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Found 16 results

  1. During the enemy turn, I had a couple of soldiers shot at. They did not turn to face the incoming fire. They did not have enough TUs to reaction fire, but they did have a couple left for turning.
  2. Several times I've seen enemy turns where an enemy's movement prompts reaction 'false fire' from my characters that have already used their reaction time. This 'false fire' includes the animation and sound of the character shooting burst shots, but no shot animations are done and no damage or shot results (miss, resist, etc) are shown. These reaction events continue to prompt repeatedly until I force the game closed, resulting in an infinite pause in the enemy's turn.
  3. Serves me right for moving my Colonel HW guy up a couple tiles to avoid stacking three soldiers in a line (Watching a long hall in a large base assault with two snipers and the HW; alien grenade spam has already taken two soldiers due to mistakes on my part), but this is now the second time my sniper has brained a soldier of mine due to friendly fire on a reaction shot. The first was pretty much a rookie, but this time it was my second longest serving soldier...second behind the very sniper that killed'em. It'd probably be easier to implement the threshold instead of redoing the whole cover system so that a unit standing two tiles back from a crouching unit doesn't have the maximum chance of hitting the crouching soldier. Doesn't even have to be a soldier; all cover has this element. The damn sniper has 101 accuracy, too. First time I've rage quit the game.
  4. Just finished a veteran full campaing and these are some relatively small changes that the game would benefit a lot. Toggle reaction fire Its too annoying to consume TUs of your heavy or your rocketeer because of fear of friendly fire, a button to disable this behavior would solve this problem. Floors Cycle Tab should be to cycle soldiers, the mouse wheel should be for floors to rapidly them back and forth. As it is right now you have to manually click them or go from floor 2->3->4->1. If im moving my troops between floors 3 and 4 I don't want to be having to cycle all the way to 1 every time. Soldier Cycle tab should cycle soldiers with enough TUs, if a soldier has no more TU it should be ignored. Throw I think the tactical combat benefits a lot from this feature, throwing weapons, clips, non active nades, etc. Its too time consuming and TU consuming to drop something and have another player move into the now vacant spot to take it. Dropship Storage It breaks the immersion to have a mule soldier stacked to the head with stuff just to make sure I don't run out of bullets mid tactical deployment, Give me a limited storage at least in the ship and that way I don't have to spend a round tossing things to the floor just for insurance. Better troop highlight A green glow and a red glow would help find some of those units inside of map elements, some things just don't alpha and you just cant see the units under. Color customization This one might be tricky, but let me customize to some degree the appearance of my soldiers. Using the role mechanics could be the easy fix for this, I don't need a full color kit but at least let me differentiate them with something besides the armor level and weapon they carry.
  5. I was wondering if it was possible to modify the chance by which reaction fire is triggered if a unit is moving behind a gas cloud. I see that the gasses have an accuracyReduction percentage and a blockLOS, but nothing to alter reaction fire, but maybe there is some modifier like this that I just don't know about? I want to make a simple smoke grenade mod in which smoke grenades don't obstruct the LOS or accuracy by very much, but they greatly reduce the chance that reaction fire will be invoked. The idea is that you can't sit in a smoke cloud, but you can use it for cover to move across the open on your turn.
  6. We need this. My MG guy just wasted one of my guys because there was an alien behind him. It should be part of reaction fire mechanics. The aliens have the same problem
  7. So...I think I've hit an alien on a reaction shot probably once, maybe twice, ever, in my entire time playing the game. In this base attack, I've seen the AI make two deadeye straight instant kill shots. One from through 4 different pieces of pieces of cover. If I shoot at something, any piece of cover in the way, and I get a massive penalty, which invariable goes wide (like 70 degrees) and hits one of my guys. And hitting a 93% shot? Probably more like 50/50. So is this bugged or something?
  8. So I've been noticing as I train up reaction fire... on Reapers... it seems that if more than one unit takes a reaction fire shot at once, the Reaper just ends its turn. No suppression, not necessarily even hit, but if a second reaction shot goes off before the alien gets to move again it just freezes. What I'm wondering is if this is intended behavior for incoming fire, or if maybe the check for the alien's turn is interrupted by a second (or more) reaction fire shot? Anyone else noticing similar behavior?
