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  1. So today I've done various things, but at about midday the updated background art for the new Geoscape screen arrived and I went back to trying to find the look I want for the Geoscape in our new UI. I think I'm pretty much there now. Here we go: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/Geoscape_normal.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/Geoscape_zoomed.jpg For comparison, this is the current Geoscape: http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/5035/xenonauts20120106203251.jpg Basically, we've made it a bit more colourful and used the trusty black border around the landmasses to give them that handpainted feel. We'll redo the base / UFO / aircraft icons to fit the style a bit better too, but hopefully you'll agree that it will make the game significantly nicer than it currently is! Comments and feedback welcome.
  2. Creating this thread for posting of correct co-ordinates and names of various cities, as well as any border corrections. Don't derail it or start random discussions about minutiae. Try to keep it focused.
  3. Every time I try to transfer soldiers from one base to another it doesn't seem to work. I select the soldiers that I would like to transfer, then I hit the transfer soldiers button and all of my soldiers that I selected then become unselected. When I select the base to transfer soldiers to nothing happens. Even after many (game) days the soldiers stay where they are... Am I doing something wrong?
  4. As I beat the game multiple times with and without mods I really wanted to make some changes as to how it plays out in the end and i wanted to ask you modders out there how possible it is to implement these ideas I listed below and what would have to be done in order to do so. I would be glad to inspire other people as well if they want to implement some of my ideas into their mods. Make the Geoscape actually more challenging. In the vanilla version and all other mods i ve played so far it is all about getting every UFO down ( and looting some crash sites but only the technology granting sites are medium important). Once you accomplish that you can virtually not lose the game anymore and its basically a " Im just grinding for the last mission " thing. To start things off you have to make the air fights more difficult and more important in order to induce some decision making which actually do matter instead of the dull "ah, I just shoot down every UFO i see from the most dangerous to the least dangerous one". Some mods are already on a good way to do so but I would like to make some more changes. Furthermore I d like to see some more "aimed" moves from the Aliens. The idea which is spinning around in my head for starters is the "aimed base assault UFO" which starts half across the globe, after, lets say 3 hours of spinning around, than heading straight to the assigned base. Needless to say that this UFO should be one of the hardest to take down in terms of capability of sustaining damage as well as firepower. On the other hand the better coverage you have the sooner you will spot this type of UFO. In this kind of scenario we already have the decision inducing move which would be, assuming the aimed UFO started with a wave of UFOs, " Do I go after the small fries which damage my income or do i focus the firepower on the incoming assault ship? Do I have the menpower to defend my base and go for the other UFOs?" Making this kind of UFOs spawn in an irregular fashion as well as in a regular fashion makes things harder to predict and more about risk managment than : "This kind of UFO has a chance to spawn every wave so i just have to wait for 3 hours and if there is none coming I can go for the other UFOs/crashs sites/whatever." Make things more unpredictable by mixing random goals, like ;research, bombing run, abducuctions; with aimed goals like terror sites, base assault missions, and base constructions. (btw let smaller scouts also do the hrm ... you know ... scouting ... for bases and such). Imagine the scenario your are going for a crash site and you have to pull back because an base assault UFO just appeared at the outer radar detection range and goes for your base. The farther away the crash site the higher the risk you wont be back in time, in which case you absolutely have to shoot the UFO down even if the 2 condors dont make it back. This makes the fight desperate. I want a month to be hard because I took a high risk and misjudged a situation on the geoscape instead of the RNG deciding for me if too many UFOs spawned and I just dont have enough air supremacy to keep up with it. This would btw also encourage more bases and more squads. An additional pre escort for the assault UFO can be send as well but these are details which can be disussed later if the idea has a good ring to it. Steam says i have 230 hours in this game and i havent ecountered a single xenonaut base assault, ever. This shouldnt happen. Other ideas would be scouts which actually scout, making aimed goals like terror sites and base construction more quickly to be "selected" instead of the aimless wandering around the map which just says that this is the time the UFO gives you to shoot it down. More ideas would be welcome- So UFOs should be harder to take down and have more "aimed" goals. At the best you should be able to shoot down 70% of all UFOs while you have to deal with the reamaining in another way. Its an invasion, goddamit. Aiming UFOs should also be guarded way heavier than they are, should have more firepower, hp, special traits etc... . Terror Site UFOs shouldnt be stopable 80% of the time. What i mean give the player so many other tasks, or UFOs, while the Terror UFO is on the way that he has to decide what to go for. Since a terror site is pretty easy to deal with, in my oppinion, its almost like giving him free xp. At the very least it should be doable since the aliens go for 10 000 of other people as well. If his/her best squad is injured on the other hand it might be worth to shoot it down while small UFOs do some damage to the funding and go for the smaller fries later on. Yes, its all about decisions again. Another idea would be the "Released Reapers". At the beginning of the night, wherever that is, a UFO releases some reapers in an area and you have the task at hand to save some civilians or save one very important person or gather and bring back valuable resources before a