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  1. it seems that one of alien stucked in the walls between rooms. i saw it one time. and one time my soldier stucked in the wall. so no wonder. game still have many bugs with random placement of units.
  2. killed all aliens and nothing! no endgame at final room killed preator leader and there is a door without a room behind. if i move there my tank it's teleports! to nowhere. juste dissapears. soldiers can't go there. http://speedy.sh/srSrS/2013-09-06-00.36.54.sav
  3. another one http://speedy.sh/B44Cx/2013-09-01-16.25.18.sav
  4. screenshot http://speedy.sh/Czz6j/2013-09-01-16.21.40.sav
  5. see screenshot save game http://speedy.sh/9aSa7/2013-08-31-23.53.40.sav
  6. billion

    V19 Stable Available!

    thanks! hope we can enjoy the game play and report more bugs.
  7. for engineers there is no such limit. i had 210 engineers correction: 210 total. there was 30, 60, 60, 90 for each base. so maybe there is a limit for engineers assigned for one project of production
  8. bad feature why it is limited? and why there is no warnings when you hire new scientiests and build a new research labs? money and time spent and then you know about limit
  9. billion

    V19 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    good to hear that! so i can start new game and report new bugs for v19 SC2. Hope 2-3 weeks will be enought to pass through whole game process
  10. billion

    V19 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    i rotw this because so with each patch you have to start the new game again and again
  11. billion

    V19 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    dear developers! please make patches release period little bit longer. so we can ejoy the play and find more bugs and so you can fix more bugs
  12. don't like night missions and always prefer to wait till day time. the reason is that my soldiers have limited sight range. it is much less then sight range of Aliens. so you always have shots from dark side. wish we could have some night vision system
  13. yes. save-laod saves you from CTD. i do saves every time i did something or going to do. 4 saves fo Ground combat, 4 saves for Geoscape and 2 Autosames. so i can easely go back in time and restore stable gameplay. solution is simple: 1. save 2. run time 3. if CTD, start game, load, goto (2) 4. new wave of UFOs appears 5. save nope no cheating with money! but some cheating was made with only one suggestion - go through whole game process quickly and report bugs as much as i can. so when there will be a final stable version there will be no cheating
  14. billion

    V19 Stable Candidate 2 available!

    finally have this picture: confirm! v19 SC1 was really stable finally i have final mission