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  1. I had to say they were punching me VERY hard throwing that much of grenades (especially from a closed UFO)... At this point the game seemed very difficult to me... Best luck solving this.
  2. a games workshop style turn based strategy game... Something like Space Hulk would totally fit the studio. Read me well : I am a huge fan of warhammer 40 000, but I do not pretend it must be a franchise game... Something LIKE space hulk would be fine. A turn based visceral game
  3. got the key, downloading the game. Great job pals, hope sells will be good !
  4. Hi, first of all, I want to express how please I am with the game. I am playing Ironman veteran. So far I went to december 1979 and met battlefield ship and heavy fighter. I made a break due to battlefield elevator bug Nevertheless I wished to express very easy changes that would -in my mind- positively affect the feeling of the game. Most of these concern the geoscape/gestion point of view of the game so it is nothing complicated to change I believe. 1) research should be 2 times slower. It would implies a) choosing your research instead of doing everything when it comes available (less linearity feeling), b) hire more scientist (more choices on where to spend money) 2) construction prices by engeneers should be changed. a) so far I never understood if I require alenium or alien alloys, which is very sad b) how in hell can a gun cost half the price of an air craft ? I would lower prices of gun by 50% (guns at 100 000 $ should cost 50 000 $) while I would higher over prices by 100 % (aircraft and even more importantly armors, jackall at 50 000 $ seems fine) 3) then, I would say aliens are too passive (just like in original x-com but since then I though this was a big flaw). Obviously alien will certainly be more susceptible to die with respect to staying in cover until they see something, but the game would be much less boring and less frustrating if they moved more aggressively. I know IA is a BIG deal but, even if they moved randomly it would be better for personal implication in the game. To counterbalance the fact that they will be over-exposed, they could be slightly buffed in stat (health, accuracy). 4) Also, it is unpleasant that they are almost everytime alones. a) it is unrealistic b) they are easier targets c) area of effect weapons are less likely to be usefull. It is GREAT that sometimes aliens move back when they see your forces, but they should do so only to REGROUP. if no alien is next to them they should just stay in cover. 5) influence of moral is not drastic enough to have any gameplay influence. a) I would say at the begining if one xenonauts die, a couple of the more psychologicaly fragile xenonauts should panic. b)Moreover I would say that ANY xenonauts who is alone should lost 1 moral point per turn. a pair should have a stable moral per turn, and a group of three or more should earn one moral point per turn. 6) did you think about giving an extra action point to xenonauts that didn't move for one turn ? 7) I think 90 action point should be a maximum for xenonauts Okay I think that's all, sorry guys for my english. Hope it will help.
  5. I totally agree with Moxar, it would be nice to release some "translated mods" easy to find for the community. I personnaly am more enclined to think that this job should be done by the community, and maybe the best could be supported by golden hawks ? Maybe something like : Golden Hawks recommand you to use this one (seriousness, reliability) but is not responsible for its use/interpretation...
  6. Totally agree with this. Effective range should be a problem. Speed... Why not? But Why ? Anyway you can change time speed if you are bored.
  7. About the drop tank I agree with IceVamp, that the loss of firepower seems balancing. I was just suggesting idea, in case they can be usefull/convincing... About damage I do not agree with IceVamp, because : okay you are likely to change aircraft sooner or later, but that is the point : if you do not play well enough, you may have to buy/produce new aircraft BEFORE you developped new ones by research... On the other hand, a good player may skip this expense, and that is what is fun : feeling that you have a reward for playing well/taking risk... Anyway : many thanks for your response IceVamp ! And thanks for welcoming
  8. I am not sure, but indeed I was VERY SURPRISED to see that equipment was free of charge... But I do not know which way should be better...
  9. Yes, I had the same feeling but I though it was good as it was. The problem is I played on normal and then though I would never made it on higher difficulties. I guess there is 4 difficulty level, so : - on normal it should be a bit easier (speaking about money) than it is actually, - on hard it can stay as it is, maybe with more emphasis on "it is impossible to down EVERY alien craft so YOU have to make choice" - on easy difficulty you should have no money problem if you play normally (whereas you are not supposed to make 10 base the first month) - on very hard difficulty, the difference with hard difficulty should not come from the income but from the spendings (meaning mainly casualties).
  10. Hi there, I know I didn't see the finished game, and maybe this was already suggested by the time, but : when I played Xenonauts, I was surprised there is no option to replace a missile by a fuel drop tank, in order to increase the range of airfighters... A lot of disadvantages could be added (lower max speed, less efficient roll manoeuver, increased vulnerability to small round) but maybe it would be worth it in comparison to the bonus in operation range. In this regards, aerial refuelling could be an option, but I think it is too complicated... Moreover, I think any time an airplane is repaired, its maximum life should be decreased by 1%. So the "perfect" dogfight would be always a challenge, and it is reasonnable to admit that a "pristine" aircraft is always better than one that have been repaired 60 times...
  11. Ok guys, thanks for the statements. I wish to add that my post was only factfull to be short and clear. I didn't want to seems arogant or disappointed AT ALL. I really really like the game as it is now ! It is incredible, since I downloaded it 3 days ago, I spend all my free time on it. It even managed to make me forgot about diablo 3 ! Many thanks to the team for making such a wonderful job. But you know... If it can be better, it would be great.
  12. Here I will add the various bugs I encountered during my experience so far. I will then add them in they corresponding thread if there is one already opened. I will add other bugs as I encounter them in the future. UI : - number of scientific may increase of a various number for no reason : I never buy scientific personnel. Nevertheless, assigning them to various projects, their number increased from 10 to 20, 40 and now 80 !!! - the number of casualties on the UI (next to funds, up right) is not saved and goes back to 0 when loading a game (I guess or is it monthly ?) UFO encounter : - the game crashed when I tried to throw a classic grenade with a kneeled soldier. (ONLY crash so far) - the scout UFO (NOT the smallest one, the one that appears on second month, with two parts) presents many bugs: the little part (small circular room with the generator) present a "window" (front side), meaning that one can see aliens inside even if all doors are closed. One can shoot at them from outside but cannot arm them. Maybe one time alien was even able to kill one of my xenonauts due to this. On the big part (more rectangluar room with screens) the xenonauts can walk through a wall (wall with displays, rear part) even if it is not destroyed. - one time a xenonauts was killed and it was "hidden movement". Even if the xenonauts do not see the shot I think we should see them die. -very sad aliens move so rarelly during encounter. I know this is not a bug but please solve this big issue. I almost always know where they will be when I see which type of map it is... I think I never see any alien in the house, at least improve the randomization of their placement when map is initialized. (even if I play normal and only month 3, I think always the same encounter is very boring). - please make aliens use grenades Airforce : - many times when a UFO crashed in the sea, the message "UFO escaped to space" after the successfull interception. - the fighter type UFO is always destroyed (but maybe it is not a bug) Application : - NORTON SONAR security risk quarantined my xenonauts application. I was able to solve the problem manually - After 4 auto save, no more save was created when I played on Ironman : my game was lost when I quit the game