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  1. This is certainly an improvement on the new XCom which I can only describe as horrible but gameplay in this title is not well balanced making it overly difficult and frustrating when it should be fun. The core of the problem having played for a few hours is: (1)There is not enough time to develop new fighter tech before aerial combat simply becomes absurdly hard. As a result it becomes a crude numbers game where you have to slug it out hoping your fighters have enough clout to do the job. Worse still when you do outclass your opponents with a mix of tech and numbers the enemy craft are destroyed most of the time making it impossible to gain skills for your troops and money to advance your cause by visiting the wreck site. (2) Why even when your troops become officers do they have the weapons skills of five year olds? Most of them are the worst shots I have ever seen, so much so you resort to the use of grenades 90% of the time to take out or disable the enemy. It would have been nice to, to apply points to build core skills like these to enhance gameplay. For myself I gave up in frustration and walked away from this game. I wont be back unless gameplay improves markedly. I had high hopes for this title but to be honest I'm still yet to see any title that comes close to the two originals I played and still love from way back when.
  2. So, I've recently finished the game on easy. 'Finished.' I'm going to start with the few game-breaking bugs I encountered, and my fixes for them: Due to the slightly convoluted research path I haven't been able to research the final mission tech. I got the leader (alive) and everything, but I haven't researched 'alien leader interrogation' before I got it, so I basically killed that tree. I've researched all other things and was in march 1980 - mag weapons, all armors, all craft (except for the fury - is that even in yet?), anyway, everything. I've killed about 8 alien bases and so on and so forth. Seeing how I couldn't progress I began playing with game files. After going through the research XML I tried modifying my save through HEX (to no avail)... so, after searching the forums a bit I found out that I can call a function with a script - UnlockFinalMission();. I added the line to the assets\scripts\enterbasename.lua and made the cancel button call it. If anyone is stuck, open the file up in notepad (or notepad++, it's much better ), and edit the following part (added line is colored red): Button { name = "cancel", x = 120, y = 60, command = function() [color=#FF0000]UnlockFinalMission();[/color] PopModal( "enterbasenamedlg" ); end, To activate the final mission, click 'build base' on the global overview and then cancel it when it asks you for the name (in case this wasn't obvious). So I embarked on the final mission, killed everything (the large drone killed the praetor leader for me, when it was shooting at my troopers on the other side of the room, also the wal north of the final room's door is invisible - I got shot through it), ran from the reaper masses and finished it with only 2 deaths (due to not knowing where the reapers spawn). I also killed the reactors. What bugs me is that I got no victory text/game over screen afterwards. Is it not in yet or did my meddling with files disable the proper sequence of events? Winning simply takes me back to the global screen, and I can redo the mission, too. Whatever, not that important. The game was fun. I played on easy, and ended up tweaking some numbers in the gamefiles, due to the difficulty being too harsh (no, it's all doable, but I wouldn't manage finishing the game in under 30h with default difficulty). There were a few bugs, like terror missions not working and landing ship desert and middle east missions causing a CTD - I managed to fix the terror missions, the CTD was caused by too few spawn points for the aliens, so I fixed that by adding about 16 in the editor, in a nice square in front of my spawn (could have placed them around, and only 4 were taken by the aliens in missions), which presented my soldiers with a turkey shoot in the beginning of every terror mission (there were still aliens spawning in the usual spots, just a few spawned in the square I added). I also had to remove all civvies and friendly AI in the terror missions, as they caused the never ending hidden movement bug, again, fiddling with the game files. I didn't manage to fix the alien.landingship bug, dunno what is causing it, it ain't spawns or placement of terrain - speaking of which, there's some rocks placed in the UFO spawn square in those maps, I tried moving/removing them but it didn't help. I've also noticed that a desert house in battleship_desert map doesn't have stairs going to the second floor - weird home these people live in. Balance: Easy is way too hard. I don't mind hard being hard, as I love a challenge, but with easy I want a fast 'run' through the game - not having to save every turn, not having to be really careful in air combat and so on and so forth. Tbh, looking at the difficulty settings, easy is the same as insane, except the aliens have less HP. There's a thread discussing that and I'm sure it'll be sorted out there. Alien 'rocket launcher' - I forgot the name, but if I understand correctly (I do read the xenopedia, if available), the weapon is supposed to be devastating. My predator-clad soldiers received multiple direct hits with it and it only scratched off like 10 HP, while 2 shots of heavy plasma do more than 20 HP on the same soldier. I think you should either change the description to - suicidal pea-shooter (the miss rates are so high the aliens tend to eventually blow themselves to bits shooting at a wall in alien base assaults - and yes they try to shoot me through walls due to buggy vision). In any case, if I understand this correctly, this should be a weapon on par with ye olde blaster launcher in Ufo1-Ufo defense, without the 9-point aim mode. It's pathetic compared to that WMD. Grenades - Aliens don't have/throw grenades. I hope this will be added eventually. Grenade explosion range is 3x3 tiles. No, no, no. Should be 5x5 for regular nades, with a 1x1 increase with every tech level (8x8 for fusion). A fusion grenade should level a building, and all forms of cover 2 tiles away from the landing point, not the paltry damage it does now. Yes, it does destroy some cover, and yes, it does quite some damage, but it just seems pathetic for end game tech. Also, compared to explosive grenades, stun gas is a lot more powerful and a lot more useful. There's really little point in throwing regulars if you have stun grenades, since the gas envelops a larger area, and enemies caught within it might pass out in the next round. Stunned units - do they ever wake up? I never tried waiting for them to do so, but no units ever woke up in a mission. Will we be able to wake our soldiers up with the medkit/by waiting, will the aliens ever wake up? Especially the sebillians, reapers and all aliens fused to an armor (it pumps them with alien adrenaline or something comment added to xenopedia)? Drones - they used to be really scary in other ufo games - lots of armor, took a lot of fire to take one down, killed the whole team, exploded in your face; now they die to a few shots of laser/ballistic fire, have weak attacks, etc. The heavy drone seems the only worthy enemy, but it's still easier to take one of them down than a sebillian elite or similar enemy. Also, have I mentioned that they do not explode as described in the xenopedia (yet)? Explosives- why no plasma/fusion bombs, like the block of C4, just with more firepower and a larger radius? On that note, mines would be