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Found 14 results

  1. Apologies if this has already been raised. I can't find any way to change the facing of a soldier during ground combat. Is there one? Or does facing make no difference?
  2. I didn't put this in the bug subforum because it's a design issue. Right clicking on UI items that do not have a specific right-click action associated with them will cause the soldier to turn into the direction one clicked, as if one had right-clicked on the map. A right click on the grenades window will bring up the different grenades to choose from, a right-click on the ammunition window will turn around ones currently selected soldier, using up TUs. WAI?
  3. Hi! New member here, I recently bought Xenonauts thanks to . He has some good pointers on it.Anyways, back to the suggestion/feature. I noticed as Yeti was playing that he could explore past the Fog of War and find all the corners on a map. This, in my opinion, is pretty bad. Tactically and strategically it adds a whole different layer of play that is, in my opinion, degenerative. So! What's the idea? If possible, make the mouse pointer interface on-screen stop at Fog of War. In other words, you wouldn't be able to know where the corners are. If that's not possible, maybe do something about the camera in a way that, you can't move the camera away from your troops (too far) or similar. This way you wouldn't be able to move your camera all over the Fog of War. I do think the former would be more interesting though, and it'd make it more difficult for the Player to figure out the map size or layout. Have a great day
  4. As the title indicates, Desura build 54 full. -Double right click to cancel move on the spot? I find myself double left clicking to move too often (bad habit I know), and for some reason sometimes I'm selecting the wrong soldier and want to cancel move right away. Being able to cancel movement plan and stop right there partway through a move too would be a bonus. -Sometimes clicking a highlighted soldier doesn't change selection. It's much easier to get the green circle indicator than to get it to actually select that soldier when I click the mouse button. Fiddly, trouble here makes it easy for me to mess up my moves. -Right click and hold to drag view in battle screen. Soldier change face only on fast right-click. I personally have no problem distinguishing between the two controls in games and it seems natural. Having to keep a hand on the arrow keys to scroll around is a little bit annoying. -It's too difficult to select just the right square behind a wall. Don't need transparency here, but I don't know what to suggest. -Many UI elements, especially text, are uncomfortably small. My laptop screen isn't tiny, 1280x700, but a small boost to text size would be very welcome. And menubar icons. -More leniency with throwing grenades past adjacent soldiers at 45-degrees. I don't see how a soldier to your right front diagonally could be considered blocking a throw even if you throw it a little to the right. Too much to the right, yes, but not until you try to throw it right over his head or something. IRL I believe I could throw something about 55-degrees to my right right if someone was 2 feet away diagonal on my right. Building corners on the other hand seem fine in the current scheme. Also, for visibility, if one of my soldiers is in the way of a throw please change the color of the circles to red, or better maybe highlight his figure in red? The green circles don't seem right. -KIA soldiers should get the crimson heart. Medals for valor are frequently given posthumously too, if you want to go that route. Even though medal bonuses are no use to a dead soldier I think it would add some flavor. Bugs. -I have magical teleporting fairy Sebilians. I see one in a building on the trainyard map, no way out. I watch all the exits, but he goes into the back room, but when I look there he's gone. He shows up outside in the lefthand corner of the map... -Weird fog of war bug after throwing a smoke grenade at night. The fog didn't update right for one soldier and he couldn't see the edge of the smoke.
  5. Amazing Game. Especially the last build is very enjoyable!!! Can anybody tell me what is the shortcut that people are using to turn the line of sight of the soldiers on the spot?? Thank you
  6. Currently, I know only one way to send aircrafts to an area. That is to order them to go after another target (therefore the target has to be present, like alien base you haven't destroyed yet) and when they are in the air, manualy alter their destination. That solution is clumsy at best. In addition, what could be concidered a bug is that you can't send your fighters exactly where some alien manifestation occurs (abductions, naval ship bombarded, UFO sighted, etc) - you have to click with the altered destination nearby, or it won't work. Probably the easiest way to do it is using RMB which ATM doesn't do anything else then LMB. RMB -> select aircrafts to patrol this location. Easy, fast, minimal imput from players side.
  7. Since clicking on the solider portrait doesn't do anything currently, it would be awesome if that centered the view on the currently selected soldier.
  8. I get annoyed at that the mouse scroll change characters and not level. Please change it or that I can rebind it. Sometime when I click on the GUI for the character then character move to that part of map even I just click example weapon. I do get to part that I need to multi click button and other stuff for it just should do it stuff. For this is getting really annoying. I really want to launch the aircraft when I left click the world map.
  9. It may be a bit late for suggestions, but this one is about UI. I've been thinking about how it could be streamlined in the good sense of the word. Pressing and holding a button on an alien, right now, does the same as just clicking. What about a mechanic where: Normal click - acts mostly .as now. Holding the button - Selects aimed shot. Fires on release. Alternatively, if you have snap shot selected, holding LMB can first select normal, then aimed. Right click while holding would still cycle modes. Scroll wheel can also do the same. Moving the mouse away while holding cancels the shot. It's very organic, like gradual aiming or using a set trigger, and provides a small degree of protection against accidental clicks for mice with light triggers. This also resembles common modern GUI mechanics.
  10. Could we please have it so assigning new projects onto the "WIP" list can be made by double clicking it? Navigating to lower left corner is fine as a point of call for new players but isn't necessary for experts (and is annoying as hell using a track pad ).
  11. I believe the current methods of getting into, and especially out of, firing mode are quite irritating and clumsy. No idea is too stupid, expensive, or off the wall, as long as you know it doesn't suck; just throw ideas and see what sticks in an attempt at improving the ergonomics of fire mode. 1. Right click to dismiss the firing reticule. 2. Right click any tile, or unit to bring up a context menu. The context menu lists all firing modes. To dismiss firing, right click again and a dismiss command will appear. Scroll wheel only changes characters, and does not change functions. Clicking the weapon icon in the tray still works as always. The previous fire mode of a given unit becomes the persistent manual fire mode until changed, while the automatic fire mode for reflex is separate. 3. Middle click to change mode. 4. ??? 5. Steel underwear.
  12. - was in the original game - loved it - used it well-nigh always - miss it Granted the "flat" Geoscape on max zoom out level hase little use for that now. But the instant I zoom in I find myself right clicking to no avail time and again. So if possible please help me wear out my mouse's buttons equaly
  13. Hello All, I'm new to the forums and game (just pre-ordered today) and I can't seem to figure out how to turn my units. I'm probably just missing something really obvious here. Also one other question I just thought of that I'm going to sneak into this topic. How can you tell what building has been designated as the current UFO? Thanks guys
  14. I think the title speaks for itself, cycling between the units by rolling your mouse wheel. Advantages are pretty obvious, and if anyone thinks it would cause problems, just look at how much precision and memorization is used in games like Counter-Strike. Please consider doing this, I think it would save a ton of time and become a favorite feature, even if old school players are all uppity about it until they see the beauty of it, ha ha.
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