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  1. The first few times I've tried to shoot down a fighter with a foxtrot, I couldn't time the torpedoes well, so I missed both shots. It didn't take me long to conclude, wrongly, that it was by design that you couldn't shoot a fighter with two torpedoes. Having that assumption, I've only used dog fighters to engage alien fighters. I think I enjoyed the game more at that point. After figuring out how to shoot down fighters with a foxtrot, my fleet converged to a foxtrot-only setup. That's why I think not being able to target/hit fighters with torpedoes might do good to the game. Though I'd prefer being able to target but not to hit under normal circumstances (so you'd have to create interesting circumstances). The higher turning rate of the condors are supposed to be an important feature, but I can't really imagine any combat situation where the condor's turning radius is useful. It's not enough to tail even a corvette, let alone a fighter. OK, maybe if you're already behind the corvette, you might stay in its tail, but that won't ever happen, since it will have shot you down before then. I've noticed that, if you want to spiral around an alien ship to eventually tail it, that will only happen with a marauder against larger ships. That said, I'm not really sure if being able to spiral behind alien ships with a condor would add to the game. Then you could always do that. Maybe that's actually the problem; the air combat is too deterministic. The only uncertain element is whether a roll will be performed towards left or right, and even that little uncertainty adds to the game. The only times I really enjoy the air combat is when a random and intricate circumstance arises in a 3 vs 3 combat after the dog fighters roll to awkward positions. On top of this, you should realize that these circumstances arise mostly at cannon range, and at that range, it's very likely that you'll receive at least some damage (no matter how little) from enemy short range fire. This brings us to the final point I'd like to mention: I think repairs and refuel should take place in parallel, because otherwise, even the slightest damage incapacitates a plane for the duration of an alien ship wave. Therefore, in practice, there's no difference whatsoever between getting a plane shot down, and receiving a 1% damage. In both cases, the plane will be incapacitated for the current wave and it will be available for the next wave (indestructible planes). Another result is that the airplane hit points are mostly irrelevant. In summary: 1) Foxtrot vs. Fighter shouldn't work. 2) Dog fighter planes' turning rate should be relevant. 3) We need more uncertainty. 4) Repair + refuel should happen in parallel (or first refuel then repair).
  2. Great job with the vehicle buff. The vehicles were utterly useless before it. They occupied two seats, they were very slow and could never keep up with the soldiers in the late game, and they were very large to fit into where the action was. And when you did go through all the trouble of getting them into the action, their weapons were very inaccurate and low damage. Now they deserve the two seats and the hassle they cause, and they've brought variety to the game. There's another aspect to this though; since the vehicles now actually deserve the two seats, I think they're very underpriced. Two of the men they replace cost much higher in the late game; given their armor and weapon, not to mention the effort it takes to train them. As for the air combat, why would anyone use a missile instead of a torpedo? Torpedoes can also be used to shoot down alien fighters if you time them right(and that's not difficult), and they have a much better range. An implication of this is that I never build corsairs intead of foxtrots. I find that there are very very narrow cases where I'd rather have a corsair than a foxtrot. That narrow case is when I attack a main ship with two escorts. Then the best configuration is a corsair and two foxtrots (before marauders, marauders are strictly better than anything else anyway). The main ship targets the corsair, and the escorts target the foxtrots, so I use the corsair to shoot down the fighters before they reach the foxtrots. I'm yet to find any other circumstance where a corsair would be favorable...
  3. Hi, check the save file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zqsjwc The game CTDs as soon as the dropship arrives at the terror mission.
  4. I've never reported this but I've actually been observing this since V18 (earliest beta version I've played)
  5. Hi, I've been playin 19.5. In an alien base mission, I've noticed that a certain region in the field freezes the game whenever a soldier sees it. I don't really know what is there, but here's the save game: http://www.sendspace.com/file/68sj5r Whenever a soldier reveals somewhere around the enrtrance to the final room, the game freezes.
  6. I would like to mention that the session of the save game I've provided is somehow destabilized. When I start from an earlier save of the same session, before the mentioned cruiser arrives, I can avoid that particular crash, but the game keeps crashing due to various completely unrelated reasons. I couldn't continue that session longer than 15 minutes without any kind of crash. Once it crashes randomly during air combat, then I reload and it crashes randomly in ground combat. I'm mentioning this since I normally encounter crashes much more rarely. Being a developer myself, I have the impression that something way earlier destabilized the game and all those random crashes are side effects.
  7. As the title says, I have a save game where an alien cuiser is minutes away from attempting a terror mission on the city "####.CANADA". The game CTDs every time the cruiser reaches its destination. I could attach the save game but it appears that I don't have permission to do that.
