beginning of the its turn. But i cant say what happens after that.. u only take gas damage at first step and u can just walk in it after it without harm? Can someone explain it to me shortly please .. thx..
  4. It's getting pretty annoying to move in smoke halting every second as my soldiers moan over and over again.
  5. So I'm sure I've done more than 100 damage to this Seb. I thought they had 60-80hp? I keep on shooting him and he keeps on not dying. Think it's a bug?
  6. So I was just wondering, the Electroshock Grenade is meant to work on both organic and Inorganic aliens? I've never been able to stun any of the robo aliens and also I've only ever been able to stun a Ceasan Commander never anything else, not sure if its a bug or they are purposely immune for now? got 6 nade hits on a Sebillian commander in one turn, he was still alive and ran off. also just a thought, when you have an alien you want to capture, there's nothing more stressful than the reaction fire hitting or almost hitting them, do we not think there should be a way to mark that target so they don't get accidentally killed
  7. I realize that this is rather late to be asking this, but is there currently some way to gauge stun damage? I don't notice any way, though I could be wrong. It makes it difficult to maneuver with smoke if I have no way of telling how much a soldier has taken.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a current feature or not (it has yet to happen to me)... but I was wondering if weapons could be damaged while in a battle or firefight. In the original Xcom your weapon could be damaged forcing you to use a secondary weapon such as a pistol or combat knife. I would for that same randomness to be added here in Xenonauts. Weapons in real life jam, get banged up and/or take damage is say a ball of steaming plasma hits it. I read another post somewhere claiming that they would love to use pistols more often but find themselves not using them because of every other weapon is just so much better. This would help to ensure that all weapons could/will be used in game. Again, if this is a feature or has already been talked about I'm sorry for this post. Thanks for listening.... p.s. you guys have done AMAZING work since the alpha stage... I cannot wait to see the final product! Keep up the great work!
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