a nice addition (especially in front of the larger UFOs the aliens seem to like running out of so much). Manufacture and selling - manufacture of items and selling them was a major line of income in the other ufo games. In that lore, X-com became a huge manufacturer of weaponry and tech and later became Marsec. I'm not arguing you should clone that storyline, but, honestly, you're making advanced tech with extremely advanced materials and the world is like: Yeah, I'll give ya 1000$ for it. Are we trading with Rick Harrison or something? Due to engineers having an upkeep and items costing so much to manufacture, I think we should at least be able to sell them for a good profit, as you can still balance the game so that we don't build sweatshop bases where engineers keep working on an assembly line building laser cannons (+1 if you know where that is from). I'm sure the numbers are going to be tweaked eventually, just adding input here. Speaking of items, I stopped getting alien ammunition after the aliens switched to heavy plasma and other lategame stuff. The ammo should at least be sold in the score screen (though I prefer doing all the selling manually, but whatever). In any case, the only time when I actually sell something is when I upgrade to the better version of it, like selling the laser aircraft cannon when I get plasma. I just feel that the engineers should be busy all the time instead of waiting on the next big project and then taking ages to build that. I think the amount of time that it takes to build things is ok in terms of manufacture days in the game files, but we should have 30 or more engineers and scientists per factory/lab building - of course more should be able to fit into the living quarters. The low numbers and lack of economy reminds me of X-COM:EU too much (that game was... bad, to keep it civil). Research - I love the fact that there is a lot of research available, but we should have some indication what the research will provide - I thought single fire weaponry was the research path for aircraft weapons, and got a crappy vehicle weapon instead. All in all, I think the rapid fire and single fire branches should be unified into 'advanced laser/plasma/MAG weapons' giving you the soldier heavy gun, aircraft cannon and vehicle cannon at the same time. Branching it out seems like purely filler research that doesn't really add to the game much. Alien officer interrogation should, once researched, enable you to instantly interrogate every captured officer and elite for alien base info - 10% chance on revealing every alien base. That is, if there are 10 bases on the planet, one is usually revealed. Either that, or the officer giving you info on which continent a base is located. Captured leaders should reveal at least one base, if there is one on the planet. Capturing aliens is really pointless after you capture the first specimen of the kind. Radar research - there should be some kind of range increase/chance increase with these buildings. Having multiple arrays in one base should make for higher detection % (with diminishing returns - 1=100%, 2=170%, 3=230% etc. of base detection). I'm also missing a hyperwave decoder, but it's not really necessary. Air combat - too hard/too much impact for the minigame it is. Air combat should be an additional bonus minigame, not a make or brake it mechanism. Losing a plane is way too expensive, and without proper control you can lose quite a few. Missiles should fly faster - most alien craft are able to outrun the missiles in the later stages. I'm not saying that the first tech should be super fast, but missile speed and range should scale with their damage level (fusion missiles should cover half of the air combat map and go 3x as fast as their lowest tech version). Battleships seem unbeatable and dreadnaughts are in the files, but not in the game (yet?). I think you should have mag cannons and fusion torpedoes to bring down a battleship, but I wasn't able to bring one down without attacking it at least twice and getting most hits with fusion torps (2x foxtrot 1x marauder in each squad). It just seems overpowered. I'm not saying we should be able to bring one down with two f-17, but since I can absolutely massacre the land forces, I should also be able to swat the biggest UFOs like flies, once I get the appropriate tech. Speaking of which, there is no 'epic omgwtfbbq' weapon, like a singularity missile - we do get similar tech, and firing an exploding mini black hole at the bigger UFOs would certainly feel great. Armor - no floating armor to make the reapers obsolete :*(, reapers 1-hit-zombie everyone, regardless of armor (well, I haven't tried it with predator, but they should have to bring the HP down to 0 before zombification occurs. That is, 3 or 4 hits with predator, 2 or 3 hits with sentinel and instazombie for anything less. Otherwise I find the armor tech and balance quite fine. I'd add another armor between wolf and predator, acting as support to predator - predator is kinda endgame tech while wolf is early midgame tech, I feel like there's a huge gap there. Predator soldiers are invulnerable while wolves are easy to kill, I think there should be another armor developed with predator tech, that has less stopping power than predator, and same or better mobility as wolf. Tbh armors have a huge unexplored area, which is vision. I agree with early armors limiting your vision, but predator and sentinel should allow the user to view further than without an armor (cameras), and eliminate or extend nighttime vision hindrance. It even says in the xenopedia that the sentinel armor can see the whole EM spectrum, so the soldiers in it should see a lot further - 24 tiles or something extreme. Armors should also add accuracy - a basic HUD can have a reticule showing where the current weapon is pointing, so it makes sense the soldiers would be able to fire more accurately with one. Also more strength equals less recoil, which equals accurate burst fire. While burst seems the best option to use anyway, at least at short to mid ranges, there should be a difference in accuracy depending on the armor of the soldier. A predator should be able to burst with 40% acc compared to a 10% acc without an armor. Soldier weapons - I love the fact that there are three researchable weapon varieties. I am slightly disappointed though. While offering more damage, the better the tech, the less accurate the weapons seem to get a.k.a the accuracy always seems more or less the same, although my soldiers have almost 2x the rating. Imho it should be slightly different. Ballistic weapons are, and should be utter crap. Low accuracy, low damage. Laser weapons should have only 20% or so of a damage boost, while being extremely accurate, to the point rookies can shoot at aliens in cover with them. Plasma should have less accuracy but a lot more damage - say 200% ballistic, same acc as ballistic, and MAG should be terribly accurate AND have a lot of damage - laser rifle accuracy, 300% ballistic damage (yes, overpowered, but I'm exaggerating and it's endgame tech). As for weapon variants - imho the sniper should have max accuracy at the end of it's 1st max range, that is 28 tiles atm (I'd change it to 34, tbh, after all it is a sniper, not a shotgun), then a falloff to 50% at the end of the second range (yellow range). It's usually better to fire a rifle twice than firing a sniper once as it stands now. The sniper seems to have lower accuracy than a rifle at long ranges. The shotgun should have a 'spray' animation, not a single bullet. Psionics - though it seems psionics are far from fully implemented, I've noticed that some seem to be included. Mind control will eventually be part