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Found 17 results

  1. I install the mods via workshop but they don't come up on my mac version of the game. Is it simply not supposed to work if one uses wine to play the game?
  2. Tell me, how do you install a mod or a map pack via a steam mac version of the game? The best possible way I have found to install mods is by clicking an dragging each individual folder with a folder of the game. Is there an easier way to do this?
  3. Some strange aliens I made. http://rghost.ru/42260673
  4. ive put off the temtation of mods for a while now, so, I never learned how to install mods:( can someone help
  5. Every time I tried to use hte mod folder (as set the mod from the modding tools option), it seems the mod doesn't work unless I copy/paste over the main folder....
  6. Ok so this is something that has been bugging me for a bit now. When you open up the launcher there is a modding tools button which looks like there is a either some way to create a drop in mod or a plan for it in the future. I would like to get more details on this function such as structure and design. Is the mod folder simply a drop in folder for mod files which takes the place of existing files? Please give some details cause I would like to start working on this and planning my mod ahead of the curve.
  7. I've added some extra events to the ones given in the game. These are below for you to copy and paste into the strings file. Remember to copy both the long and the short names to their respective areas in the strings file. I've done little testing on this so far. Just enough to make sure the game didn't roll over and die in a 2 month flying check. The events have a minor and major element in their names. It would be nice to know what triggers which is used. Is it the ticker? If so, it would be even nicer to have another few levels added beyond major and minor. This would allow for a sense of escalation across a number of areas in the game world. Fluffy, yes. But it easy enough to do and does add a bit of depth to the Geoscape. The events I've added include a few items of Civil Unrest, UFOlogy, Geopolitics and Fortean Events. I'll no doubt be adding more, assuming there are no terrible flaws in what I've just done. Any suggestions, feedback or spotting fatal flaws are welcome long names Events.Abduction.Land1 Local farmers in %1%, %2% report circles of unknown origin in their fields. Events.Abduction.Land2 Widespread electrical interference reported in %1%,%2%, source unknown. Events.Abduction.Land3 Local communications in %1%,%2% suffering unexplained heavy disruption. Authorities fear alien activity responsible. Events.Abduction.Land4 UFO spotted on civilian radar near %1%, %2%. Events.Abduction.Land5 Local farmers near %1%, %2% report numerous livestock missing. Events.Abduction.Land6 Strange light formations reported in the sky near %1%, %2%. Widespread panic reported across region. Events.Abduction.Land7 %4% locals vanish in %1%, %2%, feared abducted by aliens. Events.Abduction.Land8 Local authorities and media warn parents against Bogus Social Workers after %4% incidents of attempted abduction. Events.Abduction.Land9 Mysterious Men in Black are encountered following numerous UFO incidents in %1%, %2% Events.Abduction.Land10 Local farmers near %1%, %2% report the mutilation of livestock and the presence of Black Helicopters. Events.Abduction.Land11 UFO sighted hovering near %1%, %2%. Widespread panic reported across region. Events.Abduction.Land12 Crazed returned abductee goes on a killing rampage in %1%, %2% resulting in %4% deaths. Events.Abduction.Land13 Government employee in %1%, %2% found to have been implanted with a small control device. National screening implemented. Events.Abduction.Land14 Local forces in %1%, %2% raid a research laboratory conducting hybrid splicing experiments. %4% Scientists are killed. Events.Abduction.Land15 Government employee in %2% found to have been implanted with a small control device. National screening implemented. Events.Abduction.Land16 Government of %2% admits to genetic experimentation to produce hybrid children, following whistle blowing. Events.Abduction.Land17 Alien activity reported near %1%, %2%. Local forces report %3% killed and %4% presumed abducted. Events.Abduction.Land18 Rumours of an alien accord seized upon by opposition parties in %2%. Political unrest escalates. Events.Abduction.Land19 An explosion kills %3% in a %1%,%2% laboratory, as a result of an advanced anti alien weaponry experiment. Events.Airliner.Land1 Spherical lights intercept Airliner %1%-%2%. Ball Lightning blamed. Events.Airliner.Land2 UFO observed by military patrol aircraft. Local forces awaiting Xenonaut intervention. Events.Airliner.Land3 Military scout craft disappear from radar following confused final communications. Events.Airliner.Land4 Military fighter reprted to have been "absorbed" by formation of lights. %3% personnel lost. Events.Airliner.Land5 Airliner %1%-%2% shot down; %3% fatalities. Alien Invaders blamed for attack. Events.Airliner.Land6 Local fighter squadron engaged and destroyed by alien craft, %3% airmen KIA. Events.Airliner.Land7 Military transport aircraft intercepted and destroyed by alien vessel, %3% personnel lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Land1 Local religious leaders in %1%,%2% blame lapsed morality, and rival religions, for the arrival of alien invasion. Events.CivAtkMin.Land2 Local authorities report numerous unexplained forest fires. Events.CivAtkMin.Land3 Black rain over %1%,%2. Volcanic ash blamed but fears of devastation unsettle population Events.CivAtkMin.Land4 Disturbances beneath leakes near %1%,%2% result in panicked nearby towns. Events.CivAtkMin.Land5 Cryptozoological sightings increase. Locals in %1%,%2% terrified