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Found 19 results

  1. Whenever I try to save the game it does nothing. I type a name for the save game, click save and it does not appear on my saved games when I click on load/save game. I've tried reinstalling, changing betas (Legacy and X:CE), with and without mods and changing the install folder. Still nothing. It would be much appreciated if someone has a fix since I cannot even play the game due to this bug (and I would like to play very much). I also have another bug but luckily it's not game breaking. Whenever I try to change any audio settings it instantly crashes to desktop. I have also tried all of the above to fix it and nothing. SOLUTION: I changed the save location to my desktop (originally in my documents). My saves just don't work if there in the documents folder for some reason
  2. When my skyhawk reaches a crashsite, as soon as I click commence mission the game crashes. I can't even see the loading screen. output.log user_test_2-20.json
  3. It seems that the transfer of items does not work. When transferring items, it is not possible to select the destination base. And if i try to make a transfer to the default base, the game crashes on the desktop. user_g_1-2.json output_log.txt bandicam_2021-06-05_22-44-30-872.avi
  4. SO I'm trying to mod Xenonauts. Read up on the forums, adding weapon tutorials and whatnot. Looked up other mods for mod structure and to understand how to patch it all together. It's still a WIP. I plan on using a few assets from other people's work, bu I haven't gotten far enough to actually even think about publishing, so I haven't asked anyone for permissions yet. But I will. Now. For what I am trying to do with this mod: I want to add two sidearms for all tech tiers. SMGs, burst fire, no accuracy, suppressive. Hv pistols, improved damage and range, mitigation at the cost of accuracy, ammo capacity and TU cost. Simple enough. So I added my entries in the files, weapons_gc weapons items ammos strings I even dabbled at the research and manufacture files to unlock the weapons with the corresponding tech. Went around the internet to find cool images to use cuz I can't draw. Tried to the best of my understanding to make a mod. But then. CTDs. The mod loads, GS displays. But whenever I go the soldier equipment screen. CTD. So I tried going over the forum again, changing things here and there. Complete trial and error. Mostly errors I guess. Cuz it still CTD. So I ask for anyone who can figure out what's wrong. Cuz I don't understand the thing enough to make it work myself. Here's the link to the google drive with the files: Here Cheers.
  5. Hello I had a xenonaut crouching, facing SW get attacked by a reaper from the SE. The reaper played the attack animation, then CTD. There was no splotch animation for getting killed or sound. The reaper was from a zombie that had been shot by reaction fire the turn before. I decided to leave him be to see how the reapers are acting.
  6. 1.Try to shoot last alien with laser carbine from sniper's backpack. CTD at the end of mission. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22338183/boy4.sav 2.Units strenth does not grow after 76 even with full loadout. To grows it need one point overload (one grenade for example) every mission. To grows after 86 - 2 points, and 3 points after 96. 3.Often CTDs in globalscape when try to enter soldier equipment (random event).
  7. First UFO mission. CTD when over half way through loading mission on first attempt, following successful interception Crashes after a few seconds loading on subsequent attempts.
  8. Here is a save of a game that will CTD in about one game hour: gonna crash Here is where the game is at: Lost my initial base. New Base is up to speed. Just cleared an Andron base by destroying the power core and running away. No casualties. One of my crew did pick up an alien grenade and would have had it in their inventory. The foxtrot in the air is on it's second run at the corvette. That's about it. I have tried changing the destinations of the two craft in the air. I have also tried earlier saves: The auto save at the start of the mission, abandoning straight away A save from just before reaching the base. Both of these saves continue past the CTD point without problem. Hope it helps.
  9. As the title says, I have a save game where an alien cuiser is minutes away from attempting a terror mission on the city "####.CANADA". The game CTDs every time the cruiser reaches its destination. I could attach the save game but it appears that I don't have permission to do that.
  10. Three attempts with 2 condors and 1 Foxtrot against 3 normal fighters. CTD upon completion of the successful air interception each time.
  11. To repro the CTD, execute the following steps: 1)Load the linked file. It is a night terror mission http://www.filedropper.com/2013-04-14172150sav 2)End the turn 3)Save the game 4)Try to load the saved game. It always crashes on my machine. By the way, night terror missions are very creepy.... When completing the mission, the popup to begin the terror mission is shown a few times (maybe the number of times the game was loaded during the ground combat?). If I'm not mistaken, this has bug already been reported.