of the game according to the files. I've noticed the 'feeling of dread' in missions where the praetor is present. My two cents: they should only be able to panic you if one of their forces can see you. Either that or if you take into account they can see you everywhere in their base, remove fog of war from xenonaut base maps, since you can have cameras around the base and stuff - you should be able to see where the aliens are at all times. I seem to remember that psionics will not be available to humans, is that true? It does make sense, but it's kind of lame, not being able to play with the aliens like they (will) play with your soldiers. I'm getting the feeling this is due to having less work, not having to implement alien stats and inventory. TL;DR Damn that's a lot of post... I'm sure only three people have read it. Ever. All in all, I think this is the first game after the three x-coms released in the ninties that deserves to be called a spiritual successor, and actually improves on the concept, adds great features and has the potential to be a legendary game, just like the old ones. There are some pretty annoying bugs left, but it's a beta, barely out of its alpha diapers, so I expect it to be a brilliant bug free game when it's released. I've enjoyed playing it a lot, and I can only imagine what improvements future updates will add. Great game and best 20 Eur I've spent for a game ever
  3. Hi all, first post here. I'm a big fan of the old X-com series, and have been following this for some time. I saw this pop up on steam early access the other day so I knew I had to buy and play it. I love that the game right now is in a flat-file system. Nothing is more of a pain in the butt than dealing with proprietary archives to mod games. I know that pacing is still being worked on at this moment. So its a big part of some of the modding I've done so far to increase my enjoyment of the game. I'll basically list below the changes I've made below. (aiprops.xml) 1. Lowered "SightRange" parameter on all ranged aliens to 15. With the exception of Harridans who I changed to 16. 2. Changed above mentioned aliens from "PreferredRange" of long to medium or short depending on weapons. Pistol class will goto short now instead of Long, and dropped their accuracy 20 points across all ranks. 3. Lowered Reapers and zombie "SightRange" to 10. 4. Changed accuracy of melee on reapers and zombies from 100% to 75% (you can dodge melee now). 5. Significantly lowered the stats on all zombies. These are now very slow moving and bumbling creatures. (aircrafts.xml) 1. Raised HP of 1st and 2nd tier crafts. 2. Attempted to add weapon slots... but it kept causing bomb outs. Anyone know exactly how to edit "Weapon Positons", "Loadout", and "SlotPositions" fields? 3. Significantly lowered HP of corvette and landing ships so that at least 2 corsairs working together can take them out. Previously I was losing full deployments of aircraft to these alone. (aircraftweapons.xml) 1. Quadrupled ammo capacity of all autocannon class weapons. Also upped rate of fire by double, while lowering damage to 75%. (armours_gc.xml) 1. Increased all "VisualParams" range to to at least match aliens. Also modified coneAngle to "120", instead of 90... which is more inline with reality. 2. Also raised energy resistances on all armors. 3. The Hunter now has a much further visual range than all units, making it an ideal scout. 4. All vehicles have much higher resistance values, making them a very viable mobile shield for infantry. Though they do have a very weak back armor. *side note... there is a massive performance problem with increasing the site range too much. Especially on night levels. (buildings.xml) 1. Lowered construction times of the garage, hanger, living quarters. These are in reality pretty basic structures... a floor, walls, ceiling and a bit of basic equipment. 2. Increased damage output of all turrets. 2 now will do enough damage to take out a landing craft. I found the default levels mathematically would never make a difference on preventing a base incursion unless you had 5 or more. (config.xml) 1. Changed "MoveAP","TurnAP","KneelingAP","KneeledTurnAP" to 1 AP per tile instead of 4. You can now move a fair distance and shoot in the same turn. This makes moving into and out of cover to fire a much more viable option. 2. Changed "LOSAngle" to 120 3. Changed "DefaultViewRange" to 16. (gameconfig.xml) 1. Raised starting money by double. 2. Lowered new base cost to 250000 3. Upped "longwaveradarrange" to 1500 from 1000. You can track more, but early craft won't always be able to reach the target. 4. Lowered scientist cost to "1000", technician to "750" and soldiers to "500"... this is the 1970s, E-1s only made about $448 a month. While i'd like the ability to have different ranks charge more, there isn't a structure in the game for it. 5. Lowered female soldier % to 5%... again 1970s, Women were not in combat at this time. 6. Raised the "rankPoints" needed to reach upper ranks. 7. Adjusted all difficulty multipliers. Easy = 0.75, Normal = 0.85, veteran = 1.0, superhuman = 1.2. Currently the only thing that was scaling was alien attributes. They now do more damage, are harder to shoot down, and have higher stats on the higher difficulty. 8. Drastically raised the "alienWavePeriod" setting from 4000 to 15000. You can actually get something done between waves now. Though it will slow your progression a bit, and your monthly income increase / decrease will be lessened. 9. Lowered the "minMissionCount" value from 4 to 0. You can now have a wave where nothing happens. However I've upped the "maxMissionCount" to 8 from 6. So it can be anywhere from a relatively easy wave... or a god awful wave. *note - there are a whole lot of options in this file. I haven't played around with all of them yet. (manufactures.xml) 1. Lowered all unit costs by a factor of 10. Making money less of a burden on item creation and more on resources of alloys and alenium. Losing a plane now is not the end of the game, and it won't break the bank to replace it. 2. Lowered unit days for all items by half or more. Weapons and armor no longer take weeks or more to build or replace. (items.xml) 1. Lowered all sell value to reflect changes made in manufactures.xml. (Vehicles.xml) 1. Increased hitpoints by a factor of 10 across the board. 2. Increased APs by double. 3. Increased armor by double all around. 4. Increased boarding space to 3. *note - reasoning for this was... they are armored vehicles... 1 shot from anything other than a heavy weapon shouldn't take them out. I also got tired of losing these to pistols. It is now a very viable strategy to use the armored vehicle as moving shield for your soldiers, especially early on. These units also do not rank up, so their low default stats really start to suck later in the game. (vehicleweapons_gc.xml) 1. lowered fire cost all around. These can now run and gun in the same turn. 2. raised clipsize of the VV.Machinegun to 500. (weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml) 1. Raised damage on sniper rifles by 30 on each rank. 2. Significantly increased the range of sniper rifles. (you can actually snipe from very long ranges as long as you can see the target. Putting a sniper on top of a building is viable now) 3. Made numerous changes to machine guns of all ranks. a. lowered damage by 3/4, b. increased clipsize x5. , c. lowered range to less than rifles of their rank. 4. Doubled shotgun ballistic damage. Early on this is a very effective close range weapon, usually a 1 shot kill. Only downside is that the range is very short. 5. Fixed sound delay where guns would animate and sounds would follow after. (from 0.6 to 0.1.)
