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  1. Hey guys! Figured there might be some drawfags among us who've wasted our time drawing Xenonauts/Xcom fanart, figured I'd get the ball rolling by posting a couple of MSPaint pictures I drew over the last few days. I used Microsoft Paint because a) I only have a laptop touchpad to draw with and b) the aliasing on the pixels is reminiscent of X-Com. Anyway, yeah, these'll appear small, but here are some previews- to see full image click the link under the thumbnail: http://x-com.org.uk/img/xcom.png http://i45.tinypic.com/w2jb6a.png I hope I'm not the only one!
  2. So I've been working on a project that I've decided to call the Xenonauts X-pansion Pack (XXP). The goal of the XXP is to spice up the gameplay of vanilla Xenonauts by adding new unique content and try to rebalance/fix various flaws in its design, while still maintaining the general feel. XXP also aims to include a bunch of minor additions like various sound effect and graphical improvements. Basically making Xenonauts into an even better X-Com remake that it deserves to be. There has been several Total Overhauls in the history of Xenonauts modding and while they're all neat experiences, they often stray too far from the general feel that vanilla Xenonauts tried to achieve. I personally was for example never a fan of the tedious amount of micromanaging in X-Com and really enjoyed how Xenonauts streamlined this, although perhaps a bit too much reducing player choice somewhat. In XXP there will be a bit more choice, for example whether you use the powerful alien weapons for yourself (even though they have penalties applied to them for humans) and thus hamper your economy or sell them all for maximum profit. It will also introduce a "black market" later in the game which allows for profiting on selling captured live aliens, thus giving players an incentive to actually capture aliens more than once. These are just some of the many changes that the XXP will introduce and more of them can be found in the design document which you can find below. It also comes packed with a very WIP version that is not really properly playable, however like the design document mentions you can test some of the new weapons and see the two new alien types. Just shoot down a lightscout as they've been added to the crew. The new weapons should be unlocked already. There is no need to report any bugs or problems in the WIP version as I'm already aware of them. Some ideas and details I have been thinking of are not yet in the current design doc but they will be added in later and I will update the whole thing together with your feedback as well. NOTE: Make sure to delete the internal scripts folder (i.e C:\users\username\Application Data\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal) after trying it since it messes with some UI .lua scripts I edited while experimenting. In case you just want to read the design document I've added an alternate download as well. Download Design doc + WIP Design doc only I'm still in the arduous process of implementing most of the new weapons, aliens, UFOs and aircrafts etc, so I haven't actually been able to test most of the dramatic gameplay changes proposed in the design document. What I'm looking for is input and feedback on the ideas though. Don't be afraid to critique it since I will use your feedback to improve upon the XXP. Also since the XXP builds upon many mods and ideas from the Xenonauts community merged with my own, I'd like to thank all of the great people who've contributed in some form or another. This wouldn't have been possible without your previous efforts and I'd like to think of the XXP as being an "indirect" community expansion. Thank you. If you'd also like to help or contribute in some way, just say so. Credits X:CE team - for making most of the changes possible. zzz1010 - Original Creeper Pack mod which was edited, rebalanced and improved upon to create the new Creeper. Max_Caine - Max_Caine's Warehouse mod which included the original Toxic Goo Launcher, Firewall and Glitterglass Grenade which were all edited, rebalanced and bug fixed. Drone Strike Package which included the Smart Weapons, Drone Aircrafts, Attack Frigate UFO and Drone Carrier UFO. These were all edited, rebalanced and bug fixed as well. Ferry Susanto - Toxic Goo Launcher, Firewall and Glitterglass Grenade artwork. Bogdan Bungardean - Drone Aircraft artwork. Marwan Islami - Smart Weapons artwork. skaianDestiny - Vehicle alienium/plasma/fusion rocket artwork. Kabill - Inspiration for the vehicle and dynamic UFO gameconfig changes. Also the Unique Psionic Attack and next soldier button graphics. Axiomatic - Inspiration from the UFO and crew diversity mod. The "Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My" team (SkaianDestiny, Kabill, Dpelectric, Langy and Ilunak) - original versions of the Assault Lander and Dreadnought that were edited and slightly rebalanced. [Tribe] Lorebot - Inspiration from the Saracen Reborn mod which was edited and slightly rebalanced. IgnusDei (Francois Cannels) - UFO Xenopedia artwork. HenryPonciano - Various Xenopedia artwork. LordJulian - Jackal Armour Graphics and Aegis armour helmet. Skitso - Inspiration for darker nights among other things. Ilunak - Next Soldier UI button which was slightly edited. chuumink (Henry Wirawan) - Xenopedia artwork. JSleezy - New Buzzard Helmet. Lightgemini - Improved Projectile Particle effects. AAJS - Inspiration for the Personal Anti Gravity Generator. Screenshots
  3. I expect many of you will already know each other from the pre-migration forums, but if you're a newbie who has made his way here then by all means please introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you. I'll get the ball rolling - I'm Chris, the project lead for Xenonauts, and I'm based in London. I used to be an accountant, but I'm now working full time on Xenonauts. I started working on this game just over two years ago now when it was a labour of love, but I think by now it just counts as a labour... Only joking, I'm actually quite enjoying this game development lark!
