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  1. There must be exclusion settings. All antivirus software generally have - heuristics analysis often make mistakes
  2. You must just place your base and the battle begins.
  3. They add corvette to maps. Now all tilesets have placed corvette targetmap, and basic targetmap itself is there. Now, as I read, they more likely to "autowin" then ctd. Your "issue" is something different. I'm just about your "there's no map for it yet ". CTD is CTD anyway
  4. This because it's actual shape looks like this.. You can't look through this "boxes"
  5. But alien plasma it's energy damage - protection from ballistic don't protect it from aliens, isn't it?
  6. You can change VehicleArmour name="FerretArmour" "Resistance kinetic" from 40 to 400 if you wish, I think this should work I understand your frustration, just to let you know
  7. it cost 20AP if you have free hand, all addition APs is operation with invenory.
  8. Its always funny looked - how killed drone drop casan corpse. I think Chris know about this - its just placeholder before they get proper drone dieing animation/
  9. zzz

    Ground combat size?

    They can be up to twice much bigger than any of currently exists. I do not know is Chris will making them so big(not sure how to say this phrase). But this possible.
  10. There no map(currently) for corvette and so that they always ctd
  11. More correct - "Don't have a publisher - you are indie " - its just definition. If you got publisher to you independently developed thing - the thing still be independently developed.
  12. There list of some spectres and what( as I think) incorrect with them. Maybe something will be useful FARM BarnWall_Brick_SW_Corner state: default Orientation NW HP 0 BarnWall_BrickEdgeL_SE state: default Orientation none state: damaged Orientation none Stairs_Upper_SW state: damaged wrong pivot StairsSupport_NWSE state: damaged pivot change change - changes between the states BarnWall_Window_SE state: damaged pivot change BarnWall_Brick_SE state: default Orientation SW BarnWall_Brick_SW_Corner state: default HP 0 Orientation NW BarnWall_BrickEdgeL_SE Orientation none Set1_FenceNEDouble state: damaged HP 0 shedmetal/shedNE passable Orientation none HP 0 ets... shedmetal/shedNEdouble passable Orientation none HP 0 ets... shedmetal/shedNW passable Orientation none HP 0 ets... shedmetal/roofNW state: default HP 0 Industrial /props/PipePile_NESW state: damaged become vaultable props/WoodPile_Tarp_NESW hp 0 ( but WoodPile_Tarp_NWSE - hp 40) props/WoodPile_TarpTall_NWSE state: damaged pivot change props/WoodPile2_NWSE state: damaged become passable ( but WoodPile2_NESW - not) SCRedSE state: damaged stopping chance 0% PipingCornerE orientation change PowerStation/PowerUnitNW pivot change Office/OfficeWallInnerNE pivot change
  13. i'm imagine how many times you already said this.