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Found 16 results

  1. I know the game is pretty much feature complete, but hey, maybe good ideas might get in later. Anyway, I feel the game is lacking training facilities. As it is, the only way to improve your rookies is to take them on combat missions. If you want to uphold garrisons in secondary bases, this involves some tedious micromanagement. You need to keep moving those people back and forth so they aren't completely useless if the base is attacked. For this reason, it would be nice to have training facilities you could build in a base. They would - very slowly! - increase stats of the soldiers present. Only soldiers 100% healthy would train. They might possible require a veteran to act as a trainer, the cap of the skill gain being the trainer's skills. This way you could let garrison soldiers and other recruits gain experience without tedious micro. Transferring veterans as trainers would be acceptable opportunity cost without being as micro-intensive as transferring grunts around en masse.
  2. Xenonauts- idea: new features, real live training (without decease), all player owned soldiers (Charlie 1 squad vs Charlie 2 squad), player vs computer, gain exp(attribute point), computer squad gain less exp, could turn into mini game concept e.g. capture the flag, bases control… p.s. had to write this quickly and will come back to it in the next few days to write it properly
  3. All my soldiers seem to stop gaining more strength once they hit 66, except for one troop that got to 69. Is this intentional? How does it work? How do I train strength higher? Is it possible to get 70 strength? 70 is listed as the minimum for certain weapons.
  4. 1. How can I increase squad size and what's the maximum squad size? 2. How can I train a solider? 3. What triggers a reaction shot?
  5. Like, a place you can build where you can send your Xenonauts to increase their strength and accuracy outside of combat?
  6. There might be training later in the game. If not, rename this to just Personnel? More importantly, would it be possible to include that useful character class tag that's now visible on the Soldier Equipment page? There's potential for letter overflow, but there's likely some spare space in the Armour and Status fields. EDIT: Knew there was something I'd forgotten. Ability to change armour on this screen would be useful if you've just rotated the injured people off the dropship and need to reissue their armour to their replacements.
  7. After playing the new XCOM: EU I came to love the fact that you could have specialized soldiers. I don't necessarily agree with not having a choice on what you get... but maybe you could train a batch of soldiers and see what they are "gifted in". IE: if someone has a medical aptitude they could go to a med center to train up their medical skills.... or another person sniper school.. and on and on. I just think something like the above could add an interesting dynamic to the game while keeping the core the same. People who have to choose more on the type of soldiers they are bringing to a fight and makes them think more on the types of weapons they use. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work!
  8. I'm always a fan of the "improve-stats-by-using-them" school that X-COM and Silent Storm employed. Xenonauts does follow this scheme, right? It looked to be that way in the Alpha. Do you have to damage enemies to get a stat to increase? Is there a limit to how much you can improve your characters on a single mission?
  9. help tried to hire new troops for my new base and the hire selection bit was empty also tried to fire some of my original troops to rehire in new base and the hire page still hads no option available are we only able to play with one base???
  10. It's probably been requested before (can't find it the short time I have today, so apologies if it has), but would it be possible to train soldiers after the initial training from private to corporal? I would like to see specialized training for specific roles, like sniper training, scout training, medic training, that sort of thing. You could make it so you can push soldiers in a certain direction, or that only soldiers with already high enough stats qualify for specific training units. Either would be good. Also something that might or might not be a bug, but that's pretty irritating currently. If you have more soldiers and you try to send the ones on the bottom of the list to training, the list automatically scrolls back up, making you have to scroll back down for ever soldier you want to sent. regards Davoren
  11. Okay, I've just had the best ground combat mission to date, which involved my first and only loss. It was with the crew from my second base, and they'd had to respond to a crash site before I could transfer any experienced troops across from my initial HQ. There were only four of them, to investigate a crashed Sebillian scout ship. The smaller squad size, combined with their slightly lower stats led to the most tension I've felt in the game since I started playing. As much as I've enjoyed the game so far (and that's a lot) THIS was the first mission that really had me on the edge of my seat and which made me feel the same way I used to when I played UFO:EU. I've probably gone off on one a bit there, but it's left me buzzing and the reason was; because I had fewer troops, each one was that much more valuable. I think in the early game, landing with a crew of 8 semi-experienced guys right off the bat, to tackle a light scout seems like a walk in the park. Who cares if one or two take a hit? This time around though, I knew that if I lost even 1 or 2 troopers, my chances of completing the mission were greatly reduced. So, long story short (sorry!) Could we maybe only start with 4 or 5 experienced troopers. Then, for the first few missions it gives the choice of going in with a small but decent squad, or padding it out with rookies so you have the numerical advantage but they may be prone to panic, and generally not that effective to start with.