by strange creatures. Events.CivAtkMin.Land6 Outbreak of Spontaneous Human Combustion kills %4%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land7 Local highway strafed by alien craft; emergency services report %3% killed. Events.CivAtkMin.Land8 Poltergeist activity forces locals into hiding in %1%,%2%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land9 Red organic substance falls from the sky over %1%,%2%. Scientists baffled, but locals fear it is abduction remains. Events.CivAtkMin.Land10 Archaeologists make tentative links between ancient art and other worldly civilisations. Events.CivAtkMin.Land11 Public park attacked by alien vessel; %3% estimated killed. Events.CivAtkMin.Land12 Local shopping mall strafed by alien craft; %3% killed and %4% missing. Events.CivAtkMin.Land13 Residential area attacked by alien vessel; %3% confirmed dead and %4% missing. Events.CivAtkMin.Land14 School strafed by alien craft; %4% children confirmed dead and %3% injured. Events.CivAtkMin.Land15 Passenger train derailed by alien fire; local emergency services report %3% fatalities. Events.CivAtkMin.Land16 Regional airport strafed by alien craft; estimated %3% dead. Events.CivAtkMin.Land17 Mirages and otherworldly images are seen in the skies above %1%,%2%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land18 Outbreak of nightmares and unsettling premonitions sweeps %1%, %2% Events.CivAtkMin.Land19 Reticulan cult suppressed following siege in %1%,%2%. %3% cultists killed and %4% local forces injured in raid. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land1 Industry suffers slowdown in%2% due to apocalyptic fears. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land2 Police headquarters near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing. %3% killed; local law enforcement in disarray. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land3 Riots result in the deaths of %3% in %1%, %2% Events.CivAtkMaj.Land4 Major political leader assassinated in %1%, %2%. Numerous groups are blamed and take credit for the attack. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land5 Alien bombing run reported near %1%, %2%, government sources report local hospital destroyed and %3% killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land6 Major road bridge near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing; %3% presumed dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land7 Abnormal storms destroy homes and crops across widespread areas in %2% Events.CivAtkMaj.Land8 Blaming alien sympathies, a coup is launched and promptly crushed in %2%. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land9 Natural gas terminal near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing. Deaths estimated at %3%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land10 Local authorities report raging forest fire; %3% feared dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land11 Alien bombing run on crude oil refinery near %1%, %2%. Large secondary fires / explosions reported; %3% estimated killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land12 Flash floods reported after hydroelectric dam near %1%, %2% breached by alien bombing. Death toll estimated at %3%. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land13 Pandemic declared in %1%, %2%. Numerous towns quarantined to prevent further spread following %3% deaths. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land14 Government sources report %4% power station near %1%, %2% destroyed. %3% fatalities confirmed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land15 Power station meltdown narrowly averted in %1%, %2% . %4% fatalities confirmed in halting reactor. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land1 Major world religious leaders blame lapsed morality, and rival religions, for the arrival of alien invasion. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land2 Radar station near %1%, %2% destroyed. %3% serviceman reported dead. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land3 Satellite Uplink lost in %1%, %2%; Alien interference probable. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land4 Local militia movement in open conflict with authorities in %1%, %2%. %3% dead in clashes. Civil war feared. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land5 Military airbase near %1%, %2% bombed; %4% aircraft lost and %3% casualties. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land6 Munitions depot near %1%, %2% bombed by alien vessel; %3% fatalities. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land7 Troop movements increase on the border of %2%. War feared. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land8 %2% blamed for faked alien attack by neighbouring country. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land9 Military base near %1%, %2% bombed; %4% armoured vehicles and %3% servicemen lost. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land10 War declared between %2% and neighbouring country. Many dead and many more refugees flee area. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land11 Disaster hardened Command centre near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing; %3% servicemen KIA. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land12 Nuclear device destroys %1%, %2%. Many killed and cause of detonation is as yet unknown. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land13 Unexplained lights sighted around missile base in %1%,%2% Events.Abduction.Sea1 Unexplained lights spotted by merchant vessels. Sailors reluctant to take to sea. Events.Abduction.Sea2 Abandoned %1% discovered. Crew of %2% suspected abducted. Events.Abduction.Sea3 Widespread electrical interference producing unprecedented auroras, report sailors. Events.Abduction.Sea4 Naval communications suffering unexplained heavy disruption. Authorities fear alien activity responsible. Events.Abduction.Sea5 UFO activity spotted on sonar. Local naval forces are alerted. Events.Abduction.Sea6 UFO sighted by fishermen. Local communities reporting safety fears. Events.Abduction.Sea7 Local tidal systems completely shut down. Cause unknown, oceanographers baffled. Events.Abduction.Sea8 Crazed sailor found adrift in %1%. Tells of terrible abduction experience. Events.Abduction.Sea9 Category five storm forming in clear skies. Meteorologists perplexed, alien activity presumed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea1 Fishermen report marine dead zone. Thousands of dead sea creatures observed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea2 Sunken coastal cities discovered due to abnormal sea levels. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea3 Unconfirmed reports of massive marine creatures destroying shipping. Signals from %1% ships lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea4 Merchant vessel %3% returns to port with it's hull inexplicably holed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea5 Fishing fleet attacked by alien craft. %1% trawlers sunk, %2% men reported lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea6 Offshore rig %3% strafed by alien craft. Severe damage reported, %2% workers lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea7 Military vessel %3% reports attack by alien craft; %2% casualties. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea8 Reticulan cultist vessel sunk attempting to reach uncharted "alien island". %2% cultists killed in raid. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea9 Strange organic matter covering several nautical miles discovered; shipping impeded. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea10 Distorted mirages and otherworldly images are seen in the skies. Events.Airliner.Sea1 Spherical lights intercept Airliner %1%-%2%. Ball Lightning blamed. Events.Airliner.Sea2 Unexplained lights sighted around aircraft carrier. Scambled fighters unable to close for combat. Events.Airliner.Sea3 Midair collision narrowly averted by airliner %1%-%2% Events.Airliner.Sea4 Airliner %1%-%2% shot down; %3% fatalities. Events.Airliner.Sea5 Marine patrol aircraft destroyed by alien activity, %3% serviceman reported lost. Events.Airliner.Sea6 Coastguard helicopter shot down by alien forces, %3% personnel killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea1 Coastal town converts to a new sea based religion, citing lapsed morality for the alien attacks. Marines restore order. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea2 Merchant Vessel SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea3 Passenger ferry SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% reported drowned. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 Cruise liner SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea5 Increased underwater alien activity leads many to suspect submarine alien operations may exist. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea6 Oil tanker SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea7 Offshore rig %2% destroyed by alien bombing run; %1% killed. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea1 Frigate %1% sunk during advanced anti alien weapons testing. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea2 Warship %1% sunk with all hands by alien bombing; %2% servicemen lost. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea3 Aircraft carrier %1% and escorts bombed by alien craft; %2% personnel killed. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea4 Nuclear submarine %1% lost in alien attack. All %2% hands lost. Short Event names Events.Short.Abduction.Land1 %1%.%2% - Crop Circles Events.Short.Abduction.Land2 %1%.%2% - Electrical Interference Events.Short.Abduction.Land3 %1%.%2% - Communications Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Land4 %1%.%2% - Radar Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land5 %1%.%2% - Missing Livestock Events.Short.Abduction.Land6 %1%.%2% - Strange Lights Events.Short.Abduction.Land7 %1%.%2% - Abduction Events.Short.Abduction.Land8 %1%.%2% - BSWs Events.Short.Abduction.Land9 %1%.%2% - MIBs Events.Short.Abduction.Land10 %1%.%2% - Livestock Mutilation Events.Short.Abduction.Land11 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land12 %1%.%2% - Abductee Events.Short.Abduction.Land13 %1%.%2% - Alien Implants Events.Short.Abduction.Land14 %1%.%2% - Hybrid Experiments Events.Short.Abduction.Land15 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land16 %1%.%2% - Hybrid Experiments Events.Short.Abduction.Land17 %1%.%2% - Alien Conflict Events.Short.Abduction.Land18 %1%.%2% - Alien Accord Events.Short.Abduction.Land19 %1%.%2% - Lab Explosion Events.Short.Airliner.Land1 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Airliner.Land2 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Airliner.Land3 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Disappear Events.Short.Airliner.Land4 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land5 %1%.%2% - Airliner Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land6 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land7 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land1 %1%.%2% - Morality questioned Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land2 %1%.%2% - Forest Fire Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land3 %1%.%2% - Black Rain Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land4 %1%.%2% - Lake Sightings Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land5 %1%.%2% - Cryptoids Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land6 %1%.