  4. I think there are too many crashsite missions and investigations. I don't know about the rest of the community, but one or two of the soliders usually got wounded in a single mission and they take a long time to recover. By the time I finished fifth crashsite mission in my 120mins of playing, I already recruited 4 new soliders just to keep up with the game, and I have 6 soldiers that can't run any mission, and 2 soliders that are injured so they have like half of their hit points. Anyone with me on this point.
  5. Its that time again. Few differences, but I'll try to make a more complete changelog Changes: -Grenades range reduced to 15 -Flashbang suppression increased to 200 -The various weapon changes from the previous mods (With some differences, mostly increased accuracy for the later sniper rifles and reductions to the rifles). So laser is more accurate, both in singleshot and burst but has poor AP (Making stage 2 and 3 aliens more threatening). Plasma is powerful but inaccurate and MAG has hefty TU costs but has the highest AP values. Ballistic is the cheapest to fire TU-wise and otherwise unchanged (its weak already). -Carbines now fire 4 shots per burst. -Laser rifles and carbines increased to 16 per clip. Scatter laser increased to 20 per clip. Plasma rifles and carbines increased to 12 per clip. Machinegun reduced to 30 per box. -Smoke grenade and rocket smoke has increased accuracy loss (40 and 30 respectively) -Alien weapons had their reaction modifier brought more in line to human levels. And a 10 point reduction in accuracy. -Rocket launcher and Plasma cannon now take more TU's to fire. Plasma cannon is 1/3 more inaccurate. -Frag Rocket stun reduced to 30. -Stun rocket stun increased to 70. Smoke chance increased to 70. -Vehicle weapons changed along the same lines as the other later tiers. -Pulse laser now has 20 ammo, Plasma Bolt has 14. (Be warned, vehicles weapons already had overdamage) -Alien weapons are worth $5k more each. -Alien numbers in the first 4 ships are now (more) random (generally increased if the roll is good), as are bases. Roughly 5-8 in Light Scout for example. -Plasma Missiles should kill Heavy Fighters with 2 hits. -Plasma Weaponry should unlock Plasma Weaponry instead of Plasma Cannon (Not actually sure why or what it normally did, but its the only thing that did this). -Laser Weaponry research now requires Alloys and Alenium. -Wolf research now requires Jackal. -Battle Rifle should unlock Battle Rifle Xenopedia article (its empty) -Battle Rifle and Scimitar research should not have #### anymore. -Reaper Alphas should be listed as Alphas when captured. -Tier 2+ weapons cost Alenium to manufacture as well. -Strength gain rate halved Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vidaliq3meqbki/Sathra%27s%20Mod%20V3.zip
  6. As promised, the new mod is ready. Still playtesting it, and there was some wierd stuff in the files. Various changes Chris had made. Anyways, the mod is mostly the same (maybe some minor changes to weapons I've already forgetton about) as last time with the following changes: Machinegun ammo slightly increased (didn't realise it fired 6 rounds per burst). Flashbangs suppress more (MG's are still king). Laser weapon burst fire is more accurate. Plasma missiles should actually kill a Heavy Fighter in 2 hits now. Stun rockets and grenades stun more. Smoke grenade smoke lasts longer. Light Scout > Corvettes should have more random alien numbers (if this actually works, Light scouts should have up to 9 aliens). Yes, this can seem pretty stupid at times, but should still be fun. Get more cash too. C4 should blow through walls better. MAGCarbine suppression radius fixed. Wolf now requires Jackal research. Laser Weaponry research now requires Alenium and Alloys as well as Alien Plasma Tech. Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ww9qmxaobyxjjqs/Sathra%27s%20Mod%20V2.1.zip EDIT: Quick update, fixed Light Drone autopsies. They should actually show the Xenopedia entry now, instead of unlocking the corpse to be manufactured (for some reason). EDIT2: Some strings.xml fixes and some research fixes. And rockets should properly destroy equipment (and frag grenades don't). Corvettes unlock Alien Electronics.
