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Found 10 results

  1. i think, and this is only my opinion, that when on missions like terror missions, you should be able to command them, then woud have lower morale and armor, but they just count as a extra support unit Also, on a 20 % chance, you may or may not get the chance to recruit some local forces, just for free soldiers, but they would have lower stats then all starter Xenonauts. Just throwing some ideas out there
  2. when I was doing a crashed corvette mission, I sent my men out of charlie and found out that the Army have better armoured cars then i do! I have the hunter but not any of the APC style Trucks. I am quite ticked off at this.
  3. Whenever you receive a "Local forces request assistance in clearing downed UFO" event, the UFO in question ends up being pristine with its entire compliment of aliens currently alive. If a nation managed to shoot down a UFO, doesn't this mean that the craft in question be changed to the marginally damaged UFO sprite with a few aliens already killed? Or are the aliens just trolling the poor, incompetent Local forces out of pity by landing whenever they suffer "damage" from a non-Xenonaut aircraft?
  4. Every one in 20 or one in 40 armed NPCs should be a Rambo or Dirty Harry type guy/girl. That would be a hoot! Check out this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/7199-Local-Forces?p=83615&viewfull=1#post83615
  5. You should be able to delegate missions to other forces like the military
  6. I just thought about that, sometimes, if a civilian or soldier gets one or more kills there's a chance you'll get a prompt asking if you want them to join you. Sometimes the local forces could have some kind of rank even, like corporal or sergeant. Might even be possible to get their country to be from the area where the battle took place. Any thoughts?
  7. Has anyone seen the local guys actually shoot lately? It seems to me that they aren't shooting at the enemies, even when they have an opportunity.
  8. So i made it to January on normal difficulty and a terror mission occurs in south america. well i make it there and the friendly allied troops are using LASER RIFLES!!!!! whoa not only i was in awe but i'm considering killing them and stealing their weapons(if i can.) is this a bug or do allied ground troops eventually somehow get their own weapons?
  9. Okay, as I've been playing through there are a couple ideas that occur to me that'd make dealing with the AI-controlled humans a lot more pleasant. 1.) Especially for the terror missions, it'd be awesome if you could give the civilians and local forces general orders -- things like "get behind us" and "protect those civilians!" It'd allow you to play the terror missions a lot more like the new XCOM, but without magical civilian invulnerability the second you get close to one. As you sweep through order all the civilians to take shelter by the dropship, and order the local forces to cover them. As it is now (and I know the AI is being improved), the locals don't do anything that makes sense to me: If I were a civilian, with some freaky aliens to one direction murdering my family, and some heavily-geared humans waving me toward them on the other, I know which direction I'm heading (Hint: It's not towards the aliens). Similarly, I'm sure the local forces would be ecstatic to receive orders that both feel really important but are relatively safe. "Oh, just guard these civilians while you go do all the real work, allowing me to come through alive AND with all five extremities intact? Sounds good." On crash site missions being able to give some general orders to local forces would also be nice: Things like "Stick near us, we could use the help." This would be even nicer with the other suggestion, which is: 2.) Add 3 bars to each region, probably hidden from the player (or possibly one global set, but it doesn't seem much harder to do one per region), that track three aspects of the local military: Numbers, Equipment, and Command chain. Then, those three bars are consulted during the random generation of local forces on missions. Numbers and equipment are obvious, they'd control how many troops there are and how well they're equipped. Command chain would be more complicated, requiring a bunch of AI things (but they could probably be repurposed from alien AI code), and the higher that bar is, the more coordinated and communicative the local forces are. At high levels they're more willing to listen to Xenonaut orders, rather than haring off (either in suicidal bravery or abject cowardice), and might even share important information. Yelling out "Sebilisian to the north-west!" for example. Possibly also giving some scouting intel at the very start of the mission (crashed light scout has a default 4 troops, so they might say something like "We saw two Caesans leave the vessel, and one Caesan corpse inside" so now the player knows there are two or three active enemies. Keeping it useful but vague would be really nice). These three bars would each be governed by different things: Terror missions would have the strongest effects on the Numbers bar, with sweeping successes kicking it up a lot as recruitment swells and complete failures causing it to plummet as morale drops and desertions are common. Equipment would be benefited by shooting down and clearing UFOs, as the troops scavenge what the Xenonauts leave behind, and possibly also arms sales of some sort. The equipment bar would slowly drop, and any local force TPWs would take a heavy toll on it. (If someone survives they call for pickup which means the gear is recovered: Nobody survives and the stuff is abandoned.) Command chain would be best kept high by maintaining air superiority, which means shooting down UFOs, even if you don't clear them on the ground. Especially preventing the alien fighters from hanging around, and the UFOs that create those "events" on the geoscape. Generally preventing the aliens from getting a foothold would allow the humans to establish and maintain their command chains, so that bar would naturally rise (and the aliens would have to actively beat it down). The bottom line is that landing in territory for terror or ship capture would start to reflect how well-protected it is. Land somewhere that's got all 3 bars low (trying to reclaim the region, for example) and you've got no help, or it's scattered, scared, and ill-equipped. Land someplace well-established and guarded and you'll have a squad of heavily armed locals report to you, give you the preliminary scouting reports, and allow you to order them about as an auxiliary force. They might even send help for base assaults. (Side note: This general functionality also seems like it'd be very useful if Chris wanted to up the scope and scale of battles without horribly outnumbering the Xenonauts or upping the squad size to something like 15+tank. By having "a squad" of humans that are given imprecise orders, battles could be roughly doubled in size without overwhelming the player.) I know a lot of this is probably too ambitious to be added this late in development... although there may be potential for a later mod adding it in, I suppose. EDIT: This was originally not intended to be this long. Sorry for the wall of text, guys! (I'm not sorry, that's a lie.)
  10. Hi, I've learned that the game will contain friendly, armed NPCs (law enforcement, other soldiers(?)). Is the design already finalized - so how does this feature influence game mechanics ? For example, do the friendly NPCs attack the aliens by themselves etc.? Anyways, I like the idea very much, since it adds more variety to the game. Thanks.
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