nuke destroys the whole thing at the end of the night. Note that there isnt a discussion about nuking or not, its simply about what you can save before it drops down. This way you force the player to play a nightmission for once and give the poor reapers an andvantage. It shouldnt be able to avoid nightmissions 100% of the time like it was before. And yes, a few thousand lives will be lost in this, its unavoidable. Maybe let the civilan mission be that you gain reputation or funding for saving as much civilians as possible while the resource gathering gives you special and valuable resources but you lose some reputation and funding ( Its basically the same). The player should be on the backfoot from the very beginning, while his skillfull play decides how much he loses in the early stages. Yes, it is very possible to lose this, which brings us to the next point: money. While Im a big fan of micro managing every piece of junk I produce I would agree that producing money with your workshop isnt a good way to play the game, because at one point you simply break the ceiling with your money making bases and thus render every other way of playing the game ineffective (just like the developers intended the game NOT to be). Let all the stuff be sold for a bit more than they cost, including engineer wages, and some stuff which is particulary useful for selling but not enough that you could afford to fend off an invasion with it, just so that your engineers dont sit idle while they cant produce the next jackal armor. While alien resources should be rare, the items produced from them should sell for a very high price which gives the player a decision if he needs the money that badly or if he wants to save the materials for other uberweapons and aircraft. The main source of income should be the funding from the nations around the world. I havent thought much about this but it should definitely have a very high limit in terms of income. Maybe have a 50%,40%,10% split. 50% of imcome from the possible looting in total (per month), 40% income from the founding, and 10% income from your workshops. I would also like to see the casuality rate on having an effect on the income and the funding. We had something like 4 billion people on the planet and an invasion should have a larger casuality rate than the usual: "We lost around 10 000 people in an invasion from some Aliens which totally outclassed us in every military aspect possible and had some big ass bombers soaring through the sky. Hard times, you know?" The next point is: Let countries be recoverable. Up until now the game was all about reaching that break even point at which you hardly could lose the game anymore. Now it should be able to recover from some big blows if you got the wits and menpower for it. Losing a country in the beginning should be a given as well as you crawling on your knees to get it back. Hard conditions can be met like getting 3 bases in under 24 hours. Or one very hard base. Did i say i love the extra condition under which a base can be destroyed ? Well i havent used it once. Like, not one time. It wasnt necessary. And I really would like to have to use it. Maybe infiltrate an supplying landing ship? Basically it should be possible to get back into the game as well as screwing it up at every point and turn. This wall of text brings us to the core point: The game should slowly but steadily be lost if you play good and slower lost if you play excellent. What I m saying is that it shouldnt be possible to actually withstand the invasion. Not in the skys nor through playing every possible ground mission. Menkind fights back but the war is already lost. In the end its a race against time to get the so much needed technology milestones or die trying it. At which point the so important hyperspace radio jamming comes into play. I really like the idea because it actually is, or should be, something that works. Intervening a single ship while it flies down to earth on the other hand isnt. The Valkyrie flies around around 3300 mph and the battlecruisers are way faster than that. In my opinion giving the player this one end mission is just .... cheap.Since he/she knows its the last mission the player wont really "fail" at it either. Here comes what I would like to replace it with: When the aliens notice the jamming is up and running, they all jump down to earth which results in an major attack from, like, 4 motherships and numerous escorting ships. The motherships should be able to land and construct bases from which they search for the jamming device. At this point of the game the players should have a high chance of losing the game, should lose a few bases and be at the point of collapse. At which he/she fights back. Conditions to win: Hold the jamming device and eliminate all the motherships. Other ending scenarios are possible. It doesn have to be the jamming device they are looking for, but i defintiely want that all out assault on the planet. Im also thinking about an limited supply of UFOs which can spam in total at that point. In a nutshell the player should build up his bases/squads/technology through the game until he thinks he is ready and daring enough to activate armageddon/the jamming, but he shouldnt be able to drag out the invasion as long as he wants to. The better he plays the more chances he has to withstand just a bit longer to better his chances of surviving the ultimate assault. In the endgame its all about making the decision if holding the line for one more month actually helps him to improve his squads/bases/technology or if he loses more than gaining something from it ( decisions, decisions :-) ). The air fights should be revamped in order to let the aliens fight more point striking instead of getting the feeling of random UFOs flying around doing random missions. And thats about it. I have some more ideas about special missions if we could punch the game to actually get them working. Everything i didnt mention is perfect, excellent or is already taken care of, for instance like maps ( thx kabill), enhanced Xenopedia, enhanced graphik stuff, and additional guns, grenades, breaching charges ( thx to all other modders). Much gratitude for the developers for such an awesome game. I have no clue about modding yet and would like to know how much of this is possible before i start to sit down and make the impossible ... not possible. Also, merging a lot of other content into 1 complete overhaul mod would be a great.
