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Found 7 results

  1. Dear developers! I beg you to think about porting Xenonauts to Android. I do not have the opportunity to play on the PC (although I have a PC), because I do not have time for it. I am 33 years, I have a small child and a pile of household chores after work. The only free time is about two hours a day, when I am in the subway. Under the ground I take my smartphone on Android with me. Subway in my city transport about 2.7 million people daily. I'm sure that half of them have smartphones, which they use to play (possibly). Let`s suppose that 10% of this amount would be happy to play Xenonauts. Then we get 130,000 customers. This is statistically incorrect and mathematically approximate figure, but quite big. Look at it. And once more. Still not convinced? Then take a look at the statistics of sales of smartphones, it`s inspiring. Who else would like to play Xenonauts on Android? Please post your wish.
  2. This place is where I´m going to ask all my quetions it should be helpful for beginners as soon as it has discussions inside it.
  3. Hello, Im AJ Watkins. Just wanted to share with you my Channel. One of the featured games is Xenonauts. Please feel free to comment! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSAUbfcwKWtuBDKNTR_SH1Q Greetings! What does the world of gaming mean to you? Experiencing epic battles of uncountable numbers, tales of sacrifice and loyalty, and stories of the underdog overcoming unimaginable odds are what games are about to me. My passion for gaming has inspired me to share my personal adventures with you, and hopefully, entertain you a bit in the process.
  4. A good subtitle may turn out to be an important factor from the marketing point of view. I think it should be catchy and suggest what can players expect from the game. The subtitle on KS may be good as a first sentence of the description but it's too long for small pictures on sites like GOG and Steam. Backers shared a few proposals in comments on Kickstarter. There can't be too many to choose from, so I picked only four. My favurite is one of them and two remind of classic XCOM games. The fifth is KS subtitle. I don't know if I can add anything later but if you think something else would be a better choice, we could add it or even make another poll.
  5. Hello guys! I've finally achieved this french translation for Xenonauts! It took me 9 months of work but i'm glad to share it now. You can find both "strings", "xenopaedia" and "gcloading_tips" files fully translated with great care. PS: Chris, i strongly suggest you to include this patch into the vanilla game, because i have no doubt there's a consequent community of french players that would have already buy the game if it had been translated before! Pour la version 1.59: télécharger le dossier "Patch FR 1.59.zip" Installer le mod via le menu "moddingtools" du lanceur du jeu. Note: Jusqu'à la version 1.09 incluse, le mod ne fonctionne pas: il faut extraire les fichiers "strings", "xenopaedia" et "gcloading_tips" de l'archive puis les copier-coller dans le dossier "assets" du répertoire du jeu. (Garder une copie des fichiers originaux pour pouvoir éventuellement revenir à la version anglaise). Pour la version Community Edition: télécharger le dossier "Patch FR CE 0.34.zip" (car le mod de traduction FR inclus dans le modpack de la CE 0.34 n'est pas à jour). Installer le mod via le menu "moddingtools" du lanceur du jeu. NOTE: De façon générale, un mod de traduction doit se situer juste au dessus de la version originale du mod concerné dans la liste des mods. Pour la Community Edition, modifier les priorités en respectant l'ordre suivant: -X:CE Balance Adjustments (FR) -X:CE Settings (FR) -X:CE Base Mod (FR) -X:CE Balance Adjustments -X:CE Settings -X:CE Base Mod (placé tout en bas de la liste) Enfin, les traductions des mods "Aegis Armor", "Armoured Assault!", "Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters", "Fire in the Hole" et "Lore+" sont également incluses dans le patch FR CE 0.34. Bon jeu! PS: pour ceux qui téléchargent les fichiers en .php, (sous Chrome ou Explorer je crois) il faut les renommer en .zip pour que l'installateur puisse les reconnaître en tant que mods. Ou alors: clic droit puis "enregistrer la cible sous". MAJ du 29/09/2015: mise à jour de Lore+ avec traduction de la nouvelle entrée "Analyse d'un Andron". Inclusion de la mise à jour de Lore+ dans le patch FR CE 0.34. Mise à jour du fichier gcloading_tips pour le patch FR CE 0.34. MAJ du 05/10/2015: correction mineure sur le gcloading_tips du patch FR CE 0.34. Ajout de la traduction des recommandations dans le modinfo du xce dans le patch FR CE 0.34 MAJ du 09/05/2016: correction d'un problème d'affichage dû à un trop grand nombre de caractères. Suppression du patch FR CE 0.33. Patch FR 1.59.zip Patch FR CE 0.34.zip Lore+ (FR).zip Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters (FR).zip Armoured Assault! (FR).zip Fire in the Hole (FR).zip Aegis Armor (FR).zip
  6. Has anyone ever gone to google and mixed up the name of this game, and typed "exonauts" instead of "xenonauts", ending up at a cartoon network flash game? It has happened to me a few times already.
  7. Check it out baby. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/01/04/an-exciting-list-of-pc-games-for-2012/#more-87146
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