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    Me? My name is Michael, I recently found out about this game while on youtube looking into the original X-com game, my initial reaction to the game was "Holy shit, this looks amazing!!" And then I saw the character models hair...and the character models, and the combat system, and the Geoscape's animations...I am a picky person, so I thought "Maybe I should look into the new Xcom games...but no, My laptop won't work with that..wait what the fuck is Xenonauts?"

    That single question, has got to be the best question I've answered in the last year, because it's my new favorite game.

    I have many interests, among them being Anime, video games, manga, reading, writing, and role playing (Mostly head canon, "Hey, what if blankity blank would happen?" type stuff), and or romantic entanglements (Believe it or not, I tend to put games and other hobbies on hold for woman, seriously, I'm this close to turning into wesely from the princess bride, >:D (I type as one tells me to stop typing so loudly, Inside joke with myself)

    Basically I'm an eccentric, but ya know what? I can even make writing this bio fun, so, Take that normal people, :3
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    Anime, video games, Manga, starwars novels, sci fi, fantasy, being somewhat random
  1. Michael13117

    Over 500 games and still bored

    Also, some more types of games you might like, try the RTS genre, there's tons of replay-ability, plus they're pretty challenging, especially if the mission requires you to be stealthy. You try being stealthy with a tank, a squad of rifle-men, and a 18 foot tall mech.
  2. Michael13117

    Over 500 games and still bored

    Call of Halo gears theft auto 4? In all seriousness, try some total conversion mods for games, for example I am playing one for Mount and Blade (A great game in its own right) where it takes a middle age combat game, and turns it into a star wars galactic conquest sim. Or try bethesda games with mods, they're wonderful, >
  3. Michael13117

    Mod Idea

    Could be you're taking down the main terrorist cell, and they have several nukes, the mission would have a time limit, and you would have to disarm the nukes, then mop up the remaining terrorists.. The idea could work technically, I mean just replace the UFO's with tanks or troop transports, just because they're terrorists doesn't mean they have to be underground. maybe low tech fighter craft.
  4. Michael13117

    Old Skool

    What site is that exactly?
  5. Michael13117

    Old Skool

    This sounds like it's fake...it's not fake is it? ;-; I miss Metal Gear 1...what games are on there? > OH! SPYRO THE DRAGON?! CRASH?! Oh wow I gotta try this site..<3
  6. Actually I don't mind it at all, I'm interested, c: I mean the tanks are nice right now and all, but...2 shots from an alien battle rifle killed my scimitar... It's a rifle, made of alien alloys, It should be a bit tougher, I'm not trying to complain but dang, it almost makes me feel good about having no vehicles in my main team
  7. Damn..if only they had more armor, ;-; Thanks for the reply.
  8. During the mission I am on, often the tank I'm using has a similar health bar to the human team mates, I was wondering, does that mean I can repair it in mission? or is that a bug.
  9. Michael13117

    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    Did this mod ever get updated ? as it stands I was thinking of getting this mod, but its somewhat unfinished...;-;
  10. Michael13117


    Full metal Alchemist is AMAZING, though I prefer the first anime to the newer one. and I just finished Avatar, one of my favorites actually, :3
  11. Michael13117


    I loved the 8th MS team, and..Evangelion I liked, but I also hated at the same time, mostly because I hated Shinji as a protaganist, I get that he was a kid and he was prone to making mistakes, but that doesn't mean that I had to like him. also, that ending. That, Ending, both the TV and movie ending... Also, Attack on Titan is awesome, and I still need to watch Ghost in the Shell :stand alone complex. It actually warms my heart to see so many of my fellow Xenonauts into anime like me, I love Mecha, I love action anime, and I love romance anime too, My favorite one has to be Hellsing Ultimate though, has anyone else seen that? >
  12. Michael13117

    Game is too hard? Need a few tips

    If it becomes too hard, Save/load a lot. I had to do it at first a lot, and 2 labs, 1 workshop should do it, just make sure you give them one project at a time. Least it works well enough for me, but that's just how it works with me.
  13. This is just another idea I had, and it's somewhat more important than the last, You know how time goes super slow unless you speed it up? You know how when you spot a UFO, you have at least half a second where it flies at whatever speed you have time at, until you hit the space bar? That could mean it gets across an entire small region. What I propose is this, slow time down to default when you spot a UFO, Simple, yet makes spotting 3-4 UFOs post December less of a chore because you're not scrambling to hit the space bar. I'm not sure how this would be worked in, but it would help a lot.
  14. Michael13117

    Game is too hard? Need a few tips

    For starters, Auto battling Air battles with a low chance of success is not likely to win...however, if you know what you're doing, you can take a 0 percent chance of winning, and do it yourself manually, If you're crafty, it takes a lot of mid maneuver changes, but it's worth it. Also think of investing in explosives upgrades, They don't just upgrade your grenades, they also do that to your missiles, and if you have even laser auto cannons? Even a Condor can be a deadly threat. Also, unless it's a massive craft, I wouldn't send more than 2 against them, It's a waste of ammo unless you're at lower tier weapons, as for me? I'm an exception, but due to my micromanagement, I have 4 bases... DO NOT, Do that though unless you're prepared to micromanage your ground combat a LOT, as for how many planes? In November i had at least 3 planes in both the US, and Soviet Union, 2 in Europe, and 2 in Indochina. 2 of which were foxtrots, the rest condors. Also I struggled a lot until after December when I started making more than I needed, and cutting the lost regions, Bolster specific area's and leave the weak nations. or at least that's what I did.
  15. Michael13117

    Nightvision goggles

    Really ? Hey thanks man!