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Found 14 results

  1. This is not really a mod, but I know others, like me, were having issues with the hidden movement screen getting on the way. There is nothing more annoying like getting killed and not being able to see what happened, or getting a kill off a reaction shot and you don't even know who got the lucky shot. In any case, here is the link to the transparent PNG: http://www.imageshack.com/scaled/large/203/3o7f.png First make a back-up, then replace this file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\assets\gui\ GroundCombat\hiddenmovement\hiddenmovement.png Here is what it looks like in-game:
  2. Hello! 1. Please make notes with "Loading..." before going to End of Misssion Status. Better with animation. 2. Can't break "Hiden movements" and air battles or go to main menu. "ESC" not working. 3. Reserved TU scroll is randomly changing after firing and next turn.
  3. hi guys after playing with the v19.4 i find the hidden movement window truly disturbing..it hidden the enemy movement and fire phase and is clearly frustrating..what do you think about?
  4. The "Let's play" ver 4 first video says one can get rid of the big masking screen (hiding your soldiers getting shot) during the alien turn, but does not say how. So how does one do it?
  5. Hi. I'll be brief because I don't want to upset my good friend Stella Rat. I hate the hidden movement screen. I hate it. Not because it's not working in the current experimental build. I hate it because it seems like a lot of nonsense to me. I know some others feel the same. But I've also read Chris writing that he was reluctant to change it because it's very X-Com. Having never played the original, I have no particular attachment to things being the same as the original just for the sake of nostalgia. My personal opinion is that simply having the "Alien Turn" writing in white at the top of the screen would be perfect. Rather than mucking about with compromises between the two views points (like the current solution), why not just have an option to toggle between the two? I imagine there are or will be other interfacey-type issues like this (which do not affect gameplay at all), so why not a "Classic Nostalgia" option and then a pared down option which would be how you'd do a modern game if you weren't concerned about being faithful to the original source (much like Enemy Unknown! although I feel a little mean saying that because, you know, points for effort and all that).
  6. It frequently covers stuff I should be able to witness. Prime example: Two of my guys are having a firefight inside a light scout yet the box covers all the action. I can't see alien hits, reaction fire, nothing. The only way I know anything has happened is that my assault shields are damaged. I'm not exactly sure what the intention is, but it's not right.
  7. I have some objections against current hidden implementation of movement - I use V19 experimental and when my soldiers see alien moving/shooting etc, aliens action is overlapped with "hidden movement" - so I dont see what is going on.
  8. I do not understand why the new overlay hides actions by the aliens that are taking place right in front of you!!!! The old overlay made sense, it hid unobserved behaviour whilst allowing for gaps where seen alien behaviour could be observed. The current approach lacks realism, it assumes the soldiers can not see what is going on right in front of them and have no idea where the shots/attacks are coming from even when it should be obvious. You also do not know sometimes that a team member has been lost. For me this seriously detracts from this games appeal as it undermines the ability to strategize and plan your teams next move. Why not have a semi transparent overlay or allow for gaps when the alien actions can be seen as per the old overlay. Other than this I think game is coming along well and its certainly a lot more stable.
  9. I just bought the Desura Beta version of Xenonauts a couple of days ago and I am having some irrtating problems with the sound. I just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing much louder sounds(and I mean ear-shattering) while in the Hidden Movement phase. Alien weapons firing, people screaming etc., it´s all much louder than when my team is walking around and firing their weapons. I have lowered the volume slider below the music slider(I forget what it´s called atm) and it only seems to lower the volume of everything EXCEPT the alien movement/firing etc.
  10. I lowered the volume on everything but during the "hidden movement" phase of the turn the sound effects are at default values. This isn't so bad unless there is gunfire which can be quite loud. Any ideas? Everything is vanilla aside from 2 map packs.
  11. It may be a tiny bit late for drastic changes, but the idea just came to me now and it might find consideration later, if time permits. The hidden movement phase has two functions: 1) It shows what the soldiers perceive during the aliens' turn, so that alien's the player can retrace aliens' positions from the directions of bullets and civilians. 2) the waiting creates tension. For me, the waiting also creates aggression towards the game developers. I don't like to be made to wait. I'd rather the soldiers did the thinking themselves. If they were shot at from some direction, they might just mark an area as potential alien ground. If they saw an alien pass them by, without noticing them, they might indicate, that an alien of type X went "that way". In game terms they could do so by overlaying the map (including the fog of war) with an arrow. This would also give the game more of a role playing feel. Additionally, the game could replay the soldiers memory of what they saw during the hidden movement phase on demand. It shouldn't need to be accurate every time though, as memory never is. If soldiers return fire, the game would need to show. But if they are killed or unconscious, it shouldn't, as they wouldn't live to tell.
  12. Lets discuss the length of time this appears on your screen during turns... Perhaps a setting that can be selected so that enemy turns are fast tracked so that we only see alien activity (not civvies or ai controlled soldiers) and we don't have to listen to shooting going on outside of the LOS. I know its not like original XCOM but I mean sometimes waiting 10 seconds or even 20 seconds on a terror mission is frustrating. What are others peoples thoughts? Would you like to have the option to fast track turns or would you be happy if it was condensed as above anyway?
  13. In the middle of hidden movement the sound started to loop with a half a sec interval while an alien was shooting at some civilians, happend at the transition to my 5'th round
  14. I have tried to play 3 times now. First time it froze on turn 3 during Hidden movement. I restarted the computer just to make sure it was not any memory issue (that I have with Windows 7 on this pc). Second time it froze at approx turn 15. And 3'rd time it froze at approx turn 5. --O--
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