  7. So I play the game modded, and decided to share my changes with everyone. Then decided to make the tiers unique since there was some interest in it. Changes: Ballistics are cheaper to fire. Lasers have better accuracy than anything else, but lower penetration. Plasma does the most damage, but is the most inaccurate. MAG has the highest penetration but is the most expensive to fire. Does slightly less damage than plasma. Laser and plasma have higher shot costs. MG's rebalanced. Ballistic is the cheapest to fire now, instead of most expensive. Alien weapons are more inaccurate (but less than my other fix), and reaction fire is reduced. Flares can now be equipped (acts a bit odd, as equipping a soldier with flares means they won't get two automatically in a night mission, don't weigh anything though). Grenades are now 15 range, so should work better. Flashbangs suppress more. Smoke grenades are more effective. Carbines now fire 4 shots in a burst. More ammo per clip for later tiers. MAG Carbine/Rifle switch fixed. Can now research Shrike after Reactor, and AlienArmourPlating (I'm assuming that the item still drops from Cruisers). Vehicle weapons also modified to keep with the tiers. Plasma missiles do more damage (two should kill a Heavy Fighter) The tier 2+ Autocannons do more damage. Tier 2+ Weapons now cost Alenium to manufacture. Alenium and Alloys worth more for sale (alloys are worth more because you get so much Alenium). Income from selling alien weapons increased. New Medium Drone shot speed fixed. Frag rockets are no longer the most powerful stun weapon. C4 damage increased (forgot how high it should be, can anyone enlighten?) Lethal grenades now do differing amounts of damage. Feedback welcome. I think I may have been too gentle with the weapon modifications. Should be able to expand faster now. File here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/20kcap30se5vus7/Sathra%27s%20Mod.rar Zip here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dmvpzvllmylh8d/Sathra%27s%20Mod.zip
  8. Hi, first of all, I want to express how please I am with the game. I am playing Ironman veteran. So far I went to december 1979 and met battlefield ship and heavy fighter. I made a break due to battlefield elevator bug Nevertheless I wished to express very easy changes that would -in my mind- positively affect the feeling of the game. Most of these concern the geoscape/gestion point of view of the game so it is nothing complicated to change I believe. 1) research should be 2 times slower. It would implies a) choosing your research instead of doing everything when it comes available (less linearity feeling), b) hire more scientist (more choices on where to spend money) 2) construction prices by engeneers should be changed. a) so far I never understood if I require alenium or alien alloys, which is very sad b) how in hell can a gun cost half the price of an air craft ? I would lower prices of gun by 50% (guns at 100 000 $ should cost 50 000 $) while I would higher over prices by 100 % (aircraft and even more importantly armors, jackall at 50 000 $ seems fine) 3) then, I would say aliens are too passive (just like in original x-com but since then I though this was a big flaw). Obviously alien will certainly be more susceptible to die with respect to staying in cover until they see something, but the game would be much less boring and less frustrating if they moved more aggressively. I know IA is a BIG deal but, even if they moved randomly it would be better for personal implication in the game. To counterbalance the fact that they will be over-exposed, they could be slightly buffed in stat (health, accuracy). 4) Also, it is unpleasant that they are almost everytime alones. a) it is unrealistic b) they are easier targets c) area of effect weapons are less likely to be usefull. It is GREAT that sometimes aliens move back when they see your forces, but they should do so only to REGROUP. if no alien is next to them they should just stay in cover. 5) influence of moral is not drastic enough to have any gameplay influence. a) I would say at the begining if one xenonauts die, a couple of the more psychologicaly fragile xenonauts should panic. b)Moreover I would say that ANY xenonauts who is alone should lost 1 moral point per turn. a pair should have a stable moral per turn, and a group of three or more should earn one moral point per turn. 6) did you think about giving an extra action point to xenonauts that didn't move for one turn ? 7) I think 90 action point should be a maximum for xenonauts Okay I think that's all, sorry guys for my english. Hope it will help.
  9. I have the feeling that grenades need adjustment. Things that come into my mind: 1. Our throwable objects seem less accurate than they should be. Grenades and torches miss their target too often. Flares at least should be very precise 2. Grenade types seem underpowered. Need 3 stun grenades to put the smallest alien to sleep. Grenade should probably be something for crowd control - larger area effect even if the damage is not too high 3. My soldiers often hit a nearby object with their grenade which bounces back on them. Maybe repositioning the soldier just to get a better chance to throw the object to the location you want to should not be such a necessity 4. I haven't seen any aliens throwing grenades. This may be due to the Normal difficulty level, but they should use those sometimes if we mass troops together or play to defensively, maybe even time them to give us a chance to escape - that would be neat . I guess this point goes under enemy AI and making it fight more aggressively
  10. I really wanted to support this game because I loved the original Xcom series but don't think I'll like the new one, and want to support indie developers. So far there is quite a bit to like but I'm concerned about the fact that V18 is apparently a beta candidate as I think there is still a hell of a lot to do to make it what it should be, not just leftover bugs but essential game mechanics that look likely to be left out altogether. In my current game I have shot down 12 alien craft, researched the early vehicle, heavy fighter and a couple of alien techs. I started my first game on hard but due to a few game breaking bugs and my own incompetence am currently on easy. As I'm not that far through some of my gripes may turn out to be neutralised by more research (or more updates), but having read through various forum posts I'm concerned and wanted to register my current impressions. I also have to admit that I have little or no idea of how to make some of the improvents I consider neccessary. I also don't feel I've yet seen enough to comment on AI etc. Things I like: Geoscape - looks and feels good, with enough to make it important but not the core of the game. Air combat - I'm pleased that this has been included (so far I suck) and think it's about the right complexity/simplicity balance. I don't feel any need for pilots. Base management - looks nice, interested to see how my first base defence works. Things I don't like: Ground combat - Personally I feel that psionics should have a mid to late game role, I understand that badly implemented they can totally unbalance the whole thing but this is ultimately just a matter if designing them right. For example psi agents could be made slow and physically weak and in need of protection while also having a tendency to catastrophic blowback in some circumstances from using their powers - inexperienced psi agents could trigger booby traps in the minds of some aliens causing soldiers near the psi agent to become stunned, revealed through the fog of war, go beserk or suffer other deleterious effects. This would leave the player with the conundrum of a fragile unit that needs protection from a distance. Fair enough if the dev team have concluded that psi powers should not have a role in order to focus on the combat, but this leads me