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    This project is dead?

    For the forum goers, it is easier. It's just harder for the general public to see the updates.
  2. Liverbest

    This project is dead?

    I do find it weird that the forums seems to have the most development updates. I always thought for forums for end users to discuss things, not as a place to get the most information from the company.
  3. Liverbest

    Elerium 115 exists!

    Who knows? Perhaps a different isotope is stable and able to store vast quantities of energy. I like the article's mention of elerium.
  4. Liverbest

    mixing up the name

    Has anyone ever gone to google and mixed up the name of this game, and typed "exonauts" instead of "xenonauts", ending up at a cartoon network flash game? It has happened to me a few times already.
  5. Liverbest

    UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) Play-through Reboot

    Are you using a fix for the difficulty bug?