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  1. not a remake but a blend of xcom original with terror from the deep, and a different air component, kinda diffrent with something original over half the geoscape is not used, use the sea/deep. more research and different tactic's needed laser do not work well in water so audio /plasmer weapons needed and to cover the air space, had an idea for timed missions..... dun dun da ... in-flight interception of UFO's were if you do not successfully board and control the craft it either escapes with your team or crashes killing your team. X number of turns to complete or crash/escape occurs it would need a penetrator pod which houses the xenonautes, tech would need a launch system to carry pod and pod size could be increased over time
  2. Twice now on intercept i run out of fuel get the option to return to base selecting yes or no game crashes with memory dump message my launch splash screen states v13, but i did delete everything and get a new download once Chris said he had put in a fix for CTD issue after v13 was released
  3. when i try to move the troops 1 through 4 can be moved but 5 throught 8 crashes the game creating a crash dump file in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents called XenonautsCrashDump.dmp
  4. as you can see i got 1 through 8 and 1 through 4 but i actualy only got 4 troopers in there
  5. also got 'ghost trooper assigned to my drop ship cant add crew or scout as spots are full of nothing
  6. gbusrt

    No Soldiers to recruit

    well that worked, starting a new game and then loading a saved game did the trick but another issue is now up cant train the troops
  7. ooor a bug also i cant train any of my troops i thought it was cause i had no training building and it was to come later with research but i saw a youtube of some one training their guys
  8. gbusrt

    No Soldiers to recruit

    humm tried this workaround with no joy still no troops
  9. help tried to hire new troops for my new base and the hire selection bit was empty also tried to fire some of my original troops to rehire in new base and the hire page still hads no option available are we only able to play with one base???
  10. gbusrt

    Build V12.1 Released!

    were did you get the download, all i find on Desuras is V12.zip, am i just being stupid is there some secret url that you have to know the handshake to get to finding it very frustrating and not keen to go the check game route just tried the download on http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts page and it still V12 same size as the original i got is Desura the only place to get it or is there some ware else
  11. gbusrt

    Build V12.1 Released!

    anyone found the 12.1zip file on desura yet.
  12. gbusrt

    Build V12.1 Released!

    thx for the info will keep checking
  13. gbusrt

    Build V12.1 Released!

    new here were on Desura is the download, i can only find the V12 for preorder V12.1 is preimum preorder as i already order do not want to reorder just to get latest build found the download for preorder button but its still say V12.zip