to my biggest gripe as the rest of combat is either bady bugged or seriously substandard. My current save is at the start of my second terror mission (I made it through the first one by saving every turn and many reloads), this time around my dropship has landed such that 4 (I think) aliens are visible by the time my troops have stepped out the doors and many more seem able to shoot me due to the nearby ones acting as spotters, or over long alien LOS/tendency to shoot through objects. This means that even when I tested what would happen if my troops cowered in the relative shelter of the chinook one had died and another was critical after the first alien turn. When I took a more traditional tactic of fanning out to the nearest points of mutually supportive cover I managed to take out one alien but 3 of my 8 troops died on the first alien turn, most of them due to fire from the still FOW enemies. I want the game to be hard but this is on easy. Apparently the inability of troops to take cover at and fire from corners is unlikely to be changed - this is absurd, given that cover is at the core of the game, I can't find it now but I read a post suggesting that calculating LOS from each corner of tile A to each corner of tile B might resolve this. Equally absurd is the fact that all maps are flat. Not that I have personal experience of a combat zone but surely varied terrain is fundamental to a game based around different teams shooting each other with guns. Grenades are still broken but I appreciate that this will be fixed. I get the impression that weapon variety may be limited to tiers (ballistic, laser, plasma etc) of more effective but otherwise functionally identical choices i.e shotgun type with short range and poor accuracy but high power, sniper type with long range and good accuracy but low fire rate. I am hoping that further research will prove me wrong and lead to more variety, such as mines, flamethrowers, grenade launchers and something to reveal distant areas like binoculars or aerial surveillance. Suggestions (some of which may render others unnessecary): - Cover at corners. - Variable terrain. - More cover. - less accurate aliens or tougher troops. - more map variation. - flares on night missions should illuminate more ground. - More plausible missed shot trajectories - a shot from near point blank range should not miss by a full 45 degrees. Suggestions for geoscape: - Governments could interact more than I've seen so far with Xenonauts and each other. - A bit more starter cash, lower costs, more forgiving governments, or a slightly slower ticker - I only have one base so far and already two cities have been nuked as dropships from my mid east base (chosen as a base there covers all its own region plus significant chunks of several others, base 2 will likely be Central America for similar reasons) just couldn't get to S America or New Zealand in time. I want to like this game and I'm sure a lots of hard work has gone in already but bugs aside there are still several deficiencies, that if left unremedied will lead to me giving up and feeling glad I only paid standard pre order. Please don't make excuses about the engine not permitting varied terrain or over features fundamental to a game such as this one. I'm sure it's true but it simply means a poor choice of engine was made in the first place Platypus
  11. Am I the only one to find hte current weapon balance...well...for a lack of a better world.. "lazy/uninspired"? You got your +1 weapon, +2 weapon, +3 weapon..that's it. There's no character, there's no difference, just a straight up flat increase in every category. While it's simple to balance it's also, very, very bland. You'd expect each weapon type to have it's own strength and weaknesses, and altough higher tear weapons are generally better, they really shouldn't be better at EVERYTHING. For one, I'd expect lasers to be redicolously accurate (being lightspeed and all), but due to diffusion and difraction, their damage falls off with range. I'd also expect to see different ammo types for your starting guns. Something to keep them usefull a tad bit longer. Incendiary ammo, armor piercing, EAT, or similar. There is almost 0% chance I'll see this and I doubt it can even be modded in due to hardcoding/engine limitations. Makes me a sad panda.
  12. I have made some modifications to the weapons.xml, weapons_gc.xml, items.xml and manufactures.xml, which can be downloaded in a .rar archive here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwz2kp94iyjfdyt/assets%20mod.rar Download and extract to the assets folder. Back up your original files first, obviously. A probably incomplete list of modifications made: items.xml: -Increased sale price of laser cells to make them profitable -Increased sale price of plasma cells to make them break even manufactures.xml: -Decreased costs of manufacturing ammunition -Decreased build time of laser cells to make them more profitable -Decreased build times of all aircraft (to align with the very small sizes of manufacturing teams) -Decreased build times for plasma and MAG (see above) -Decreased build times for Scimitar and Hyperion (see above) -Decreased materials costs for pretty much everything with a materials cost -Added materials costs for things which had them missing weapons.xml/ weapons_gc.xml -Increased clip sizes for manufactured weapons -Pistols now progress as 12 (ballistic), 15 (laser), 18 (plasma), 24 (MAG) rounds to increase usefulness -Manufactured rifles and carbines now have 18 (laser), 15 (plasma) and 12 (MAG) -Precision rifles decrease by 2 per tier -Rapid-fire weapons now have 25 (laser, plasma) and 24 (MAG) -Reactions modifications!: -Increased pistol and laser pistol reactions to 2 -Increased plasma pistol reactions to 2.2 -Increased MAG pistol reactions to 2.5 (all in an attempt to make pistols useful without shields) -Increased plasma carbine reactions to 1.5 and plasma rifle to 1.1 -Increased MAG carbine to 1.75 and rifle to 1.25 -Decreased all rapid-fire weapons except MAGStorm to 0.5 -Decreased rocket-launcher type weapons to 0.1 -Increased power of C4 to 145, changed radius to 1.5 There are probably more modifications that I have made. If you have any suggestions for balance I'd love to hear them. And please, back up your original files before replacing them. Alternately, download THIS and install with the Mod Tools in the launcher without having to back up or unpack anything!
  13. This is the thread for discussion about the game balance as it is in V17.9. Please give us your thoughts on what's good and bad, bearing in mind the following: 1) All difficulty settings are the same in the current build. 2) You're not meant to have enough money to buy everything you want. That's pretty much the point. 3) I've not done any balancing work beyond the appearance of the Corvette. 4) This is a remake of X-Com; you're meant to lose soldiers even on the early missions. 5) This is a thread to discuss balance, not bugs. If bugs are affecting balance then feel free to mention them, but please focus your discussion around the balance itself (so imagine that they had been fixed).
  14. 1. Interceptor's plasma torpedo launcher with unlimited ammo producing 8 hours (one full workshop) Plasma grenade (same technology tear, single use) producing 1 day 16 hours (same workshop, 5 times longer!) Isn't something not right here? 2. Corsair interceptor needs 60 days to produce (Ok, 15 days in my 4-workshop main production base). It's only a 2nd-generation replacement for mass light interceptor Condor (not a last super battleship), and if I want to replace Condors on all my intercept bases, I need at least 10 of them. Assuming there will be at least one (or two?) more generation, producing time will grow accordingly, and I have to build not only planes - how long game duration is expected? 5 years of in-game time? 10 years? Maybe there is an extra zero in config file?