  5. to the people that made this game, I am so so thankful. When I was a kid I played the original X-com on a old 486, the game ran on dos. To this day it remains one of the classics that I will never forget regardless of the generation. I have played the patched modern versions and, I have always had problems. This is a real piece of nostalgia and, I have paid for your game. Everything is almost as is, I am understanding that it couldn't be replicated because of not only the original but you had put so much time in undertaking this game. I am wondering if there is a system to get in touch with the mod people or the devs because I have found that I would like to add things while keeping to the original vision of the devs as much as possible. I am someone who is not rich or can code but am willing to pay for features that would bring me even more into the past. 1) geoscape, 3d detailed earth from space as much as historically possible to the time in which the game takes place. 2) Blaster launcher (homage to those who know) 3) easier system to mod characters to appear randomly. IE: solid snake, Cloud Strife, assorted anime characters. bruce wills. Videogame cameos. bruce lee, laracroft, tifa, masterchief! 4) destructible UFO's I know there is a mod but would like to see it in game out of gate. 5) real character languages, this is a multinational force. I am not a coder. but I love this game. I would pay 30 bucks for a offical add on right now if the above were possible. X-com is a true classic. thanks so much for all the hard work.
  6. I've found this in version 18.3, but there is a high probability that this bug is still there in version 18.4. In my game North America signed a pact with the aliens, and a couple of months later the aliens launched a terror mission in a north american city. What's the use of alien pacts if they do not stop terror missions? Here is the screenshot. By the way, I completely ignored the terror mission. If you sign a pact with alien forces, then do not ask for help...
  7. Have a look at this: The soviet union has just been hammered, which is fair enough, I did decide to cover australasia with my third base. Still, it seems pretty harsh to be able to have this much of a change from one wave.
  8. Hi there This may not be something that has come up before, but I have just sent a charlie to a medium UFO that had an escort of 2 fighters. The UFO was landed, doing it's thing, but I would expect the two fighters to have shot down my charlie on it's way in. Maybe more of a suggestion than a bug.
  9. Much like I did with the ground combat recently, I'm planning to put together an experimental balance patch for the Geoscape in an attempt to improve the gameplay experience. The changes may sound quite radical, but the idea is to test them to see if they make the game more fun - not all of them will make it into the final game, and perhaps none will. This thread is so people can post up unbalanced / boring bits of the Geoscape they think I should look at, or suggest alternative amendments to gameplay systems. Please don't dismiss any of the changes until you've played them. There's no reason why we shouldn't at least try things out. This work is mostly balance work, so changing the numbers in existing systems rather than creating new ones. However, there are a few systems I may give a more thorough working-over because I think they need the attention. Problems I see with the current Geoscape: 1) Air combat is too dominant. If you get enough interceptors up into the air, you can almost completely shut down the invasion. No alien bases nor terror sites appear, so you hardly need your ground troops at all. Lack of skill (or lack of equipment) in the ground combat should be just as detrimental to the game as falling behind in the air war. 2) It's hard to actually lose the game (instead, most players just abandon a game when they realise they are deep in a death spiral). It all feels a bit pedestrian, rather than tense high-stakes command work. 3) There are some locations for bases that are objectively better than others due to the coverage they generate. Potential solutions: 1) 50% of Alien Bases and Terror Sites will be generated automatically, so will always arrive even if you have complete air dominance. Perhaps one will be generated in the region with the lowest score during the month? 2) Terror Sites will appear earlier and will give a decent relations bonus if completed, but if not dealt with will cause major funding loss from that region. This funding loss should outweigh any potential gains made from interceptions that month. The funding gain may also outweigh any potential losses from the interceptions that month, too (up for debate). 3) Funding will be reworked to make the death spiral more sudden, but also easier to understand. I'd like a system where if a nation reduces your funding two months in a row, they leave the project entirely. 4) I'm also debating a funding system where your base funding from each nation increases by a global % each month, with nations giving you temporary bonuses / penalties to the funding depending on your success in the air war (nations still drop out if they give you a negative score two months in a row). Under the current system, any permanent increase in funding largely comes from shooting down more UFOs than you let through. 