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  1. To the surprise of my soldier who was somehow stitched back together with voodoo magic a lowly Caesan soldier tossed 2 grenades after being suppressed.
  2. It's really inaccurate and I find that I rarely get a suppression to kick in when I use it. Wasn't Burst Fire (or was it Auto Fire) in X-COM: UFO Defense really cheap to use because it was so inaccurate?
  3. is there a way currently to increase the cost of movement on specific tiles. i'm currently making some ground rocks that serve only to slow Characters down by increasing TU cost over the tile. similar to how the coral here works. see those coral? they use 2x the TU cost to move over. i want to bring similar mechanics into my maps. Deserts have rocks you ever try running over rocks?(not tiny rocks decent size rocks)
  4. So I don't understand why it takes so long to reload things. If memory serves, there was a blanket 15 TU cost to reload a thing in X-COM. Now, I think that's probably too short for some of the weapons. A rocket launcher, needing the rocket package replaced from a backpack, I can understand taking 40. Re-stringing the chain on a M60 machine gun, probably 35. Slapping a clip in a scatter laser? Was thinking 15. Thoughts?
  5. Now, I understand that this is the way it's always been done since the original X-com, but is having it cost 1TU to rotate a Soldier 1 tile really worth having in the game? You might say that it's unrealistic to have free rotation, but to that I say that the current system doesn't allow for all kinds of things, like facing sideways while running a different direction, walking backwards, etc... In some ways free rotation would be more realistic because it could be an umbrella functionality that could account for any number of ways soldiers would walk around in combat other than marching straight forward. So if not for the purpose of "realism" why is this part of the game? Does it add any gameplay function? It's just another idiosyncrasy leftover from X-com. I remember my first time playing X-com and carefully calculating in my head how many TU's I needed to arm and throw a grenade, only to fail to take into account the cost for rotating, leaving my poor rookie standing there with a live grenade. New players are unlikely to grasp how rotation works right away, I think. I know I didn't. It's not like soldiers wouldn't still have cones of vision, giving the AI opportunities to blindside the player and good stuff like that. I think it would be interesting to at least give it a go just to see how it feels gameplay-wise without it. TL;DR: TU cost for rotating adds nothing to the game except x-com nostalgia flavor and it should be removed.
  6. I don't know if this is feasible, but, it would be nice to be able to carry over a small amount of time units till the next round. I.E. you don't have enough time units to reload your mg this round. It seems like if you have left over time units, you should be able to carry them over, or otherwise some how "half reload" your mg, this round, and finish reloading it on the next for less time units...
  7. Could we please make the medkits reduce (or if easier reduce to 0) the patients TU's as well as the users?
  8. when my men go into craft and been there for a turn they still have not got enouth turns left to shoot has anyone got the same
  9. Apologies if this has been brought up before (and I suppose it has) but after some searches I couldn't find any threads about it. I believe that the current 1 TU cost for turning by 45 degrees adds an unneeded layer of complexity to movement, in addition to causing pathfinding issues (link). The current facing direction would still matter for reaction fire, but we wouldn't have to carefully look at the most efficient way to move through a maze of obstacles because our soldiers are really BAD at turning around. What is Chris and the others' opinion on the subject?
  10. Getting right into it, I think it is a bit silly balance wise to have every thrown item cost the same TU's. You wouldn't have a Rocket Launcher cost the same to shoot as a Pistol... so why does every thrown item cost the same tu's when what they provide is very different? I suppose it is for realism's sake(the one excuse always used when we are intentionally making a game less balanced than it should be)? But couldn't differences still be justified with for instance, grenades and stuns are "Aggressive throws" with the soldier putting extra emphasis on accuracy so it costs more tu's because of that focus and strength. Whereas something like flares or smokes are just "Passive tosses" where they aren't aggressively trying to hit something so they sort of just wing it out there. Or at least adjust the tu's based on range thrown? I think one of the first tweaks to making night just slightly more approachable, albeit still much more difficult than day, is having flares not cost the current metric shit ton that they cost to throw out.
  11. I'm surprised this isn't in already, but I'd really like to have a 'live' display of the AP cost for the selected unit as you move the mouse pointer around (along with the tile you are over being highlighted). Kind of odd that currently you have to click on a tile before you even see an AP cost, and if you can even get there. Besides being a bit inconvenient (having to repeatedly click, then cancel out the path, over and over, as you analyze your movement possibilities), you also run the risk of accidentally double-clicking and having your guy unintentionally start moving. I'd much prefer a highlighted tile under the mouse pointer as you move it around (like in the original X-Com), and an AP cost displayed 'live', instead of only after you click.
  12. I'd like to mod in gear that positively and negatively affects AP and Morale. I know the variables I mention in the title exist. I also know they aren't for general release (I can see why, as well). Would it be possible to make them available so humble modders such as myself can play about with them?
  13. Hi, I made this suggestion in a larger post about my first impressions but thought I would post it here in the right forum as well. Would it be possible to have an easy way of overriding the fact that you have reserved APs for reaction shooting? At the moment, you have a great way of showing, via the green/orange/red squares where I can move my men to. If I move them to a green square and then suddenly see an alien and want to duck into cover, but that would use up my reserved APs, I have to go to the slider, drag it back up to the top so I have no reserved APs and then move again. Fiddly and time-consuming, given how often you need to do it. Similarly if I wanted to shoot then and there, but don't have enough APs as they are reserved I have to do the same - go to the slider, move it back up, then shoot. How about allowing us to shift click on an orange square (to move) or alien (to fire) which would automatically disregard the reserved APs without touching the slider?
  14. Maybe this is a known bug, but I couldn't find a thread on it.... My soldier who carries the Pistol and Combat Shield starts the mission with the same number of APs shown in the equip soldier screen at base (60-110 depending on how leveled up the soldier is). Each turn of ground combat he has that same number of APs, unless you happen to go into his inventory to access a grenade or something. At this point, the game "remembers" that the Combat Shield (which wasn't shown in the base, of course) has its own weight (20 Kg) now that the soldier has it equipped in the combat mission. This drops the soldier's APs from his max of 60 or 110 to down around 20 to 45 (unless he starts dropping equipment). Coupled with the fact that strength isn't improving from mission to mission, this makes for an inconvenient bug if you like the Combat Shield. Sooo, the bug is EITHER that he starts out with way too many APs because the game isn't calculating the weight of the Combat Shield properly at the start of the mission OR he loses way too many APs just for opening his inventory. I'll let Chris decide which is more appropriate for game balance, I would just like it to be consistent from turn to turn.
  15. I can't walk 3 steps barely have enough APs like 35-37 Ap needed to toss a grenade. I think any private ranked starting soldier should be able to toss 2 Grenades and higher ranked soldiers should be able to toss 3-4 Grenades. I think tossing a grenade should only cost 18 APs. I have a few soldiers who carry only pistols and medikits on the 2ndary hand and they can carry 4-5 grenades. It would be nice to be able to toss a grenade after i take 3 steps around a corner of a building. The AP costs now to toss a grenade is like 35-37 AP and sometimes i dont have enough APs left to toss a grenade to save my life after taking 3 steps which costs like 12 AP for 3 steps. Seeing as most private rookies start with 40-52 AP to beign with.
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