  9. Hi guys have another simple question. I never seen burst reaction fire even if TU reserved and switched to burst. Do you know the workout for this?
  10. As the title says, in my opinion reaction shots are "mad op" right now. Especially because the AI overuses them, and without having any method of getting greater line-of-sight (reading game files it seems that eventually there's an armor that'll do it... eventually) it is virtually impossible to avoid being on the receiving end of them, often. And since the aliens rarely miss on their reaction shots, I often dread my own turns greater than the enemy turns. A compound to this issue is the clunky way the squadsight is handled, specifically that aliens can easily throw rounds at you from nigh-on half a map away. Between those two problems, unless I kill every enemy I see within a single turn, I'm usually on the receiving end of hellish firepower: I'm currently at a spot where my troops have Wolf armor... and my enemies are toting heavy plasma, plasma snipers, and plasma cannons primarily. Wolf gives me a roll to survive those, but asking my troops to survive a single turn when spotted by the enemy is apparently unreasonable. Anyway, what usually happens if I fail to kill an enemy in a single turn is that one will turn tail and run, while his buddies shell my troops/vehicles from a distance. Often he'll have a reaction shot for me at the same moment my Hunter spots him, since the Hunter has equal sight range. So then I'll take a turn of his teams shots... and I have to take another reaction shot when I pursue. It's brutal. Side note: Aliens seem to be far more likely than humans to take reaction shots: This is best showcased by a recent event when I had four soldiers (with 30-40 TUs each!) staring at a door... and it opened, a Caesan walked out, took five steps or so, and shot at my Hunter, never once being shot at. Contrast that with my turn when moving a single tile within enemy LOS procs reaction fire. Suggestions: Nerf reaction shots overall? Prevent reaction shots from occurring at the outermost 2 tiles of vision? Have a minimum-distance-travelled-within-LOS requirement? I decided to be a b*tch and just edited my own weapons.xml file and reduced ALL reaction shot values to tiny numbers (pistols went from 1.8 to 0.8, rifles went from 1.0 to 0.1, shotguns 1.4 to 0.4, so on.) I did this for both human and alien weapons, since I'm nothing if not fair.* Gonna see how that works out, although I get the feeling it's going to become far too easy as the AI tries to use it's same old tricks and have horrible odds. *I did notice an oddity when going through that file: The alien sniper plasma has a reaction value of 1.5, meaning it's better than shotguns at taking reaction shots. And the final straw that drove me mad was a sniper-equipped Caesan getting a one-shot-kill with a reaction shot. I'm pretty sure that value is (at the least) not supposed to be that high. OKAY, thanks for reading my rant. I know its a rant, but I needed to say all that. And a good part of it's rambl-y, I know. I'm sleepy right now. Stop judging me. Stop it. STOP IT! Oh, and inb4 "learn to play," "it's in alpha so you can't complain," "stop trying to make everyone else play your way."
  11. I was wondering if the Mutual Surprise rule will be applied in Xenonauts, that being the rule in UFO:EU and TFTD that two units spotting each other at the same time do not get reaction fire. I'm pretty sure that I've opened doors only to be fired on, but if I haven't tell me and I'll shut up. As a related issue, will reaction fire for turning and kneeling be removed? As I recall neither of these things risked reaction in the previous mentioned games. For sure turning did not provoke reaction fire. kind of annoying when I have to turn to see an enemy in FoW and he just shoots me in the face.