  15. Hello all This is not my first time plying Xenonauts so I cant call this my first impressions, however my recent attempt with version 13 is my longest time I have played a single game and the farthest in it I have gotten, so I had some comments to share and a few questions about the game. I wanted to start off by saying that overall I have loved this game. The visuals, sound effects, and music were great. I also love the way you are doing the maps and that you give the map editor to fans. Ground combat feels very well done. There are a few things I would like to see changed but they are minor and the game is not finished so I didn't expect it to play like it is. The only things that I feel are even worth mentioning is that It would be nice if grenades had a indicator for hitting a target before hitting your intended target like bullets do. Air combat also felt fun and interesting. I am sure there is a lot that I have not discovered in terms of tactics and the like it it. It seems to be a much deeper system than X-coms air combat. In the beginning of the game things went really well. Shot down some ufos, did some ground missions, brought back cool stuff for the lab to look at. However after a while i seemed to hit a wall. All of a sudden I could not catch 90% of the ufos that would come, and even if I could there would be no way for me to kill them all. I doubt I am supposed to send 1 f-17 against 3 fighters and that was the only way I could cover all of the ufos on the map. I did have the mig and that could catch up with the fighters, but as I only had one it got destroyed every other battle. Once I get the mig am I supposed to sell off all my other ships to make a fleet of migs? do I need to make tons of hangers and ships so i have a chance at countering them all? Am I not supposed to be able to react to a lot of the ships out there? This game is really good so far and I am very glad it is being made, however my experiences have made me feel like I am either doing something very wrong, or that the game is unbalanced at the moment. Either way I felt I needed to mention this on the forum to either find out what I am doing wrong, or to find out that its not just the way the game is at the moment. Also random other question what do I need to get from a ufo to get to make laser weapons? I researched plasma pistols and rifles and the things that came after it and it seemed like that would lead to lasers, but it just stooped and I ran out of things to research. Sorry for the wall of text. I tried to make it somewhat readable. I hope I succeeded.
  16. Chris, Been playing around with v10 tonight and very happy with the stability so far. Only one crash to note and it was because I was trying out something unusual. I have some suggested balance changes to make it possible for people to play the game until around September without having to resort to cheats. Most of these revolve around maintenance and wages, as well as construction costs and times for certain ammos. 1. Set wages to: soldier = 15k, tech = 18k, scientist = 22k. (down from 20,25,25k) 2. Set command center upkeep to 50k (down from 100k) 3. Set hangar upkeep = 8k (down from 10k - as your going to need a lot of these initially) This should now put the cost of running two bases in the $1.5m bracket instead of nearer $2m meaning you can run about $1m profit for the first 3-4 months (before negative relations start to take their toll) and allows you to manufacture missiles and replace the occasional aircraft. 4. Set Alenium Missile to 3k (down from 5k as you are going to start chewing through these as fast as sidewinders and you don't want every engagement to cost in excess of 30k!) 5. Set Alenium production between 10-15 (25 is far too high given the much higher tick rate set currently and the almost reliance on these once you are up against groups of 3). Why? There are several scenarios that absolutely require the use of alenium missiles now that fighters can dodge the first missile. 3 F-17s armed with 1xside, 1xalenium vs 3 fighters. Side winders are used to cause enemy to dodge and the alenium missile causes about 70% damage - still require a fair skirmish to kill all. 2 MiGs + 1 F17 armed with 3xsides, 7 aleniums vs 2 fighters and 1 corvette. 2 sidewinders to force the reaction from the fighters, 1 alenium and 1 sidey to kill one and then 1 alenium and some cannon to kill the other. 5 aleniums left - might just be lucky and take out the corvette (but probably not). Still this is gonna happen quite a lot come mid August, but your not going to be managing anything close to this if its taking you more than a day to produce each alenium missile! Sure you can get in close and dirty before firing missiles to make more count but your going to take alot of damage and probably lose one aircraft to that corvette cannon.
  17. Disclaimer: This modification is for the root weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml files. It is recommended that you back-up both existing files in case making these changes results in any instability. This is a fan made mod and as such is not endorsed by the developers. It is only intended as a fun balance mod to improve the groundscape experience until the game reaches beta and balancing is carried out --------- Description: The following modification effects the Xenonauts weapons only. The major changes in this version are to the rifle and shotgun and have been done to improve the strategic utility and balance of both weapons. Equipping of extra ammo should now be a strategic decision as a single riflemen no longer has the fire power to take out 7 aliens using a single clip over the course of a battle. Reloading now takes significantly more AP and therefore now needs to be taken into account when planning turns and ammo usage. The fragmentation of the shotgun now gives the shotgun more utility at short-range and less at moderate range. The increased burst shot count of the rifle now gives it some utility in close quarters as does the reduced AP of single shots. This reflects the potential high rate of in-direct fire that rifles can and do offer in military engagements. Try it out and give feedback! =) -------------- V1.0 Change log Pistol Weight reduced from 1.5kg to 0.75kg Damage reduced from 15 to 10 Reload cost increased to 10 from 3. Rifle Single shot has only two settings (down from three). Damage reduced from 25 to 15 Burst Fire shot count increased to 5 from 3. AP reduced on single shot settings to 13 and 20 respectively. Accuracy of single shots set to 100 and 150 respectively. Accuracy of burst shot reduced to 40. Reload cost increased to 17 from 3. Shotgun Single shot removed. Burst Fire shot now fires 3 separate shells to represent shell fragments. Clip size increased to 24, representing 8 shells. Projectile speed increased to 1600 Accuracy set to 110 AP cost set to 25 Damage per shell reduced to 13 from 40 (to represent shell fragments/increased shot number) Reload cost set to 17 * Note: reaction fire shots will only consume 1 shell (10 damage) as there is no way of setting reaction fire as burst shots. Sniper Rifle Reload cost increased from 3 to 17 Machine Gun Reload cost increased from 3 to 27 Burst shot count increased to 5 from 3. AP cost set to 30 Accuracy reduced to 60 from 80. Clip size increased to 50 (now functions correctly) --------------- V1.1 Changelog Pistol Damage returned to default 15 Burst shot AP increased to 30 (reflect 3 aimed shots in quick succession and which will limit chances of enemy reaction fire) Burst shot accuracy set to 80 (same as set 1) Mitigation changed from 5 to 15. Please try this out and give me some feedback! =) Instructions for use: Make a copy of the weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml files and keep them safe somewhere! Copy and paste the following into the bold labelled file overwriting the existing information. For example, "Replaces pistol in weapons_gc.xml" means open up weapons_gc.xml (root: Desura/Common/xenonauts/assets) in a text editor, highlight the text referring to pistol and replace with the code underneath the bold heading. DO NOT COPY ACROSS THE BOLD TEXT OR ANY BREAKS "------". Repeat for each weapon. Save the file and close. -------------- START OF MODIFICATIONS ------------ Replaces pistol in weapons_gc.xml <Weapon name="weapon.pistol" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="10" hands="1" recoil="0" weight="1" clipSize="12" reloadAPCost="8" /> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Pistol Single" delay="0.8"> <Set1 ap="10" accuracy="80" /> <Set2 ap="12" accuracy="96" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire ap="30" accuracy="80" sound="Weapon Pistol Single" delay="0.6" shotCount="3" /> <GUIImage name="gui/Pistol.