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Found 9 results

  1. more letters to the templates[like assault or heavy weapons]? and if you can't all at once here are some I would like to see first[these are my classes] M- Medic E- Explosive experts
  2. We can have 12 custom roles but there are only 6 letters, would be good if we had 6 more letters. An M for MG or medic would be good. It really doesnt matter what they are. Cheers.
  3. I'd like to have the whole alphabet available OR better yet the ability to actually use multiple letters. From memory I believe the only open letters are C and X. Also, could you please allow us to rename a role after it's been saved?
  4. Hello, may be my question is strange, but what the difference between Soldier specialization except arms they carry? And how (if possible) I can make arms set within laser, plasma or mag technology?
  5. Don't really like to get familiar, since time is pressing and world need saving, so lets start my first post with a bug report. Quick search hasn't revealed mention of it, but it caused me to change default loadout to the wrong group... - enter Soldier Equipment - click on Role - choose Change Role - add new role on one of unused fields - finish process and notice that soldiers role hasn't changed I've got few issues here: - when creating new role soldiers role is not changed (for me it's a bug) - there aren't enough images (letters) to choose for a role
  6. From what I can tell, they're just labeling and don't actually have an effect.
  7. Hello again =P Thought i'd drop by and ask.. I saw some people offhandedly discuss assigning soldiers combat roles, which I assume is referring to how your starting squad has assault troopers, a heavy, a sniper and so on.. Seems later on every recruit comes out as a rifleman though. How do I change that, if there is a way? ED: On a sidenote, I was choosing from the pre-set soldier list and typed in 18 for lil' Thothkins.. And got a pop-up saying that humanity was exterminated.. Thooooth..
  8. A Rifleman can do the sniper? or have a malus?
  9. Hi all, From the UFO series, I loved the outfitting templates. Squad A -> D where you culd Select different soldiers and outfitting, Instead of having to do it all over every time. Now, I have not been able to play very far until the game freezes, but I imagine I would like om different weapons and gir depending on mission type, close quaters and so on.
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