5) UFO missions will be randomly spawned based on landmass, rather than randomly assigned per nation. This means multiple regions would be harder to defend with a single base. The idea is to differentiate between the mission types a bit more. Crash sites should be used primarily for research and resource gathering, while terror sites should be more regular and be more about keeping the nations happy. Alien bases are a bit of both. The auto-generated missions would boost the importance of the ground combat relative to the air combat, meaning the overall game success is not based entirely on how good the Xenonaut interceptors are. I want to make the funding more "sudden" because it gives the player more hard decisions to make. I think the "two strikes" rule is easy to understand and would give people plenty to worry about, rather than the fuzziness of the previous system. It may force early expansion for extra radar coverage, but hopefully the player may also be able to support a one-base strategy if they win all the terror sites and keep on top of the interceptions around their base. Making the gains / losses from air combat missions temporary would relatively reduce the importance of the air combat, because as the gains / losses are permanent they snowball pretty heavily under the current system. A steadily rising base income would allow you to maintain higher income than at the start of the game even with less territories, as under the system above I'd expect you to lose some along the way. However, losing one in the late game would result in losing a LOT of funding (so you better win those terror sites)! Nevertheless, I'm unsure about that one. I think making too many things temporary risks railroading the experience, making each playthrough relatively similar. We don't want to go too far and lose the freeform feeling of X-Com. I'm not sure if the effect would be that extreme or not though...I guess it depends on how strong the bonuses / penalties were. Maybe just consider it as the base funding levels increasing globally by a flat % each month? That doesn't sound so unbalancing for the game. Anyway, thoughts and suggestions are welcome, but bear in mind that this is an experimental balance patch designed to test radical ideas to see if they work. If your post just says "OMG you're wrecking the game" I probably won't spend too much time reading it...if we've wrecked the game, I'm sure people will tell us that when they play the patch
  10. Here's the place to discuss balance changes from the Geoscape in V21 Experimental 1.
  11. Right; because at Goldhawk Interactive we never do things by half measures, we have new set of hard-swing Geoscape balance changes for you to try out! The main things are: Air combat should be tactically easier, though later UFO speeds will still quickly outclass Condors. Auto-resolve should also produce slightly more "fair" results now. Additionally, I have heavily reduced the cost of hangars, as it turns out you need a lot of them and they were expensive when added to the cost of aircraft too. I've reduced the costs of the few other structures - though the specific ones escape me at the moment. Biggest change is a huge boost to national funding levels, but also an increase in the damage UFOs can do to that level - and the rewards you get for stopping them. This should hopefully lead to more dramatic game, but time will tell (actually you guys will, here, in this thread; that's why I made it). Here the change list for Geoscape balance for reference: - Geoscape funding increase, to re-emphasise national support -- Increased the player starting funds from $750000 to $1000000 -- Increased the funding provided by each nation by roughly 70%(!) -- Initially all countries will provide the same funding level (may be tweaked later) -- Tweaked relations values to compensate for geographic area (UFOs spend more time over larger countries) - Base building changes to make them much faster to come online, though a larger initial outlay -- Increased the cost of building a base to $500000 -- Halved Command Center upkeep from $250000 to $125000 -- Reduced Command Center build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Radar build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Hangar build time from 10 to 5 -- Reduced the building and maintenances costs of various base structures, very significantly reduced in the case of the Hangar - UFO balance changes to make both victories and failures more pronounced -- Approximately doubled the relations penalty caused by UFO activity over a country (including terror attacks) -- Increased UFO attack rate during their flight, to make sure attacks actually happen -- Very large increase in the relations benefit provided by shooting down a UFO, e.g. from 6 to 40 in some cases -- Reduced the health of UFOs to approximately 70% of their previous values -- Reduced auto-resolve strengths of UFOs accordingly - Disabled the "system damage" for interceptors in air combat - Reduced speed of "heavy" UFO projectiles to make dodging easier - Halved turn speed of UFOs to encourage more manoeuvring around them - Light Scouts have, after a bloody battle, been reduced down to slightly slower than Condors - Scouts have had their speed increased significantly, but health reduced; they will require Foxtrots to catch reliably - Balanced other UFO speeds so that there is a gradually increasing curve, rather than two tiers - Also changed some UFO speeds to avoid matching human aircraft speeds; now you can either catch them, or they obviously outrun you - Slightly increased damage of Avalanche Torpedoes, as they did not conform to the rule of slightly out-damaging light fighter weapons
  12. Local forces invite the Xenonauts to a mission. Selected deploy team from North Africa No icon shown for the mission. Chinook goes to the soviet union , where the mission presumably is/was. Chinook sits there with near infinite fuel. There are no other interceptions for the next week and a half and the game finally CTD around 24/9.
