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Found 12 results

  1. This thread is now redundant. You can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11629-V1-08-Jsleezy-s-Real-Fighter-Portrait-Pack This mod was created to add a little realism and personality to the game. This is a replacer for all original portraits. Currently this is what it does: - Adds 114 unique male portraits. NO REPEATS. (There are 36 repeats in vanilla version) - Adds 32 unique female portraits. - Adds gloves to missing portraits and a few hand images which color I couldn't match Optional (Highly Recommended): - Adds more diversity to the soldier pool. Some nations can now pull from all soldiers portraits even the custom ones. 95% of the time vanilla only pulls the same 35 male portraits (out of a possible 114!!!) over and over - Slightly changes the distribution of nationalities in the soldier pool - Reduces the chances of getting a female soldier from 40% to 20% Here is what the portraits look like in ground combat Get it here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/2/?
  2. Hi, Falkner Here The first reason i signed up is to say what a fantastic job everyone here and the Dev team are doing with Xenonauts, it's clearly a labor of love. I'm very happy I purchased the game and looking forward to the full release. Why am i posting this in the modding forum? Well I'm an avid tinkerer and love to customize my games, I love how accessible Xenonauts is even to the casual modder and I'd like to share the content I make for myself freely with the community. Onto the content! One of the things I truly missed from the classic UFO:EU was the soldier portraits, the savage faces and outrageous hair were something I wanted to recreate for my own nostalgia. So i spent an entire weekend, perhaps a little longer in a flash utility called Hero Machine 3 generating portraits, 2d sprite style. Long story short, I now have around 115 new soldier portraits in the style of my profile pic from generic to the outrageous, a lot of them are inspired from videogame and movie characters (like the blatant MGS:4 Solid Snake lookalike in my profile pic) and I'd like to share them freely with everyone - if that is OK. I'm asking permission first because, from what I gather, a lot of people paid a substantial amount of kick-starter money to have their own custom soldiers in xenonauts, and this infringes on that somewhat. I'd like some feedback if this content is ok before Posting. Thanks for reading! _______________________________________________________ Updated 22/7/13 Download Link is up. This mod replaces *all* portraits for Male and Female, Also fills in some portraits that are currently missing in the experimental build (nor12-20 etc.) Just drop the 'assets' folder into your xenonauts directory As always, make backups of the files you are replacing first - in case you decide to revert to the original portraits. Thanks guys n gals, enjoy! LINK: Xenonauts Hero Portraits Download (right click, save as) I included the photoshop master too if you fancy tinkering.
  3. http://lparchive.org/X-COM-UFO-Defense/Update%2015/1-xcom167.png And then we can truely call this is a true spirit successor!
  4. I made this forum profile just to say that the portraits are quite....pardon me....badly made. As you probably already know there is a guy called Jsleezy on these forums who makes much better portraits. Hire him just for the purpose of making portraits and that's problem solved.
  5. This is my first time posting and my first mod (ever). When I first played Xenonauts it seemed like the portraits lacked personality...the cartoony feeling just wasn't doing it for me so I decided to create the Real Fighter Portrait Pack based on the current portraits but using (mostly) MMA fighters pieced together in Photoshop. Not all the portraits are based on the original ones...I decided some races needed a little more diversity on the looks. The mod probably won't be completed for a little while. I still need to complete around 30 male portraits and all of the female portraits. My goal is to have it completed by the time the full game comes out. The Real Fighter Portrait Pack will also add more male portrait diversity since as of right now around 50% of the original male portraits repeat themselves. Here are some screenshots of what you can expect: Let me know what you guys think.
  6. I know it is probably too late in development to make changes to the UI, but I thought it would be really cool to have soldier portraits on the left (like old-school RPGs) instead of numbers. This is why: 1. Intuition: right now the only way to find a specific soldier is to hover over the numbers. This is time consuming and not very intuitive. 2. Attachment: with the portrait on the left your soldier becomes more than just a number and help players become more attached to their soldiers. 3. Fluidity: the player would recognize the faces/roles and make faster tactical commands on the battle map. I realize you can have up to 16 characters on the map. You could just have 2 columns of soldiers. (Disclaimer: this is just something a threw together in photoshop real quick) Thoughts?
  7. From what I understand, the solider's faces are from a small pool of portrait images. I'm curious why, instead of having a library of full faces, you didn't create the faces randomly from a library of eyes, noses, mouths, haircuts, etc (...obviously put in groups of 'caucasion, asian, etc', so you don't get an incorrect mix of elements)... kind of like how you do the ground battle maps, actually. I just figure that would give you a huge collection of unique faces, with less effort, compared to the current system. Just me being curious and stuff, as usual...
  8. Will it be possible to mod in custom soldier faaces? I really want to give a soldier a troll face and name it <insert forumers here> and run him (or her) around beating people down with a stun rod if they don't agree with them. Will that ever be possible? Thanks.
  9. Just had the email asking for a photo for my soldier portrait etc., and the survey to go with it. With regard to the survey, how much fun can we have with it? For example could I list my soldiers' previous unit as X-COM, combat experience as Cydonia? Or should we try to remain faithful to history and the theme of the game?
  10. can you have your pre-generated character name as informal as opposed to what you would put on a credit card? And also where/when do pictures get submitted for artist rendering? and for premium pre orderers how do they claim their "medal"?
  11. I dont know if this is hard or not to do in terms of code. It would be damn nice that above "your name" in game you could have a special portrait for it, like a photo that Xeno Devs would modify to blend (graphic wise) with the remaining "vanilla" portrait soldiers. In tactical missions it would still be vanilla because i dont want Chris team to go nuts rendering all the sprites needed.
  12. Can anyone make a simple blank face graphic that goes with the armor for mods that add new faces? New posts by me are on page 4.
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