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Found 7 results

  1. If you have Build V18.51 Hotfix 3 onwards (Build V18 Stable included), you have the first draft of the Xenopedia. It still requires some editing, but it's mostly there. If you have issues with it - typos, bad grammar, or you're some kind of science god that disagrees with my technobabble, post it in this thread. There's no guarantee I will update things (creative license, baby!) but I may do.
  2. Bought the Steam version and I am getting the "not enough disk space" error. I have tried changing my download server around to no avail. Anyone have a fix for this?
  3. It is a good idea to have a wiki, I particularly like the pictures of the aliens, because I have a very hard time remembering which is which and their names and capabilities. But there are some serious mistakes. 1) Many of the Xenonaut weapons have the wrong range. For example the laser rifle indicates 20, despite the wiki saying that it has a longer range than the ballistic, which shows a much longer range. Maybe one is in meters and the other in squares? 2) The wiki air tactics against fighters is flawed.It says to fire two missiles in quick succession will down a fighter or a scout "as long as both missiles hit" , but the fighter will ALWAYS dodge the first mission (unless it is a Corvette that will not be downed by two Condor missiles), making this impossible. 3)The wiki implies that a single Condor can take on two fighters, but in fact that is certain suicide, since the fighters are faster than the Condor, and the Condor does not have enough missiles to down 2 fighters.
  4. Everyone and anyone feel free to use this as a place to specifically reference notations that are in need of grammatical or spelling aid. Feel free to use a screenshot OR to explicitly reference where the text you are referring to is located. Feel free also to use the same format as I did below just for continuity. As always Chris and team feel free to move this to a new location if you would like to. From the Xenopedia entry on Sidewinders it reads: This allow the Sidewinder to target the distinctive radiation patterns emitted by the extraterrestrial craft and successfully achieve a target lock, but the weakness of these emissions means this can only be done at ranges of less than a kilometer. Analysis of captured UFOs may allow us to speed up this process. Suggestion (look for bold): 1. This allows the Sidewinder to target the distinctive radiation patterns emitted by the extraterrestrial craft and successfully achieve a target lock. (Changed to a period) However due to the weakness of the radiation emissions this can only be currently accomplished at ranges of less than a kilometer. Analysis of captured UFOs may allow us to speed up this process. Explanation: This allow the - either needs to become "This allows" OR "This WILL allow" to be correct. Either solution is fine. Where I took out the comma and made it into a period is due to the fact that those really should be two separate sentences. Right now I would call that one the dreaded "Comma-splice" (where you hook two sentences together needlessly using a comma). I will edit more in as I find them.
  5. I couldn't access my own thread so I started experimenting. This is what the link originally looks like: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?1246-Baldur-s-Gate-Enhanced-Edition-%28No-it-s-not-a-kickstarter-p%29 %28 and %29 are the brackets (they are actually displayed as brackets but when I pasted the link they turned to code). What I did was simply delete the bolded part (including the dash after "1246") and I could access the thread. That's it really. Later I got a 404 when I tried posting in it and got around it with a similar workaround but then I noticed I had double posted so it appears that even if you get a 404 when posting the post still gets successfully...posted. This isn't perfect obviously as it requires you to constantly make adjustments to links that don't work but maybe the info can be used to "fix the site" for good.
  6. I think the title says it all. I have seen quite a few posts recently with (brackets) or plus+ symbols that will not open. They give an error 404. I don't think I am the only one having this problem so please be aware when you make a new thread. Any other characters or symbols causing a problem for people?
  7. So the other day, about a week ago I read someone said something about validating the download. Well I tried that, and ever since then I can not play the game. I have gone as far as uninstalling the game and Desura. Well upon the reinstall, it hangs on "Install Tool: Visual Studio 2008 Redist x86 SP1 I've let it run for 16 hours. Nothing. I'm ready to scream! I miss the Game... Anyone have any Ideas?? It Worked Fine initially, then Worked for the Upgrade to 9.0, but now its Broken. I have Removed Xenonauts and reinstalled. Removed Desura and Reinstalled, Removed Both and reinstalled both. I have tried the Desura Force Update option.
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