  12. I loaded an autosave to try and replicate my ferret explosion CTD, then on the first alien turn there was just a white screen, in place of the hidden movement screen (last time the hidden movement screen appeared). Then when I clicked end turn for the second time I got a CTD with an error message that I cannot recall, sorry.
  13. Hiya Second ground mission vs light scout in a farm map. The game freezes up, then when I alt tab out I see the fatal exception message. After I quit out and started up xenonauts again and loaded the autosave it happened again. Then when I started writing this report, I loaded it again to get the pic, it worked. Then I started a second mission, and the same thing again.
  14. I lost all of my xenonauts in a mission (three sebilian ambush in scout fwd cabin) After the mission failure screen and soldier report with all KIA, I clicked OK and CTD. Well, actually freeze, then started task manager to find a "program not responding" window.
  15. After reloading a saved game, which was taken sirectly after an ground mission, I had an CTD. Before the crash to troop transporters returned to the bases. The crash occured the first transporter reached the base (see screens and save game). I tried for several times, usually the crash was shortly after the second troop transporter arrvied, sometimes it took a minute. But the crash happened always.
  16. I wanted to send a manufactured MIG to a different base... so I sent a fighter from it back to the home front to open up a hangar slot before doing so. When both planes arrived (at/around same game time) the game crashed to desktop. It happened again under the same circumstances.
  17. The sebillian was facing NW and was hit with a shotgun shell from long range. It was only a 1% chance to hit, but the screen froze just as the shot was hitting him. I tried to take a screenshot, but it did not take it. I have killed plenty of sebillians, but have never particularly paid attention to what way they were facing. He was standing at the northern corner of his light scout, and had not taken any actions. I had wounded him with a single hit from a burst fire shot from an assault rifle in the previous turn, so it is likely he was going to do the die animation. When I say it CTD, it had frozen with the shot on the sebillian. I could not Alt-Tab to get to paint to paste my print screen, and when I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to task manager I found the "Xenonauts has stopped working" dialogue box was there.
  18. If I select quit game from the Esc geoscape menu, I CTD. I know I am trying to get to the desktop at this point, but I do not expect to the the "Xenonauts has stopped working" dialogue box when I do.
  19. The bug that initially sent me on this hunt was particularly tricky to nail down, due in part to a related issue I stumbled upon in the process. Here's the totality of what I found out, complete with a save state which should provide y'all with the opportunity to join me on a riveting journey to desktop! Fighter planes shouldn't be and aren't able to lift off if they're beaten beyond 50 percent of their durability. Likewise, they stay grounded until their fuel tanks are at least half-full. So far, so good. Stuff goes whack whenever a plane is concurrently somewhat slightly damaged (i.e. has more than 50% but less than 100% of its hit points intact) and low on kerosene. Launching a fighter that satisfies those conditions to random coordinates on the Geoscape appears to pose no threat to the game's stability: as soon as the bird of prey runs out of juice, a prompt window pops up, and it's back to base for maintenance. Attempting to engage a UFO with one of them lame ducks, however, is hazardous and results in an instant crash to desktop. Reproduction steps as follows: load up the save entitled "Inshreds3" and send the busted fighter plane on a mission to patrol remote airspace, Far East Asia will do fine. With any luck, the UFO circling above North Africa will still be on your radar when the MiG returns to base. As soon as it does, have it take on UFO-11. Presto, game over! For bonus points, monitor the MiG's fuel level as it's on its way back and approaching the base. I've no idea whether the behaviour is intended or not, but it may run as low as -5%! Oh, and here's the "related issue" part: taking a detour to Indochina is a required step to duplicating the bug, because, for reasons unknown, all planes' fuel levels are restored to their maximum values upon loading. [ATTACH]311[/ATTACH] Addendum: It's worth pointing out that all of the above applies to F-17s as well as MiGs. Also, under certain conditions, which I've been unable to reproduce, the plane became uncontrollable en route to its destination, that is, all action buttons on its status window except for Cancel were greyed out. Inshreds3.zip Inshreds3.zip
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