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  1. I know I'm a little late, but very cool! I think you should give the storeroom guy a magazine to read though. I also noticed that it's all men in the backgrounds. Er, just noticed someone already posted about the lack of women and Chris replied to it.
  2. Oh, for some reason I didn't get any notifications of replies to this. I don't really mind the geoscape that much now, since I have schneckk's doomy geoscape (it makes it so much bettter).
  3. This looks great, but I don't have Microsoft Office. Could you post the pure text (<Row ss:AutoFit, etc) so I could paste it in with Notepad++ or something?
  4. So I haven't played Xenonauts for a really long time, but I decided to start it up today since I saw it got a couple new updates on Steam. So I started it up (after modding the shit out of it, shout out to Assoonasitis, thothkins, Sathra, etc), and I was appalled. What happened to my old pretty, cool, cold war-y geoscape? I thought the old geoscape was the coolest thing ever, although it definitely needed some patching up (missing land, a little buggy). I think the new geoscape is ugly as hell. It really sort of turns me off of the game, it doesn't feel like I'm playing Xenonauts. I'll look at some geoscape mods, but I don't have very high hopes. Anyways, I just wanted to put my two cents in, and maybe also find out if there's any way of getting the old geoscape back.
  5. <p><p>happy birthday!</p></p>

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