  13. Here is a save of a game that will CTD in about one game hour: gonna crash Here is where the game is at: Lost my initial base. New Base is up to speed. Just cleared an Andron base by destroying the power core and running away. No casualties. One of my crew did pick up an alien grenade and would have had it in their inventory. The foxtrot in the air is on it's second run at the corvette. That's about it. I have tried changing the destinations of the two craft in the air. I have also tried earlier saves: The auto save at the start of the mission, abandoning straight away A save from just before reaching the base. Both of these saves continue past the CTD point without problem. Hope it helps.
  14. Some pretty significant balance changes in this build, so I am refreshing this thread to discuss them. I have implemented a rebalancing of the air combat mini-game and the costs of base structures. Both of these will probably seem quite harsh - Condors have taking a beating in performance and should no longer be viable in the long term and base maintenance costs have increased, so money will be tighter - adjustment to previous strategies will likely be required! Here are the changes: - General update to air combat balance - too many changes to list individually, but generally: -- Ranges of starting aircraft reduced, so the Condor now has quite short legs! -- Speeds of aircraft and UFOs adjusted to encourage progression, Condors will have trouble catching UFOs reliably -- Damage of Xenonaut weapons adjusted: 2 heavy missiles now always do slightly more damage than the equivalent 2 light missiles + gun -- UFO health adjusted in line with the damage changes so that earlier weapons have an increasingly tougher time against later UFOs -- Turn rates of various craft adjusted to encourage more manoeuvring around larger UFOs in air combat -- Radar ranges of Xenonaut aircraft adjusted so they now progress from small to larger on later long range craft -- Maintenance costs of all aircraft set to a flat rate of $100000 per month for fighters, $50000 for dropships - no increase for later craft -- Auto-resolve rebalanced to take into account all of the above -- Build cost of Mig31 increased to 200000, as the above changes gave it a bit of a buff -- Reduced Refuelling time of aircraft by about a third -- Increased re-armament time from 30 to 60 minutes - Also rebalanced the maintenance costs of base buildings from around 10% of the cost of the building to 25% - Introduced a build time for new bases, and significantly increased the maintenance cost of command centre Thoughts away!
  15. The new experimental build is out, and it contains a bunch of new changes to the Geoscape portion of the game (Aside from the the very obvious new UI). Here are the main gameplay related ones: - Overhaul of UFO AI for the Geoscape -- UFOs now pick a target nation at random, then spawn over that nation, which should help reduce the prevalence of attacks on poor old Australia -- UFOs that pick a specific target (terror attacks, base supplies etc) should now fly a slightly more circuitous route so they are harder to pick out from normal UFOs -- Scout UFOs should now explore a bit more randomly -- Implemented a randomised variation of the interval between UFO waves, so they are much less predictable now - Aerial terror attacks -- Ground Attack missions now have a chance to spawn "aerial terror sites" (this will actually change to Bombing missions in future versions) -- These must be dealt with quickly, or the aliens will lay waste to the area causing a heavy national relations penalty - Added ability to hand off crashed UFOs to local forces for airstrike -- This allows the player to essentially skip very repetitive missions (or ones they are not able to tackle) -- The penalty for doing so being that the Xenonauts will not recover any alien technology -- A cash bounty is provided by the nation the UFO crashed in equal to about half of the value of UFO + crew if it had been cleared in ground combat - Implemented Radar stacking so that building additional radars at a base increased the range of radar coverage, instead of the detection chance (range increases offer diminishing returns for each new radar, and caps at 3) In particular I would really like to hear feedback on the UFO behaviour - they should both fly more "naturally" now (and you won't be able to pick out ones on a specific mission so easily) and they should distribute their attacks more evenly across countries instead of picking on ones in unfortunate geographic positions (like Australia). Also keep in mind the aerial terror sites will eventually be generated by bombing missions, not ground attack ones (we actually just made a mistake in our instructions to the programmer!). They will also grant a more substantial reward on completion than they do now.