%2% - SHC Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land7 %1%.%2% - Highway Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land8 %1%.%2% - Poltergeist Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land9 %1%.%2% - Red Rain Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land10 %1%.%2% - Ancient Astronauts Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land11 %1%.%2% - Park Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land12 %1%.%2% - Mall Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land13 %1%.%2% - Town Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land14 %1%.%2% - School Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land15 %1%.%2% - Train Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land16 %1%.%2% - Airport Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land17 %1%.%2% - Strange Skies Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land18 %1%.%2% - Dreams Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land19 %1%.%2% - Cult Siege Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land1 %1%.%2% - Labour Crisis Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land2 %1%.%2% - Police Station Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land3 %1%.%2% - Riots Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land4 %1%.%2% - Assassination Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land5 %1%.%2% - Hospital Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land6 %1%.%2% - Bridge Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land7 %1%.%2% - Storm Damage Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land8 %1%.%2% - Coup Attempt Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land9 %1%.%2% - Gas Terminal Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land10 %1%.%2% - Forest Fire Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land11 %1%.%2% - Oil Refinery Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land12 %1%.%2% - Dam Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land13 %1%.%2% - Dam Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land14 %1%.%2% - Power Station Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land15 %1%.%2% - Meltdown Averted Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land1 %1%.%2% - Religious Leader Speaks Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land2 %1%.%2% - Radar Station Destroyed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land3 %1%.%2% - Satellite Comms lost Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land4 %1%.%2% - Civil War fears Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land5 %1%.%2% - Military Airbase Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land6 %1%.%2% - Munitions Depot Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land7 %1%.%2% - Border escalation Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land8 %1%.%2% - False Flag Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land9 %1%.%2% - Military Base Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land10 %1%.%2% - War Declared Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land11 %1%.%2% - Command Centre Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land12 %1%.%2% - Nuclear exchange Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land13 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Abduction.Sea1 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Abduction Events.Short.Abduction.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Aurora Events.Short.Abduction.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Communications Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Sonar Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea6 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea7 %1%.%2% - Tidal Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Sea8 %1%.%2% - Abductee Events.Short.Abduction.Sea9 %1%.%2% - Freak Storm Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Dead Zone Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Ancient Cities Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Monsters of the Deep Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Ship crippled Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Fishing Fleet Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Oil Rig Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea7 %1%.%2% - Warship Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea8 %1%.%2% - Cultists Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea9 %1%.%2% - Marine Blob Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea10 %1%.%2% - Strange Skies Events.Short.Airliner.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Airliner.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Strange Lights Events.Short.Airliner.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Near Miss Events.Short.Airliner.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Airliner Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Esoteric Cult Quashed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Merchant Vessel Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Ferry Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Cruise Liner Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Cruise Liner Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Oil Tanker Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Oil Rig Destroyed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Naval Experiments Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Warship Sunk Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Carrier Group Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Submarine Sunk
  8. hi guys! i have a problem.. firstly i use the v19.3,i have tried to install the mod (AK-47 and MP5K Mini-Mod) but..how can do it?? thanks and forgive my ignorance..