  12. So I've been playing some X-Com and reading the Xenonauts forum and discovered a mechanic that I feel could be tweaked - reaction fire. Now I've done a quick search, so forgive me if this has come up before. For me, reaction fire was always a little unsatisfactory. I did prefer Jagged Alliance's interrupts. Basically, I'd like to see reaction fire replaced with an interrupt, though perhaps with some limitations on actions that can be taken. So for instance, an alien comes round the corner and your guy gets an interrupt, you can fill the alien with lead, or run and take cover. Possibly ban aimed shots, doing stuff with your inventory etc. and it adds a bit more depth to the tactical game. The other thing that would be good with this system would be the ability to have interrupts during your turn. Firstly, lets say you come across a guy and he interrupts, but decides to head for cover, his moving could give you an interrupt, which would just return the game to your normal turn. The cooler thing however, would be that if you encounter an enemy (this would work for both sides) and they try an interrupt (determined by the game mechanics rather than the player) rather than rolling against your reaction stats, he rolls against you. If he wins, then he gets his interrupt to run or shoot. If you win, rather than taking your turn, you get an interrupt against him. Think of it as like a Western duel: you see him go for his pistol, so you go for yours. The nature of the interrupt turn means you can shoot him, or run (again at the risk of giving your enemy another chance to get another interrupt). I suggest this because: a.) Greater tactical depth; b.) Slightly more 'realism' (as in it makes sense in the game) than (as is under the current system) if an alien begins to draw but you win the reaction contest, you keep taking your turn, maybe dig in your backpack for that really handy item, maybe spend a while lining this alien up in your sights with your super-aimed shot etc. etc. while the poor alien is frozen with his gun half-drawn. c.) A better system for sneaking up on aliens. In the original I hated trying to stun aliens because it felt like such a gamble. You walked forward and either the alien didn't react and your soldier lived, or it did and he didn't. Instead, if you send in a guy with quick reactions, maybe the alien tries to draw, you see this (because you are suddenly in an interrupt instead of taking your normal turn) and decide to blast him with your pistol instead of running up and stunning him with your rod. d.) It allows for reaction fire behind you. Basically, if you sneak up on an alien, they have a chance to hear you, and can spin around to reaction fire. You would have a greater chance to get the interrupt (thanks to the whole spinning around and shooting you thing) and can decide what to do from there. This instead of a system that feels arbitrary (oh you tripped the reaction modifier. I'm sorry, there isn't enough of your soldier left to bury) or unrealistic (seeing really is believing...). EDIT: An interrupt basically replaces reaction fire with a turn for your soldier (or the enemy's if they are the one reacting) with the APs left over from that soldier's last turn.
  13. I was just curious. I've never seen any of my soldiers fire a burst during reaction firing. It's always singles.
  14. all i gotta say is i love the kickstarter demo and definitely will be purchasing the game sometime around release day but one thing that irked me almost immediately and does effect my enjoyment of the battlescape enviroment is how aliens when faced complete opposite ways can turn and reaction fire soldiers that they cannot see at all (until after they turn) to me this kills a lot of the strategy of the battlescape (which should be manuevering and flanking) i can understand if they are within their 90 degree view radius cause that makes sense, but when an enemy can rotate on spot and fire any direction its just plain unfair... obviously i'd want the same restriction for my own units. now i can't remember exactly how it worked in TFTD or enemy unknown but i am almost positive they will not reaction fire unless they see you. perhaps this was already mentioned to the devs, i dunno, i didn't bother to search the forums but if it hasn't been brought up I am at a loss for words as it only took me 1 battlescape play to notice this oversight. EDIT: its as i feared, no one has posted anything about this issue before which is very vexing to me this is something that is a must have, otherwise it becomes less strategic to me and hopefully everyone else (so they fix it!)
  15. I first must say that I like the bleeding wounds system. It's all good until you get hit with reaction fire since the notice about a bleeding wound isn't informed until the next round. I find the problem biggest when you start running into plasma rifles since they might leave some soldiers with about 2 health so next round they just drop dead. Could we possible change it so you get notified when the reaction fire happens?
  16. Has reaction fire not been implemented for everything, or are some of the bigger weapons just not going to have it? I mean it strikes me as odd that the machine guns can't reaction fire. Frankly I've stopped using them, because they're useless unless your enemy survives long enough to bring the MG around to a good firing position, and by then I usually have put it down with the rifles. I can understand this for the rocket launcher, and even the big MG's on the armored car, but MG's are designed for "watch this stretch of road and shoot anything that isn't friendly."
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