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Found 14 results

  1. Okay I *think* it's 1.09 - whatever the current auto-updated steam version is right now basically, I got a little confused during the whole reversion/update process. First bug - * I have the alien base upgrade and obviously upon getting this the cosmetic appearance of the workshop/lab/barracks/storeroom changed accordingly to represent the quantum/nanotech stuff. At some point (possibly between updates) upon loading my game back up all background art for the facilities has reverted to the "tier" below (cosmetic change - slightly technologically upgraded, minor things - but not quantum/nanotech level as it should be). My base management screen still displays the correct top-down graphic for these facilities but all of the background art splashes for research/manufacture/troops/stores are now all incorrect - seemingly permanently - a purely cosmetic issue but an annoying one nonetheless, I wanna enjoy the look and feel of my advanced facilities and all that Edit - Screenshots added in here for clarification (hidden to prevent huge post): Notes: * I would have skipped the "tier" below because I acquired base upgrade before the things required for the minor costmetic-only upgrade that happens between the two. * I'm 95% sure I acquired the research for the minor cosmetic upgrade after getting base upgrade, which may have something to do with it. Although I'm pretty sure the "cosmetic downgrade" didn't occur until after re-loading my save file (after a week or so wait). Second bug - Upon completing missions there is missing text like so: I've always put this down to me playing on a low resolution (1024x768 -can't go any higher sadly) - but it has been this way since the earliest release version that I have played so I thought I may as well point it out in case it had been missed? Sorry if it's a repeat. A Steam Thing - No idea if this is just my PC or whatever but when I attempt to launch xenonauts from steam the launcher sometimes refuses to appear despite task manager telling me that xenonauts.exe is in fact running - the way I currently get around this is by killing the process and re-trying until it decides to appear. I don't *think* it's a waiting issue because I've given it a good minute or so before for it to pop up. Sorry if any of these are known issues, I'm not a forum regular or anything, just thought I'd mention these instead of being lazy and waiting for somebody else with the same issue to do it Edit: Oh and - Using WinXP (yeah...) and obviously the Steam version of Xenonauts (stable branch).
  2. So I was playing today and I noticed that the sidewinder really looks nothing like a sidewinder at all. It's too thick and stumpy compared to a real sidewinder. Just look at this link and tell me there's something "toylike" about the in game one at the moment.
  3. A brand-sparkling new game, started in v22 experimental 5. Anyway, I suppose this is nothing new, as I remember the same issue being there intermittently from version to version, now it seems to be back once more though. Water tiles are black. Not a huge issue, but looks rather unfinished. Screenshots attached. System specs: core i7 920, Geforce 750Ti (forceware driver version 335.23), two displays and running the game in fullscreen mode at 1920x1080 ps. About the reporting. I'll do better next time. I promise.
  4. I was watching Lord of the Rings extras a few days ago(yeah, still on my sick leave) and they told about this digital color grading they used in many scenes to create a specific mood. So I got this idea that the similar method could be used in Xenonauts to ephasise different moods in different tilesets and night time. I suppose the implementation should be really easy, just one alphatexture rendered behind the UI texture. Please add one, just for us modders atleast! Here's a visual concept what I was thinking... Middle east, a bit of sand in the air: Arctic, freezing blue mist: Night time, blue hue and dark corners: These are just really quick few minutes examples, and I overdid the effect on purose to make it stand out, but I think this could really add to the mood and graphical fidelity of the game and to further differentiate tilesets from each other.
  5. I was thinking it would be interesting if, during day missions, the closest or 2 closest tiles for the black FoW to "fade into it" (the effect is already inside the game in night missions it just needs to be more rapid and not be dispelled/undone by lightscources). I want theese darkened tiles to somewhat hide the aliens standing just in range of your vision (makeing them a black silluette, tile should be as dark as possible if not completly balck) to add a bit of atmosphere of faceing the unknown. Simmilar to the effect you get in UFO:EU during night missions when you cant acctually see the alien as a player but your soldeirs can and you can mouseover to spot the tile it's on. (played a night mission in Xenonauts not sure that the darkness blends that well in this game) This idea is a cosmetic change and should not apply any penalties, its just for the atmosphere. It also doesn't apply to going around corners and spotting aliens or anything like that it's just the edge of the black FoW that still hids the alien from the player, but still lets the soldeirs to spot it and fire at it without penalties. Some modification to the crusor might be needed to bring out the full potential. The idea is to not be able to see the colours of the alien model but still be able to see tne contours/silluete. This might have interesteing sideffects where you can't decern if you have spotted a non combatant, guard or soldier, also raises the impact of meeting a new alien race for the first time. Is this a good idea? Would the community be interested in this or is it just a hassle?
  6. So I haven't played Xenonauts for a really long time, but I decided to start it up today since I saw it got a couple new updates on Steam. So I started it up (after modding the shit out of it, shout out to Assoonasitis, thothkins, Sathra, etc), and I was appalled. What happened to my old pretty, cool, cold war-y geoscape? I thought the old geoscape was the coolest thing ever, although it definitely needed some patching up (missing land, a little buggy). I think the new geoscape is ugly as hell. It really sort of turns me off of the game, it doesn't feel like I'm playing Xenonauts. I'll look at some geoscape mods, but I don't have very high hopes. Anyways, I just wanted to put my two cents in, and maybe also find out if there's any way of getting the old geoscape back.
  7. I was playing earlier and I was all into it and then one of my squad walked through a flight of stairs. This made me laugh a considerable amount, but should be checked out by the developers because to be fair it did kill immersion. Anyone else have any ideas?
  8. In the moment it is hard to figure our which air craft you control. It would help to make one fighter blue, one green and one yellow or so on. Thanks
  9. I understand for weapons green is ready, red is off, what does grey mean? I need this info to update the wepons. Thanks all!
  10. I just encountered a strange Glitch in the Air Combat. I stupidly sent one F17 against a group of three small fighters. When it arrived there were two of my planes on the air combat screen, but only one on the right where the status is displayed. When the aliens got close to my plane suddenly more aliens appeared close to the "phantom plane". after they destroyed my plane the game froze, task manager reported it to have stopped working. I don't have screenshots or a means of reproducing it, when i find this bug again i will make some screenshots an try to fond a safegame.
  11. I know we mentioned this in 15 or 16.. could not find it. But, Research results are getting snipped again
  12. Hi all. i am new here. I am seriously thinking about preorder the game and probably it will occur when the new alpha 14 is available. The game is going better and better and the graphical direction of 2d drawings is something I love. But I have three basic features I´d like to see in game although probably some of you will consider them not important things. First of all: a shadow under the tank. It can be considered a nonsense but graphically it is something that make graphics more solid considering the that the rest of entities in game have shadows. Something that should be more time consuming but great, should be animated soldiers and civilians/aliens when they are static. I mean, the sprite watches left and right in a loop or moves slightly the body. It would show a lot of quality in the game. Drawings in movement. And finally I think soldiers should be capable to watch the corners, of course, wasting movement points. This last one is more gameplay than graphic feature and could be very tactical. Greetings.
  13. When a unit vaults over a wall and has not moved from the tile he advanced onto it doesn't look like he's on the other side of the wall, it looks like he's on top of the wall. It's tiny graphic hiccup that makes the world a little bit flat but aside from that I'm pretty much in love with what I've played of the demo! Cannot wait for the full game!
  14. I was just wondering if there were any plans to change the art for the base facilities before release, or if that's what it's going to look like in the final game?
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