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  1. Maybe i was a bit vicious on my last post. Guess i'm frustrated. I see something that annoys me about the game. Guess that's a flaw of mine. If i see something that i find distatefull i can't ignore it. I do guess you have a point Ventuswings. Saying it's popular based on Jsleezy's thread is a bit biased. But i will probably never be able to play Xenonauts without seeing this flaw. Jsleezy's mod is good but the helmets and shirt still looks outta wack in comparison to the face. Small flaws or none for others no matter what....a glaring flaw for me i'm afraid.....oh well.
  2. Point taken and if Chris did say that about shipping the game with mods then thats good news. Still one has ask to oneself these questions. 1: A mod was made for alternate portraits. Why? 2: It's popular. Why? The answer is obvious and since it's so obvious why didn't the dev's try to rectify the problem? Answer: vanity. pride. I've said my piece.
  3. <p><p>Welcome to the forums!</p></p>

  4. Regardless of which one of us is right there are plenty of people on these forums who seems to like Jsleezy's work better than Chris's. His mods are in high demand and that speaks for itself. You should take this as a sign that something is wrong with the current portraits before you the game is so far along that it can't be altered. Please at least look at other alternatives rather than just ignoring the problem i say. If a bunch of these portraits are made to look like kickstarters then it still changes nothing. The bonestructure of the faces is....warped or stretched in many cases.
  5. I made this forum profile just to say that the portraits are quite....pardon me....badly made. As you probably already know there is a guy called Jsleezy on these forums who makes much better portraits. Hire him just for the purpose of making portraits and that's problem solved.
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