  9. I'm not even gonna pitch this to the Devs.... this is for you modders: I will be your friend forever if you come up with some dog sprites. I think that having a canine XN on the team would be awesome. Sure, she can't use a weapon, but she can cover ground a lot faster than the human troops, and might even be able to suppress a low-level alien by clamping onto its firing hand or slow it down by biting its leg. How many precious civilian children could be saved by intervention on behalf of the stalwart family dog? Oh, sure - the Pomeranian might not be of much help... but the family that keeps a faithful pit bull or breeds Dobermans may give the aliens a bit more than they bargained for. *This message was brought to you by Dogmeat. Faithful to the end, I just have to mention this - for the sake of him and his pups.
  10. Hi, I search some mods from the thread in the mod forum (for my current version), I install them with the mod installer from the starter. But nothing seems to happen, I start a new game but I don't see the changes. What did I make wrong? And is it possible to use multiple mods at the same time?
  11. Somebody from Xenolith mod database got in touch with me recently asking if we wanted to be involved with their site. Essentially the service is free and it is used by the community of Project Zomboid. I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be hosting their own files seperately and publicising them in threads in these forums. I think it'd be a good idea to move them to a specialist hosting site so people can easily find the install instructions and the download links (the threads can get convoluted, particularly for popular tools like the QM's Weapon Editor etc), and so that it'll also stop mods disappearing if the user gets bored and moves hosting or something. The features are listed below: Features: - Upload directly to our servers or use the built in Link-System to continue using services like Adf.ly or other filehosters. - No download limits. - Add screenshots or explanatory images in a gallery. - Gain exposure, thanks to our popularity system. - Add as many files and images as you want. - Track your visits and downloads in detailed analytical data. Full Graphs and everything. - Rank yourself among other modders, if you want to. No pressure, what-so-ever. - Add source code for other modders to use. - Optional: Choose from six creative commons licenses and let others know what they can do with your creation.
  12. Hello everyone, i'm new here so.. Mercy please I didn't know where exactly to put this so.. I downloaded Sathra's 'Little Mod' v4 figuring i'd give it a try, but I wasn't sure how to install it so I just opened the Xenonauts launcher and went into mod management or whatchamacallit, then pointed out where i'd downloaded it and hit 'install mod'. Just wanted to be sure if that'll make it work, the only other thing I got thus far was the community map pack. And on another note, while i've played the 1994 X-Com, the 2012 Firaxis one, UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, I thought i'd ask if anyone has any generalist tips to give out. Thanks in advance, and in general to the Goldhawk team. When I first saw Xenonauts on Kickstarter I was a little skeptic, but after an impulse purchase on Steam I am very glad I got it (and ignored the complaints on Steam's discussion forums).
  13. zzz


    Since in 9.3x changed targetmap handling - all this maps are obsolete I played with the editor and made some maps. This is primarily not about the quality(and some can be wierd ), but an attempt to add a diversity. I changed some of files, but because they are not used now, I do not think that this could be a problem. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pg4vtpbn1yadqkd If you remove the "assets \ levelsetup.xml" the game will choose the tilesets on the basis of the globe This is to add into the game a desert (in some way), a farm and one more industrial map. You should also remove maps\industrial\testbase.xml and testbasesmall.xml - they only for testing purposes. Or you can use this file (assets \ levelsetup.xml) to force the game to always use one particular map that actually this file is does.(as far as I understand) This is a list of maps random <Map tileset="farm" mapname="farm_C_S1_random" /> <Map tileset="farm" mapname="farm_lightscout_random" /> some variety <Map tileset="industrial" mapname="test22" /> random and bit wierd <Map tileset="desert" mapname="desert" /> <Map tileset="desert" mapname="desert2" /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?288b7l6l6ib6cg1 some variety <Map tileset="industrial" mapname="Factories" /> In the first place I was concerned about the possibility of a return to the original as I propose to copy something, and even replace, but if you remove the new maps and\or return "assets \ levelsetup.xml" then the game will play as intended, other changes would remove next update or desura verify.