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/pistol.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="default" type="kinetic" damage="15" mitigation="15"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> Replaces shotgun in weapons_gc.xml <Weapon name="weapon.shotgun" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="8" hands="2" recoil="0" weight="5" clipSize="24" reloadAPCost="15" /> <SingleShot/> <BurstFire sound="Weapon Shotgun Single" delay="0.6" ap="25" accuracy="110" shotCount="3"/> <GUIImage name="gui/Shotgun.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/shotgun.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="default" type="kinetic" damage="15" mitigation="20"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1600"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> Replaces Rifle in weapons_gc.xml <Weapon name="weapon.rifle" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="18" hands="2" recoil="40" weight="5" clipSize="30" reloadAPCost="15" /> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Assault Rifle Single" delay="0.6"> <Set1 ap="13" accuracy="100" /> <Set2 ap="20" accuracy="150" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire ap="35" accuracy="40" sound="Weapon Assault Rifle Burst" delay="0.6" shotCount="5" /> <GUIImage name="gui/AssaultRifle.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/assaultrifle.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="default" type="kinetic" damage="15" mitigation="20"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> Replaces Sniper in weapons_gc.xml <Weapon name="weapon.sniper" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="26" hands="2" recoil="0" weight="6.5" clipSize="15" reloadAPCost="15" /> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Sniper Single"> <Set1 ap="28" accuracy="125" /> <Set2 ap="33" accuracy="150" /> <Set3 ap="37" accuracy="175" /> <Set4 ap="43" accuracy="200" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire/> <GUIImage name="gui/PrecisionRifle.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/assaultrifle.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="default" type="kinetic" damage="45" mitigation="25"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200" delay="2.5"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> Replaces Machinegun in weapons_gc.xml <Weapon name="weapon.machinegun" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="30" hands="2" recoil="65" weight="12.5" clipSize="50" reloadAPCost="25" /> <SingleShot /> <BurstFire ap="30" accuracy="60" sound="Weapon Machinegun Burst" shotCount="5" delay="0.6" /> <GUIImage name="gui/machinegun.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/machinegun.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="default" type="kinetic" damage="40" mitigation="15"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> --------------------- END OF MODIFICATIONS TO WEAPONS_GC.XML ---------- Replaces Pistol in weapons.xml <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.pistol</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/pistol</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/pistol</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ballistic</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Boolean">0</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">15</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">12</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">0.8</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ammo.ballistic.pistol</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">8</Data></Cell> </Row> Replaces Rifle in weapons.xml <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.rifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/assaultrifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/assaultrifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ballistic</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Boolean">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">15</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">20</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">30</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ammo.ballistic.rifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data></Cell> </Row> Replaces Shotgun in weapons.xml <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.shotgun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/shotgun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/shotgun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ballistic</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Boolean">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">35</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">80</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">24</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1.25</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ammo.ballistic.shotgun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">15</Data></Cell> </Row> Replaces Sniper in weapons.xml <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.sniper</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/precisionrifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/precisionrifle</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ballistic</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Boolean">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">35</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">260</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">15</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1.25</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">6.5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ammo.ballistic.sniper</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data></Cell> </Row> Replaces Machine gun in weapons.xml <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.machinegun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/machinegun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">weapons/ballistic/machinegun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ballistic</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Boolean">1</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">50</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">300</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">50</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">0.6</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">12.5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">5</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"><Data ss:Type="String">ammo.ballistic.machinegun</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">25</Data></Cell> </Row> --------------------- END OF MODIFICATIONS TO WEAPONS.XML ----------
  18. OK, so I want to make V8 playable when it goes out as a press build. This thread is intended for people to provide suggestions on equipment that is over or under powered, or suggestions on what would make the game more balanced. This is assuming the bugs get fixed, of course - the Ferret won't have nil fire cost and so on. So what does everyone think? This applies across all parts of the game.
  19. I realise that balancing has not been completed yet but I thought I might give a few suggestions regarding the cost of aircraft. At the moment both aircraft are $100k. This amount is I feel slightly too cheap, reflecting the cost of only about 3 soldiers. This could of course be intentional reflecting that these aircraft are of less quality than future tech aircraft which the Xenonaughts can develop. However, in squadrons they are pretty damn effective on everything I have come up against including Medium size corvettes. I am not suggesting that aircraft should cost $1,000,000 or more (as this would obviously be crippling). I would suggest that the cost of the F-17 be raised to around $175k and the Mig to about $200k or similar. This would make the loss of an aircraft that little bit more damaging and make you think twice about attacking a UFO with only a single aircraft, or a Corvette with less than 3 aircraft. To balance this increase in capital cost, some of the maintenance costs for the base could be reduced. A 5-10% reduction in these costs would allow you some room to build a reasonably sized 2nd base within the first couple of months (which is really quite essential if you dont want to go on a downward spiral from the start). Of course it would mean that you couldn't equip this 2nd base with 3 brand new jets, but maybe only a single interceptor for Tailing and taking out smaller UFOs. I think the cost of soldiers and staff is fairly spot on as is the initial capital costs of most of the base components. Suggestions?
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