  16. 1. New craft was not updated to latest warheads, both newly built foxtrot and recently delivered condor. 2. The top weapon selection menu is cut off at the top by screen border - should extend downward from the missile slot.
  17. I am just going to refresh this thread now that V19 Stable is out. For those of you who might not visit the forums as often - the purpose of this thread is to gather feedback of the current state of balance of the Geoscape portion of the game (i.e. the world map, including air combat, base building, research, manufacturing and soldier equipping) so we can see if the gameplay is shaping up the way we want. This is specifically NOT for bug reports - they go in the bug reporting forum (and are gratefully received!). As V19 Stable is quite a milestone for us, I am interested in hearing more general feedback on how people feel about the Geoscape - do you find it challenging, frustrating, fun? Are there parts of it that get on your nerves, or that you feel are particularly effective, and if so, why? I'm really hoping we can also get some feedback from people who have only been playing V18 up until now, as they will have quite a different perspective from those who have followed every experimental build and all the attendant minutiae (feedback still welcome from the usual suspects too of course )
  18. So, after hitting three crash sites in a row with my Chinook and it's hammerspace fuel supply, and researching a basic tech in basically 2 days, including ordering the next research path within seconds of the last research object being completed while it was 4 in the morning, I started to wonder... Nevermind all this supposed alien tech involving external filtration to eat and such, how, exactly, are MY people sleeping and eating? Am I just putting out meth on a tray in the Chinook or something? IV drips of alien super-coffee? It seems like this game has pretty crazy compressed time for everything. We have time compression to skip the boring parts, so why not make everything in the game take several times more time, and just have actual alien events be less frequent by the same rate?
  19. So I haven't played Xenonauts for a really long time, but I decided to start it up today since I saw it got a couple new updates on Steam. So I started it up (after modding the shit out of it, shout out to Assoonasitis, thothkins, Sathra, etc), and I was appalled. What happened to my old pretty, cool, cold war-y geoscape? I thought the old geoscape was the coolest thing ever, although it definitely needed some patching up (missing land, a little buggy). I think the new geoscape is ugly as hell. It really sort of turns me off of the game, it doesn't feel like I'm playing Xenonauts. I'll look at some geoscape mods, but I don't have very high hopes. Anyways, I just wanted to put my two cents in, and maybe also find out if there's any way of getting the old geoscape back.
  20. A few fairly big changes to the Geoscape with this build: - Increased the initial funding provided by backer nations by about 50% - The value of recoverable alien technology reduced by 50% - Reduced speed and turn rate of Xenonaut aircraft torpedoes - Reduced aircraft evasive roll cool down to 1 second (from 4) - Increased range and damage of alien fighter missiles, but reduced turn-rate The air combat changes are obviously intended to make it harder to use an all Foxtrot fleet against escort UFOs; they probably won't be 100% exploit proof, but I am interested to see if they make it inconvenient enough to encourage Condor/Corsair use. The second big change is a rebalance of the economy to try and get players to rely on funding countries more than recovered alien gear for cash.
  21. DebugView.exe is great for checking out what's going on with the ground combat. Any chance this can be applied to the more of the game? I'm getting all my CTD's in the Geoscape.
