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    Name's MrSisterShotgun, Male, 18 and I absolutely love video games and movies! I'm a total geek and love Metroid with a freakin' die-hard passion! I love lot's of other games too (including X-Com UFO Defense and TFTD. I'm also a super sci-fi nerd meaning I love Aliens, Predator, Total Recall and so on and so forth.
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    Saving earth from Alien invasion and total annihilation.
  1. Oh right sorry man! Wilco and thanks for the heads up!
  2. UPDATE: These are examples of bugs that I have run into... Also I restarted my game and on the second battle: When I was about to finish off a suppressed (A feature that blew me away!) Sebilian it came up 0% Chance of hitting when I hit my game crashed. So yeah, possibly more to come.@Lauri yeah I can't get Window Mode to work.
  3. The Good! Alien Reactions: Aliens don't have ridiculous reactions! I.E. In the last build if I so much as turned a Xenonaut Operative when he was behind an alien, he'd turn around and blast the poor Xenonaut away. Camera: Has been fixed! No longer does it track every single tile that a civilian or alien does when it's their turn (Was pretty trippy on the eyes). It's more like the original X-COM where when the NPC moves to the edge of the screen then it centres itself back on the NPC. Which is a nice feature. Androns!: A new alien species which I assume are alien cyborgs! They look cool and are pretty challenging foes in that they take plenty of shots to go down! Xenonaut Reactions: Finally the troops react more when an Alien tries to murder them in cold blood! So now troops will return fire provided they have the turn units. Female Troopers: Yup this makes me happy because the original X-COM had fem troopers... That is all. The Bad! Female Voices: I hope that there is still more work done to the female troops. Don't get me wrong I like that they share a unisex sprite because they can, but I can't stand hearing male yelps of pain as a WOMAN takes a plasma shot to the face. That could be me just nitpicking though. We got bugs: For some reason I could not hire any new soldiers on the Geoscape base management. This was quite frustrating. Also Xenonauts keeps crashing. Once during a battle, twice during the Geoscape. Also I literally have had no alien activity yet... Which is a little concerning for obvious reasons. The game is centred around stopping an Alien invasion on Earth, yet the aliens seem to have forgot where Earth is... Controls: Considering I do not have a scroll pad on on my mouse pad for my Laptop I am still having troubles with not being able to click and drag the scroll bars at the side of each in-game window (Predominantly the 'Personnel' tab) which can be a little problematic. Window Mode: I can't get the game to work in a Window, personally I prefer playing games in a Window mode. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this is helpful in your pursuit to making Xenonauts the best it can be. There maybe more to come but I'll report as I run into it.
  4. All sounding good Chris! I sure am looking forward to fighting them Reapers! (My favourite mission types in the Original X-COM was Terror Missions in which involved Chryssalids.) What are the chances of us getting post game DLC in which we can have those Reaper Hive Missions? I really loved the sound of that! Of course no pressure intended I know that your priorities are to get the game done! Oh one more question will we always have the ability to do quick/skirmish battles? (In the full game as well?) Because sometimes it's nice to play them for short and sweet Xenonaut fixes!
  5. Looks great! The UI looks really nice in white. Also it's nice to see some character interaction happening. I imagine tension will rise througout the war with the Aliens and these people will change attitudes over the course of time. Regardless good work.
  6. I agree with Gorlom in that this doesn't sound like a bad idea, I like the idea that people who lose faith in the Xenonauts start rebelling against them and hating them, however I don't know if it would be a little bit frustrating having to deal with Civilians too (if the funding drops) as well as the Alien menace. Xenonauts aren't a Peacekeeper organisation so it may not work for the actual game but it could be a good mod idea.
  7. I do like the current Geoscape UI (aside from the water being black space and the messages zooming). It gives Xenonauts a feel of it's own rather than it just being a complete X-COM clone. Which even though the Xenonauts is compared the Original X-COM a lot, it's still it's own game.
  8. Wow everyone is actually super cool on this! Thanks everyone for replying! Like I said I don't really like to be on Forums in-case I cause offence in some way! (Scratches head) Pretty happy I actually posted this on the forum now!
  9. Fair enough! It's a great game so far and writing this was actually really hard because I do like Xenonauts so much but during my not-so-amazing weekend, I've been playing both X-COM: UFO Defense and Xenonauts. But it's when reaction fire hits you because you flanked an alien it can get a little bit frustrating. I did think maybe Goldhawk were going to do it as though the Aliens could hear you but I get the impression a lot of X-COM Veterans as well as newcomers would be agitated and would cause players to get a little bit peeved about their higher ranked individuals suddenly getting blasted by high speed reactive Aliens. Happy about the soundtrack as well (More tracks yay can't wait to hear more)! And finally the Geoscape messages aren't important? Well then I guess that sorts it for me really I guess it makes the world seem more lively.