  8. I also occasionally get unhealable soldiers during ground missions. They're much more frequent during base defense missions but it also happens during a regular downed UFO mission. Note that in my case, the soldier didn't have 1 hp, I've experienced this problem with wounded soldiers with any hp. It typically takes a few turns before the bug disappears and I can heal the soldier again, but I've also lost a soldier due to the bug insisting for too many turns. The way the bug manifests itself for me is that I switch to the medikit, stand next to the wounded soldier, point the cursor at the soldier and adjust the TUs, the soldier being highlighted green, but when I click to perform the action, nothing happens.
  9. Hi, In my current game, I've twice been attacked by an alien cruiser at my main base. The first attack was easier and the entrance was closer to the headquarters, so it didn't take long. I've noticed during that mission that some ghost obstacles started popping up towards the end of the mission. What I mean by a ghost obstacle is that there's nothing in a certain square but the soldier can't move or shoot through it. I've also noticed a red enemy attack reticle appearing in empty squares. When you accidentally click while that reticle is showing, you soldiers does attack in that direction in vain. It gets very frustrating when you lose critical TUs and even more when this results in friendly fire. It got much worse in the second base defense mission, where the enemies entered from a further point from the headquarters, so the battle took longer. As far as I could observe the bug gets worse as time passes, so after a while, even though there were only very few aliens left I could finish the game because 50% of the empty squares had ghost obstacles and a 25% or so had ghost enemies and I couldn't do anything. I haven't tried to attack an alien base yet, but I haven't encountered this bug in other mission types that I tried, such as downed UFO and terror missions.
  10. @Mytheos The continuous supressedness scale could be fun, but I don't think the power of the grenades come from their supression effect. Imagine this, in my current game, I've started seeing cruisers, and I've recently started building plasma weapons. Weapons being expensive, most of my team members have laser weapons and 1 or 2 have plasma. At this point, the aliens are heavily armored, especially the Sebillians. I don't actually remember the last time I've killed an armored alien with anything other than a precision laser/plasma or alenium grenades. It takes 2 alenium grenades to kill a heavily armored Sebillian, and something like 10 shots with any laser rifle (other than precision laser). Add on top of this the "accuracy" of the grenade. Even the worst guy lands the grenade somewhere near the target, but a bad shooter will shamelessly miss 10 consecutive shots. I'm also not so sure about grenades being unsafer to use. If your soldier's strength is above 75, his/her grenade throwing range will easily be further than the effective range of his/her rifle. Add on top of this the fact that you can throw grenades behind cover, and I think using grenades is much safer. If the aliens were throwing grenades too, the game would be impossible to beat. My point is that the grenades are so much better than other weapons, it's quite disappointing to spend $180000 and occupy the workshop for days for a scatter plasma only to find in the end that the soldier wielding it will continue getting all the kills with grenades. Grenades that are free, light and acquired without much research effort early in the game.
  11. Hi, I've been playing the campaign at veteran difficulty and I'd like to share some of my impressions; first, since the grenade TU decrease, I've found that a soldier with a load of grenades is better than almost any other weapon (I have plasma weapons at this point). Possibly a precision plasma at the hands of a very good sniper is better than the all grenade loadout. I've also noticed that the air combat image of the cruiser is not proportionate to its size during ground combat. When you think about how large a fighter jet is, and how small it looks compared to the cruiser during air combat, I'd say it looks twice or three times as big in air combat as it looks in ground combat. I know it's a small detail, but I was disappointed the first time I've seen the cruiser and I think it hurts the immersion. Thank you for this great game.
  12. Did you really not understand what he means? He should've said "charge" instead of "force". And I think he thinks that electric field is used for containing ions, while in fact a magnetic field is used. No need to be rude either way.
  13. My two cents is that I believe non-destructible planes go against the atmosphere of this game. I really like the feeling of "oh god, am I glad to have you still in one piece" whenever I open the base screen and see my fighters in their hangars. I really like the depressing, unforgiving and brutal attitude of this game. I would like to preemptively request the devs not to make the destructible planes an exclusive feature of the insane mode, since that's not what I want. I want a game I can beat if I'm really really careful, but one that doesn't forgive mistakes. If you're thinking in the lines that air combat shouldn't get in the way of ground combat, maybe you should remove it completely. After all, if it's not important, it's a chore... I think having the save/load option in non-iron man mode already alleviates the "problem" of plane destruction being a very big problem. Maybe you should simply implement an auto-save strategy that lets causal players undo air battles easily. Who plays Xenonauts causally anyway? P.S: I'd argue against %chance of recovery, since it's annoying to depend on pure chance in such a matter with possibly game ending consequences.
  14. Hi, * I've noticed in V19 B2 that sometimes, when you return from a mission, the soldier weapons are not reloaded for the next mission. * I've also tried to plant a C4 on top of a rock. I've set the timer to "2" by right clicking, and then I've left-clicked on the rock. The C4 disappeared from my inventory, but no explosion happened in many turns afterwards. * This one is more of a feature request: Please allow us to cancel an airplane relocation while the plane is in the air moving towards its new base.
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