  14. Small simple mod which only doubles alien crew of ufo and nothing more. It's just numbers in ufo content and you can change it to anything by yourself, but this is doubles them. If you interested : http://rghost.ru/41623581 Consider it as playtesting some ideas of "ground combat too easy" topic
  15. Hey dudes what's up, it might surprise you to learn that this thread is not a request for someone else to make a mod for me - actually what I want to do is espouse the delights of text files Basically, I like Doom, and when you download a Doom mod you also (generally) get a text file just like the one on this page. Basically the keepers of the largest Doom mod repository insist you include one of those things if you wanna upload your mod to their FTP site, which you do because it's the biggest repository of Doom mods and that's where you go when you wanna get a Doom mod that wasn't made by stupid gross furries Anyway Xenonauts doesn't have a centralised repo like /idgames but good quality text files are still heaps useful to the end user as they provide useful info like eg. what the hell you're supposed to do with whatever's inside the mod archive I recall for example trying to mod Skyrim and learning that I had to edit some INI or other to enable the mod selection dialogue in the launcher; that's some shit that could have gone in the mod's text file but the author only deigned to list his website address in the provided txt (maybe he was a stupid furry??) That shit will also be a big help when I find that shit again in like 5 years and I'm like dude wtf is this shit supposed to be, especially when the modder inevitably hasn't paid his hosting fees?? Anyway I ripped off the Doom txt hard (since why mess w something that's already awesome?) and came up with this crap: This TXT describes a mod for the game Xenonauts by Goldhawk Interactive: http://www.xenonauts.com.**Vital StatisticsMod Name:Filename:Intended Xenonauts Version:Previous Mod Versions:Author:Email Contact:Author Website:Additional Credits:.**About the ModFull Mod Description:Replacement Content: Y (back up your files!) / N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)New Content:Graphics? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Sounds? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)New Weapons/Equipment/Units? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Maps? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Tactical Gameplay Modified? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Strategic Gameplay Modified? Y/N (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Mod Requirements:.**Installation Instructions(REWRITE IF APPLICABLE)Extract the contents of this file to 'My Documents/Xenonauts/modding/<mod folder>'. Create new folders if necessary. Start Xenonauts; when the launcher appears, click on 'Options'.Use the Game Mods drop-down box to select the mod. Click on '<< Back to Menu'.Start a game of Xenonauts; enjoy your new content!.**ConstructionBase: From scratch / From base Xenonauts files / <List base mods here> (DELETE AS APPLICABLE)Build Time:Known Bugs:Xenonauts Versions Tested:.**Licence/Copyright DetailsAuthors (MAY/may NOT) use the contents of this file as a base formodification or reuse. Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.(delete one of these two paragraphs:)You may NOT distribute this file in any format.You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, withno modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronicformat (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact. I have received permission from the original authors of anymodified or included content in this file to allow further distribution..**Where to get the file that this text file describesWeb sites:FTP sites: Old versions (not v interesting but I am a compulsive archiver): Obviously it needs some work, like a proper licence section that isn't just cp'd from the Doom one plus some changes for clarity and maybe I missed out some potential content types but if some newb like me or my peers dl'ed the file they wouldn't be too confused about what the hell's in it and what they should do with it So would any prospective modders use something like this or am I just a supertard who is overreaching his boundaries? If I don't totally suck and the proposed format isn't totally irredeemable what should be added or clarified? Should I die in a fire? I dunno so many questions PS. if anyone wants to eat some babies w me send me a PM, I'm planning on having a couple on thursday and will probably have a drumstick or two spare (they're big ones)
  16. I don't have any good ideas on this. As the game is updated it's quite possible that a mod with damage or remove changes that Goldhawk is making. The only thing I can think of is to write an actual program that can merge the contents of files themselves without removing/changing anything that is not part of the mod. OR we can just wait until the game is actually finished. I've been hesitant to release anymore stuff as there is good chance it will wreck peoples games AND I don't want to keep updating my stuff every time a new release comes out.
  17. I have been looking at the files that one can extract and thus presumably mod via the 'Game Mods' method which is currently implemented. Is there a way to add actual weapons with spectres to the game through this as it stands? Please let me know what your experiences with this method of modification have been so far. For those that need background information here is the wiki post describing how to use the Game Mods method: Method
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