  10. So I've compiled this list of the features I like and what I think could do with some improvement for Xenonauts (Alpha version). While I know Xenonauts is still in development and is all subject to change, I surely hope that this grabs the attention of Goldhawk Interactive and that this help contribute to the final product. So without further a do here is my list: Likes: Art style: At first I felt a little lost with the absence of 'Guile' styled jump-suited Rookies running out of the transport vehicle, but this is obviously your own franchise doing it's own thing and X-COM is it's own franchise and doing it's own thing. I really like how it's cel-shaded to create a cartoony effect even though the game has darker undertones. In a way it's doing what old X-COM done back in it's day (feeling a lot like a late 80s/early 90s cartoon!). The troopers look miserable and that emphasizes their lives could be over on the next mission, which they should be dreading. The pixel art is really well done and is looks great, obviously with some of the Alien portaits missing the pixel art really gives me some great imagining of what the enemies look like. Sebilian's (Pardon me if I spelled the name wrong) look like giant lizards, and it'd be pretty hard to mess up a portrait considering their sprite art is so well done! UFO Design: Great work on creating the UFO's I absolutely love the design on them where there is often multiple compartments to breach. The UFO's remind me of Halo's Covenant ships which were well designed and not your average flying saucers which create a different tone from the regular Science Fiction B-Movie putting it on par with some of the more modern and darker toned films. Audio: The music finds the middle ground between Halo Reach and the first Deus Ex. This is a great thing! I was pretty fond of the music so far but I do have concerns at the same time about the soundtrack. (I'll state that in my dislikes) The sound design is generally well done, with gunfire going off and sounding loud. Civilians dying can be a bit odd at times with them just letting out a petty sigh rather than a painful scream. Battle: Battling feels remarkably similar to X-COM, obviously with some changes however most of the core elements are there. Troopers do feel more agile in that they can vault over objects. Tiles can still be destroyed and troopers left out in the open will often die horribly due to sneaky Alien snipers! Which is another thing I like which is part of the Battling system: That no trooper is truly safe. Difficulty scaling: From a medium standpoint I really like how the first battles can feel quite easy to walkthrough and later on the battles can become a real pain in the kneck. My battles right now have been mostly Sebilians (which I can only guess are the grunts of this game). My first battle started with one enemy soon I was facing up to five of the blighters! I can speculate there will be more and from the Quick Battles I have played I have faced very unequal odds! (Quick battle is awesome by the way and I do hope it stays in the final game because sometimes it's good to kickback and just play some quick battles rather than worry if I'll have enough money to pay my troopers at the end of the month) This is also how I have met some of the other Alien forces! Improvements: Reaction Fire: At times reaction fire can feel a bit unfair. In the Original X-COM reactions were limited to where the operatives/enemy were facing however in Xenonauts I could send my troops behind the Alien and as quick as they begin to move they are gunned down by the Alien threat. Sometimes it feels a little unbalanced which, while the game is supposed to be unbalanced technology wise (which I am for), the reaction fire when the enemy isn't facing your troops makes the rules feel a little broken. Geoscape: The geoscape is okay; it has a pretty cool style to it similar to DEFCON II's. However when there are the messages popping up it makes you feel pretty cautious because you may miss the messages popping up (If you are zooming past), Night and Day is nice seeing the shade move over the world but with the sea being represented by such empty black space it can be a little confusing. Also I think UFO's need a different icon to represent whether they are grounded or not. Too many times I have sent my Chinook into a battle and recover a fully intact UFO only to realise that the UFO is still moving (even though it reads as being grounded) and my Chinook is taken down by a very (Pardon my language) pissed off Alien ship! And as you can possibly imagine it can cause great frustration. Audio: Like I said I'm mostly impressed by the audio effects with explosions and gunfire sounding loud and the soundtrack finding the middle ground between both Halo and Deus Ex. However right now the soundtrack is very limited, with only three tracks I have heard and some similarities between two out of the three, I found myself hoping for more variety. I do hope to hear more when newer builds land (as X-COM did have a lot of quite catchy tracks) but again I do believe that the soundtrack so far does well at creating a good atmosphere for a game of this nature. Research: The tech-tree is a bit confusing when I research a gun I do hope that it would be usable once it's been researched. This also ties with the current problem in most cases (I.E. when trying to get better armour) that Alien UFO's are mostly busted up pretty bad that nothing is really worth salvaging for the research team and is really just better to sell off for the extra money. This is slightly annoying because materials are often hoarded so that I can build better things (like better armour). But with technology being locked away in such away it can feel utterly pointless to hoard items. Controls/Laptop friendly: Right now I am having a little bit of trouble due to my mouse pad having the lack of a designated scroll pad, when I'm on the Personel Screen I often find myself thinking a mouse would be better for this due to the scroll wheel as without the ability to scroll I can't check out and assign my troops to where and what they need to be doing. (I.E. If I have a large amount of Rookies I can't send them all to training without great hassle.) I did check the options to see if I could designate a scroll up/down button. However I could not seem to meet great success in my search. Obviously I could use a mouse but it's a bit of a hassle considering I'm using a laptop. So in short, I'm loving the game so far. I do hope that this contribution helps Goldhawk with ironing out the small creases and influences them in creating a fantastic game! Keep up the good work Goldhawk!
  11. Can I just say that is awesome and completely terrifying at the same time! Oh my god... Good work man!
  12. Good luck dude! I always find LPs of the X-Com series super entertaining to watch!
  13. Agreed! Looking forward to those Indoor missions, hopefully they are as claustrophobic as the ones back in the original X-Com!
  14. When a unit vaults over a wall and has not moved from the tile he advanced onto it doesn't look like he's on the other side of the wall, it looks like he's on top of the wall. It's tiny graphic hiccup that makes the world a little bit flat but aside from that I'm pretty much in love with what I've played of the demo! Cannot wait for the full game!