  12. I propose to add a branch training, and soldiers trained in the specialty: 1.Sniper 2.Heavy weapons 3.Light and semi automatic weapons 4.Explosives, missles and grenades 5.Energy weapons(alien weapon). Each branch is working on the characterization of a soldier, such as a sniper - akuratno and range. Heavy on the cargo and portable akuratno firing heavy weapons. Also needed perks! For example: 1. killed 200 blue aliens - was 5% more damage they cause 2.Throw 100 grenades - was to throw more 5metrov 3.suffered 3,000 HP damage - has +3% Armor This will make the gameplay much more interesting.
  13. Hi I'm new to xenonaughts so some of these issues could just be ignorance: 1. I cant find the option to train soldiers anywhere. Is it yet to be made or am I missing it? 2. I completed a ground mission but I got no alien tech from the ship? Are they not always there or do i have to tell them to pick it up? 3. There is one empty square in my chinook but I cant put another soldier on? Why?
  14. I have written up the entire concept once more... with a lot more structure and without all the half-baked ideas that lead to this version. All numbers were made up on the spot and only serve to demonstrate the intent. Too many unknowns to scale anything just yet. Of course others are invited to add summaries of their systems. (maybe use a different colour for the "headline"?) Please don't start a discussion about bits and pieces of either. I simplified several obscure mechanics from the discussion thread. More transparent and predictable now, which should make it easy for the player to balance his troopers' advancement vs the specialist abilities they acquire. Give everyone 10 special training courses and they will advance their stats more slowly - but have all the special perks. Yet, the player can build his army of universal soldiers if he so desires... Even training strategies become a possibility! "Hang on" with less educated grunts who increase their skills faster... or train them right away and get slower advancement long term. How cool is that? That is gameplay the players can and will argue about. Real choices! =) It makes replaying the game a real possibility because you could play with a different strategy. Recruiting soldiers and other personnel is in many ways related because it also takes a look at the starting stats of soldier and the potential change to the importance of training. The "Alternate Training Concept" is a far more "condensed" concept which is more suited to a strategic approach to training without micromanaging individual soldiers on a regular base.
  15. There have been many (and extensive =) threads on the old forum about how training in general could work. Pretty much everyone agrees that while some in-base training is reasonable, experience through missions should be paramount. So I've been thinking about how exactly the game should decide how much experience / stats a soldier gains from which actions during a mission. The stats we have are action points resilience strength accuracy reflexes bravery missions kills rank 'rank' experience points as a hidden stat (assumed) For some stats it's obvious which actions to assign. Firing guns increases accuracy. Duh. For other stats it's not so clear cut. While it is the obvious thing to attach reflexes to reaction fire during the alien turn, it leaves the issue of overall progression. Firing guns happens a lot in the player turn but also in combination with reaction fire. That leads to a lot more accuracy skillups than there are for reflexes. If important stats just won't go up, that is frustrating and often leads to... Gaming the system / exploits. A soldier should not gain accuracy by silly actions like firing 20 magazines worth of aimed shots at a ground tile in front of him. In JA2, the easiest way to gain strength is to overload your soldiers to several hundred percent of their carrying capacity, ordering them to travel to an adjacent tile (ideally of "difficult" terrain), and immediately canceling the order while the game is still paused. Repeat. Some considerations will certainly apply to all stats, others to particular stats or situations. I don't know what everyone will come up with or in which order so... just gunna have to play it by ear. =P
  16. Another topic I am invested in at the moment. Page 1, part 1:
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