  4. Community Map Pack Version 2 (This is out of date and currently not compatible with Xenonauts V1.0 onwards!) This map pack contains a wide range of custom maps and submaps for use in Xenonauts I have been out of the loop for 6 months due to family issues so I have combined all the maps into the community map pack 3. It now includes Stinky's asset fix for version 20. Hopefully nothing else is broken. Report if it is and will try to fix. Download Community Map Pack 3 HERE (This is out of date and currently not compatible with Xenonauts V1.0 onwards!) Current authors Flashman, Moxar and Ol' Stinky To install Extract to your xenonauts\assets folder or steam\steamapps\common\xenonauts\assets Click merge with any folders already present and overwrite files (including previous map packs) There is at least 1 map for every tileset. Primarily light scout / scout, Corvette / landing ship/cruiser versions. This project is being hosted and compiled on dropbox. Please PM if you are creating maps for the CMP and need access to the dropbox folder. ____________________________________________________________________________ To join this map pack, please follow these rules. The rules 1) Naming - All files will need a standard naming scheme. Maps Tileset_MapName_ufoType_modder E.g. Town_UberTown_Corvette_scout_flash Submaps Tileset_submapName_Width&Height_modder E.g. Farm_Crumblingbarn_8x10_flash 2) Custom Submaps should be placed in a folder that says Tileset_submaptype_modder E.g. Soviet_KGB_flash 3) Size and spawns must follow Aarons map guidelines Read here *edited by Gauddlike, changed link to the new mapping guidelines by Aaron, hope you don't mind flash* 4) All maps must be tested in game or in quick battle before submission. 5) All maps must include all custom submaps in the correct folder structure. This also includes fixed spectres. 6) If your map is put into the game it will be removed from the map pack. 7) If you create a submap based on an in game version, ensure it is in the matching submap folder. If it is a new submap type see above 8) The map must allow for troops and vehicles to get around. 9) Maps should be of a good standard. 10) By joining this map pack you give permission for other Xenonauts to use your submaps.
  5. Download Stinky Maps 2 here which contains 71 maps as of the 2nd of September. Map pack 2 contains: 17 farm maps (12 60x60s: 6 for Lightscout, 6 for Scout/Corvette; 5 70x70s, Cruiser/Landingship) 15 arctic maps (10 60x60s: 5 for Lightscout, 5 for Scout/Corvette; 5 70x70s, Cruiser/Landingship) 5 town maps (60x60, Corvette/Landingship) 4 industrial maps (1 40x50 and 1 40x80, Lightscout; 1 85x40 and 1 60x75, Scout/Corvette) 30 desert maps (6 Lightscout, 6 Scout/Corvette, 6 Landingship/Cruiser, 6 Carrier, 6 Battleship) (Original post follows.) ----- I'm having a go at making maps. Today's the first time I've even looked at the level editor. I'm not very good at it. But if you want more maps, you might as well give these a try. Note that I haven't extensively tested them. What I'm doing is making one map, then altering it rather than completely redoing it. As a result, the area around the dropship is the same on all maps. However, the alien's ship moves around (it's always at the top, though), and buildings/scenery changes. Alien spawn points are also different on each map. This is to try and make encounters feel a bit more random than they are at the moment, even if the not-random-placement bug is a major factor in that. It's also to try and prevent the "learning" of levels. It's certainly not because I'm a lazy git. If you see any muckups, please post about it here. A screenshot would be great! Also, the ground is boring, yes. I'm naff at making it look good. Sorry about that.
  6. To Thothkins Thanks for introducing everyone to the forums and telling everyone about bug reports THREE CHEERS FOR THOTHKINS!
  7. Hi! I am Commander Tasku, fan of the game just like rest of you guys out there. I was thinking of making some new youtube videos of xenonauts v20. I am also thinking of using the Lore+ mod again. It seems Max_caine and a333 has been working hard with the mod. There is room in the squad so let me know if you want to join the squad. Also tips and tricks are most welcome if you have had the time to play the new v20. I made some videos of xenonauts v19 stable gameplay that you can watch meanwhile. Here is link to my youtube profile: http://www.youtube.com/user/tascruel
  8. Just wanted to wish the all the forum members the best in whatever they are celebrating over this period. Or even if they aren't
  9. It was my birthday on the twelfth this month [December]
  10. So it's more or less holiday season, and v20 is about to become official on Steam To celebrate the fact, the first 3 people here who post a fresh screenshot of their main base can also message me for a celebratory present. Choose a game on Steam and I will send it to you, make sure to include your email or Steam name. To preserve a modicum of sanity, please choose among Steam games that cost no more than 35 currency units on the EUR/USD stores.
