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Found 9 results

  1. I expect many of you will already know each other from the pre-migration forums, but if you're a newbie who has made his way here then by all means please introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you. I'll get the ball rolling - I'm Chris, the project lead for Xenonauts, and I'm based in London. I used to be an accountant, but I'm now working full time on Xenonauts. I started working on this game just over two years ago now when it was a labour of love, but I think by now it just counts as a labour... Only joking, I'm actually quite enjoying this game development lark!
  2. Hello, My name's Michael, I'm new to this forum and I may or may not have done something wrong. I am about..eh, 4 months into my first campaign? and I've lost Europe so far, I'm not doing that good, And I wanted to finish development of a fighter I was building, So I went into the gameconfig XML and enabled the item cheat, added a few items, and sold them off for enough to get the fighter, And give my B team full jackal armor (It's month 4 and the only team I have that can go through and murder everything is in the US, I am considering moving them to the Soviet union just for the fact that Ravenrock has double the sensors, and a lot more ground to cover, but I'm keeping them in the US for RP purposes for the moment). Now I am not a cheater by any means, I play games like Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden for fun, Not that I am bragging, so please do not hold this one time offense against me. (except if there was a cheat to enable the ability to regain a continent once I lost it? I'd do it again, and again...not an instant mind you, just the ability to earn it) Now onto the actual meat of the issue, and why I am posting tonight..since I turned off the cheat, a new interface popped up on the Geoscape, showing a bunch of numbers, and giving me the option to see all UFO's wherever they are, any time, and bases, and find out their mission without the sensor upgrade..Now, This irritates me, as I said I do not like to cheat unless I feel it is needed, And being able to see all UFO's I feel is somewhat gamebreaking, and really distracting. All I am asking for is a copy of the original XML file, Or a way to turn this off, I have no idea how this interface turned on, I've tried enabling the cheat and disabling it again, it hasn't worked, and I'm wondering what I should do, If someone could please help me with this I would be greatly appreciative Mind you I am not asking how to enable a cheat, or mod, I am asking how to disable a distracting cheat, and frankly one that would break the game somewhat.
  3. Tony Spike

    Howdy chaps

    names tony (duuh) 28 years old and i didnt see a welcome zone anywhere so i posted this here i just want to say say keep up the good work and if any help is needed let me know im a big fan of xcom and i have a copy on a lot of systems amiga1200 (known as UFO enemy unknown) ps1 pc (on steam) ps3 remake i also have a copy of UFO:AI witch is semi decent in my opinion but i also have grat expectations from this and i look forward to playing it (i have pre ordered) what i was wondering was is it ok for me to create an english group (i didnt see one) best regards and good luck ...tony EDIT i just noticed a welcome topic and feel like a fool ...can an admin merge this with that please lol
  4. Orumo

    New here!

    Hi, I've recently purchased the game and I'm posting just to say hello to all x-coms out there and to share my excitement to have this year two x-com games, a classic approach with xenonauts and a newer one with Firaxis x-com. As an elder pc-gamer this is a great year for me, I'm in love with the original x-com trilogy and I think xenonauts will be a great remake once finished. Regards,
  5. Cheers all. It was year 1997 when i laid my hands first time on the UFO:Terror from the Deep, needless to say my summer was ruined and i got hooked with TBS-genre. After i managed to win the game (that took very much time and nerves) i finished the original UFO: Enemy Unkown, Laser Squad for the Amiga and tried X-COM: Apocalypse. There's also spot in my heart for Soldiers at War. After the "golden years" of TBS i've been mostly playing Football Manager series and occassionally tested potentially good turn based games, like Silent Storm and Altar's UFO-series (those were pretty entertaining). I remember few bad games too, like awful Squad Leader. But what i've been really waiting is good updated version of the original UFO. I got somewhat excited when firaxis announced the "remake", then i learned that it's going to be watered on some parts and lost my interest. Couple of days ago i was looking for upcoming TBS-games and found this one. For me, this is the most important game currently in development. And i like to say to developers--> Thank you for making this, it's going to be hell of a game when released. -Tunza-
  6. Greetings! So I am new to the X-COM franchise. I had always heard about it- more through nostalgic recollection and seeing it on "Greatest Games" lists. I am 25... so that puts me right around.. 7 when UFO Defense came out, ha. I have always been interested in strategy games however. I work as a System Engineer so I suppose I am an analytic person and tend to drift towards games of Chess rather than Checkers. Upon seeing XCOM: Enemy Unknown a few months ago I was pretty excited. About a month before XC:EU released, I purchased UFO Defense from Steam and downloaded the Util program that fixes some bugs. Honestly, I didn't think I would like UFO Defense due to the almost 20 year old graphics. While I found the interface to be very overwhelming- the game was great at immersion. Naming soldiers after my wife, our pets, our soon-to-kid (my daughter is due Jan 11th- first kid! Very nervous), inlaws, etc all made up my initial platoon. My inlaws made great RedShirts/Fodder. All in all, the game was enjoyable regardless of how dated it was. XC:EU released and honestly, I really like the game. I know- I am going to get lynched here for saying that. But for what it is- it is a fun game. It was never promised to be a clone/identical copy. It took inspiration from the X-COM universe and went in its own direction. I can see why people looking back with nostalgia would be upset. It isn't a direct clone and those expecting such are disappointed. The 2K forums are crawling with "but in the original game!" posts and that is okay. People are allowed to not be satisfied and voice their opinion. However, I still find the original game enjoyable and the new game enjoyable. I have continued to play both after release of XC:EU. Is it blasphemy I could enjoy both games? Maybe. But they really are different takes on the same thing and both have their selling points. I think people who just claim the OG is superior in every way are just as intellectually dishonest as those who defend XC:EU relentlessly despite some glaring faults. Both extremes are not good for this niche community and both extremes do not help at all. I prefer to be in the middle and enjoy both games for their differences and what they are. I saw a few posts mentioning Xenonauts on the 2K forums. So... I decided to check it out and here I am. I think this game is what many people assumed XC:EU was going to be like- an updated clone of the original game. An improvement on its core mechanics, etc. Honestly, this game looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It is neat going back and looking at release notes and seeing this game grow and change based on user requests/inputs. I plan on spending quite a bit of time around here and can't wait to get my hands on Xenonauts
  7. Patroclus

    New forum member

    Hi, New forum member and original Xcom player here! After reading the reviews of the new Xcom it did not sound entirely pleasing to me as the original Xcom. A member at SimHQ and boardgame geek both mentioned this game called xenonauts and here I am! This game sounds much more satisfying than the new Xcom so I will buy the premium member package to support the devs!
  8. Just found out about this game a few days ago, from a post on 4chan. Holy moses, this is just what I wanted. I had played the original xcom in a steam sale about a year ago and loved the game as a whole. I'd always thought to myself after i beat it "***t if someone remade this with better visuals, this would be bank" Lo and behold I discovered xenonauts. Threw in my premium preorder you guys got my support. I will be eagerly awaiting the final product. God speed and best of luck with development, -Chris
  9. CrimsonBinome

    New Member

    Just downloaded the game after reading through the site and I thought I'd say hello to everyone. Very exciting stuff so far and hats off to the hard work the team has put in! Been a big fan of X-COM since it came out when I was about 9 and cant wait to try this remake