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  1. Guess what I'm going to go and try right now?
  2. Thanks for fixing this one! I can continue my game now. What happens to the plane being transferred, out of interest - how does the game handle it if you transfer the plane then immediately buy/start building a new one in that hangar, and there are no other free hangars?
  3. AH! Never occured to me but it makes perfect sense. That was my last ditch attempt to save that base - transfer a MiG there and use that and the F-17 to save the base. Not enough time to do that, though. Thanks for your reply!
  4. I'm unable to continue my current game (at least, I think I am) due to a reproducible CTD when a Corvette + escort attacks a base that has only an access lift, hangar and radar (no soldiers there yet). The game informs me the UFO is attacking and that there are no soldiers or AA batteries at this base to defend it, then once I press OK to acknowledge that message, the game crashes. Here's a screenshot: And here's my save file.
  5. Wait... Assoonasitis why are you using my portrait as an avatar?? (I don't mind, just curious).
  6. <p><p>Only know how to be one way- and that's the dawg</p></p>

  7. I played UFO:ET last year and enjoyed it on the whole. You're correct - only Vipon Commanders are green, while the soldiers are the classic X-COM orange/brown. I thought it was a pretty good game - the music was very good. Story was interesting enough, plenty of alien races and stuff to research... Biggest complaint would be that each set of new weapons (Laser, Plasma, Ion, Particle etc.) completely obseletes the last set. Endlessly researching new weapons for a slight stat bump is incredibly tedious. I'd rather they were fewer in number, or each had unique abilities or advantages/disadvantages compared to the other technology paths.
  8. Couldn't the lights be another transparent layer that moves across the Geoscape in sync with the shadow? It'd be a real shame if this isn't implemented, the current Geoscape is missing something, and I think this may be it. Would give a real feeling of life to the geoscape.
  9. Haha, you have a point there. Just went with SAS in the end, at least that way my dude will die a certified badass when he gets chewed up by plasma fire.
  10. It's all good, in the future they'll clone me a new one!
  11. Yeah, I think you're right... I'll put something sensible down. Well, not sensible since I could never be in the SAS or anything (lol heart disease) but something that fits the game at least
  12. Just had the email asking for a photo for my soldier portrait etc., and the survey to go with it. With regard to the survey, how much fun can we have with it? For example could I list my soldiers' previous unit as X-COM, combat experience as Cydonia? Or should we try to remain faithful to history and the theme of the game?
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