  11. I figured I'd put this here as well since most of the community here has helped me out significantly in getting this far. Lots of XCOM, a bit of Xenonauts, and a whole load of other general gaming stuff equating to nearly double of what The Simpsons has put together. That's a lot of videos, and I thank everyone who watches for their support and feedback to help me continue. Here's to the next 1000 with more editing, more professionalism, more fun, and hopefully some more Xenonauts. Cheers! [video=youtube;1n2PoHBhZSY]
  12. hey guys. I FOUND A COMPUTER!! that is all
  13. Hey guys! It's been fun, and I love how the game is turning out. (To Goldhawk, keep it up. ) But, I'm going to be off serving a mission for my church for the next two years, and I won't be able to get on to the forums, play Xenonauts, or interact with this project anymore until around November 2015. Hopefully the game will be well out and finished by then, so I guess I'll get to skip from Stable v19 straight to the finished version. Not a bad deal, neh? Anyway, just thought I should say something so people aren't asking me questions and wondering why I'm not responding, or whatnot. See ya later!
  14. I will be leave about one week after this message comes up I'm not sure how long but I will find out soon Thanks for being such an open hearted group P.s 'm sorry for misspelling Signing
  15. Thanks for making maps for us OL'STINKY THREE CHEERS FOR OL' STINKY
  16. I'm working on an adaptation/melding of concepts of the three into a homebrew system for virtual tabletop, taking some design cues from each. The general idea is having a large pool of players signing in/off onto the central server via their their clients. Individually, the starting pool of players will create their characters from a melding of systems of the 1994 and 2012 versions, using flat-statted "defaults," and picking a character class that modifies these slightly. As character rank increases using a modified EU2012 XP system, stats will increase bit by bit, and they'll be able to take perks adapted to the old math and stats, so as to further differentiate their characters from one another, and add some degree of personalization and attachment (all the better for the GM to destroy). Cooperatively, players will decide on research, construction, production, and general triage of strategy and action. Events in-game will be taken from a copy of EU1994 running sidelong, and probably in real time; this is part of the reason for the intended large pool of players; decisions they make as a whole will affect each other down the road, and events and progression can take place over a longer period of time. The game itself will run on a series of evolving maps; part of the work will be creating a large number of battlescape maps that can be loaded on the fly for an event that takes place, and a somewhat more static base map that will grow and change over time to reflect player decisions and evolving XCOM capabilities and technological developments. In the downtime, players could develop their characters in the "soft" RP I'm sure tabletop players are familiar with. Key features include the ability to maintain inventories and mechanics similar to the representations we're familiar with in the games, in addition to being able to attach inventories to characters on the "battlescape," as well as the capability to delineate pickups and items on the actual map. Some elements adapted from Xenonauts are some stylistic cues, as well as (perhaps more importantly) an adaptation of the cover system, which I believe would benefit the players in keeping their troops alive somewhat more easily, as part of the idea is immersion, not a 1:1 player-slaughter the actual game would give us. So... turn-based/realtime X-COM tabletop semi-MMO? Thoughts? Suggestions? Praise? Hatred? Damnation?
  17. To Max-caine Thanks for things that I'm too young to remember! THREE CHEERS FOR MAX_CAINE!
  18. To Commissar Pancakes The most suicidal commander the imperial guard has ever had since that other guy that was the general of the imperial guard THREE CHEERS FOR COMMISSAR PANCAKES!
  19. To Jean-Luc Thanks for killing all them Klingons and whatnot and also being a commander THREE CHEERS FOR JEAN-LUC!
  20. To StellarRat Thanks for cleaning the galaxy of rebel scum and just being there THREE CHEERS FOR STELLAR RAT [i put a space because it looks silly without it ]
  21. This is a thread were you can do anything, upload artwork, talk about stuff, or just rant on about random problems I am trying to get the website record! [which I currently don't know what is. If someone can tell me it would be great..............] Thanks for you contribution
  22. Hail commrades..to honour the glorius commisar here are some pancakes from history Masgoff the traitor ..chaos pancake of nurgle (eliminated) Shara the pacafist..priestess of the waffle cult (eliminated) and on happy note 1st company 3RD regiment pancake imperium "commisars own"
  23. I keep getting annoying BUGS and some time game breaking ones, and ARGH !.... I get frustrated and walk around my Place a bit...but Ill keep geting back.... I cant stop playing... good thing have 3 weeks left Before the works starts,as I keep playing till I drop from lack of sleep. ust look at me now... Its 05:11 here and I still keeps playing...
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