  22. I've added some extra events to the ones given in the game. These are below for you to copy and paste into the strings file. Remember to copy both the long and the short names to their respective areas in the strings file. I've done little testing on this so far. Just enough to make sure the game didn't roll over and die in a 2 month flying check. The events have a minor and major element in their names. It would be nice to know what triggers which is used. Is it the ticker? If so, it would be even nicer to have another few levels added beyond major and minor. This would allow for a sense of escalation across a number of areas in the game world. Fluffy, yes. But it easy enough to do and does add a bit of depth to the Geoscape. The events I've added include a few items of Civil Unrest, UFOlogy, Geopolitics and Fortean Events. I'll no doubt be adding more, assuming there are no terrible flaws in what I've just done. Any suggestions, feedback or spotting fatal flaws are welcome long names Events.Abduction.Land1 Local farmers in %1%, %2% report circles of unknown origin in their fields. Events.Abduction.Land2 Widespread electrical interference reported in %1%,%2%, source unknown. Events.Abduction.Land3 Local communications in %1%,%2% suffering unexplained heavy disruption. Authorities fear alien activity responsible. Events.Abduction.Land4 UFO spotted on civilian radar near %1%, %2%. Events.Abduction.Land5 Local farmers near %1%, %2% report numerous livestock missing. Events.Abduction.Land6 Strange light formations reported in the sky near %1%, %2%. Widespread panic reported across region. Events.Abduction.Land7 %4% locals vanish in %1%, %2%, feared abducted by aliens. Events.Abduction.Land8 Local authorities and media warn parents against Bogus Social Workers after %4% incidents of attempted abduction. Events.Abduction.Land9 Mysterious Men in Black are encountered following numerous UFO incidents in %1%, %2% Events.Abduction.Land10 Local farmers near %1%, %2% report the mutilation of livestock and the presence of Black Helicopters. Events.Abduction.Land11 UFO sighted hovering near %1%, %2%. Widespread panic reported across region. Events.Abduction.Land12 Crazed returned abductee goes on a killing rampage in %1%, %2% resulting in %4% deaths. Events.Abduction.Land13 Government employee in %1%, %2% found to have been implanted with a small control device. National screening implemented. Events.Abduction.Land14 Local forces in %1%, %2% raid a research laboratory conducting hybrid splicing experiments. %4% Scientists are killed. Events.Abduction.Land15 Government employee in %2% found to have been implanted with a small control device. National screening implemented. Events.Abduction.Land16 Government of %2% admits to genetic experimentation to produce hybrid children, following whistle blowing. Events.Abduction.Land17 Alien activity reported near %1%, %2%. Local forces report %3% killed and %4% presumed abducted. Events.Abduction.Land18 Rumours of an alien accord seized upon by opposition parties in %2%. Political unrest escalates. Events.Abduction.Land19 An explosion kills %3% in a %1%,%2% laboratory, as a result of an advanced anti alien weaponry experiment. Events.Airliner.Land1 Spherical lights intercept Airliner %1%-%2%. Ball Lightning blamed. Events.Airliner.Land2 UFO observed by military patrol aircraft. Local forces awaiting Xenonaut intervention. Events.Airliner.Land3 Military scout craft disappear from radar following confused final communications. Events.Airliner.Land4 Military fighter reprted to have been "absorbed" by formation of lights. %3% personnel lost. Events.Airliner.Land5 Airliner %1%-%2% shot down; %3% fatalities. Alien Invaders blamed for attack. Events.Airliner.Land6 Local fighter squadron engaged and destroyed by alien craft, %3% airmen KIA. Events.Airliner.Land7 Military transport aircraft intercepted and destroyed by alien vessel, %3% personnel lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Land1 Local religious leaders in %1%,%2% blame lapsed morality, and rival religions, for the arrival of alien invasion. Events.CivAtkMin.Land2 Local authorities report numerous unexplained forest fires. Events.CivAtkMin.Land3 Black rain over %1%,%2. Volcanic ash blamed but fears of devastation unsettle population Events.CivAtkMin.Land4 Disturbances beneath leakes near %1%,%2% result in panicked nearby towns. Events.CivAtkMin.Land5 Cryptozoological sightings increase. Locals in %1%,%2% terrified by strange creatures. Events.CivAtkMin.Land6 Outbreak of Spontaneous Human Combustion kills %4%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land7 Local highway strafed by alien craft; emergency services report %3% killed. Events.CivAtkMin.Land8 Poltergeist activity forces locals into hiding in %1%,%2%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land9 Red organic substance falls from the sky over %1%,%2%. Scientists baffled, but locals fear it is abduction remains. Events.CivAtkMin.Land10 Archaeologists make tentative links between ancient art and other worldly civilisations. Events.CivAtkMin.Land11 Public park attacked by alien vessel; %3% estimated killed. Events.CivAtkMin.Land12 Local shopping mall strafed by alien craft; %3% killed and %4% missing. Events.CivAtkMin.Land13 Residential area attacked by alien vessel; %3% confirmed dead and %4% missing. Events.CivAtkMin.Land14 School strafed by alien craft; %4% children confirmed dead and %3% injured. Events.CivAtkMin.Land15 Passenger train derailed by alien fire; local emergency services report %3% fatalities. Events.CivAtkMin.Land16 Regional airport strafed by alien craft; estimated %3% dead. Events.CivAtkMin.Land17 Mirages and otherworldly images are seen in the skies above %1%,%2%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land18 Outbreak of nightmares and unsettling premonitions sweeps %1%, %2% Events.CivAtkMin.Land19 Reticulan cult suppressed following siege in %1%,%2%. %3% cultists killed and %4% local forces injured in raid. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land1 Industry suffers slowdown in%2% due to apocalyptic fears. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land2 Police headquarters near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing. %3% killed; local law enforcement in disarray. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land3 Riots result in the deaths of %3% in %1%, %2% Events.CivAtkMaj.Land4 Major political leader assassinated in %1%, %2%. Numerous groups are blamed and take credit for the attack. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land5 Alien bombing run reported near %1%, %2%, government sources report local hospital destroyed and %3% killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land6 Major road bridge near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing; %3% presumed dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land7 Abnormal storms destroy homes and crops across widespread areas in %2% Events.CivAtkMaj.Land8 Blaming alien sympathies, a coup is launched and promptly crushed in %2%. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land9 Natural gas terminal near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing. Deaths estimated at %3%. Events.CivAtkMin.Land10 Local authorities report raging forest fire; %3% feared dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land11 Alien bombing run on crude oil refinery near %1%, %2%. Large secondary fires / explosions reported; %3% estimated killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land12 Flash floods reported after hydroelectric dam near %1%, %2% breached by alien bombing. Death toll estimated at %3%. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land13 Pandemic declared in %1%, %2%. Numerous towns quarantined to prevent further spread following %3% deaths. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land14 Government sources report %4% power station near %1%, %2% destroyed. %3% fatalities confirmed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Land15 Power station meltdown narrowly averted in %1%, %2% . %4% fatalities confirmed in halting reactor. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land1 Major world religious leaders blame lapsed morality, and rival religions, for the arrival of alien invasion. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land2 Radar station near %1%, %2% destroyed. %3% serviceman reported dead. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land3 Satellite Uplink lost in %1%, %2%; Alien interference probable. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land4 Local militia movement in open conflict with authorities in %1%, %2%. %3% dead in clashes. Civil war feared. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land5 Military airbase near %1%, %2% bombed; %4% aircraft lost and %3% casualties. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land6 Munitions depot near %1%, %2% bombed by alien vessel; %3% fatalities. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land7 Troop movements increase on the border of %2%. War feared. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land8 %2% blamed for faked alien attack by neighbouring country. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land9 Military base near %1%, %2% bombed; %4% armoured vehicles and %3% servicemen lost. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land10 War declared between %2% and neighbouring country. Many dead and many more refugees flee area. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land11 Disaster hardened Command centre near %1%, %2% destroyed by alien bombing; %3% servicemen KIA. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land12 Nuclear device destroys %1%, %2%. Many killed and cause of detonation is as yet unknown. Events.MilAtkMaj.Land13 Unexplained lights sighted around missile base in %1%,%2% Events.Abduction.Sea1 Unexplained lights spotted by merchant vessels. Sailors reluctant to take to sea. Events.Abduction.Sea2 Abandoned %1% discovered. Crew of %2% suspected abducted. Events.Abduction.Sea3 Widespread electrical interference producing unprecedented auroras, report sailors. Events.Abduction.Sea4 Naval communications suffering unexplained heavy disruption. Authorities fear alien activity responsible. Events.Abduction.Sea5 UFO activity spotted on sonar. Local naval forces are alerted. Events.Abduction.Sea6 UFO sighted by fishermen. Local communities reporting safety fears. Events.Abduction.Sea7 Local tidal systems completely shut down. Cause unknown, oceanographers baffled. Events.Abduction.Sea8 Crazed sailor found adrift in %1%. Tells of terrible abduction experience. Events.Abduction.Sea9 Category five storm forming in clear skies. Meteorologists perplexed, alien activity presumed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea1 Fishermen report marine dead zone. Thousands of dead sea creatures observed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea2 Sunken coastal cities discovered due to abnormal sea levels. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea3 Unconfirmed reports of massive marine creatures destroying shipping. Signals from %1% ships lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea4 Merchant vessel %3% returns to port with it's hull inexplicably holed. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea5 Fishing fleet attacked by alien craft. %1% trawlers sunk, %2% men reported lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea6 Offshore rig %3% strafed by alien craft. Severe damage reported, %2% workers lost. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea7 Military vessel %3% reports attack by alien craft; %2% casualties. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea8 Reticulan cultist vessel sunk attempting to reach uncharted "alien island". %2% cultists killed in raid. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea9 Strange organic matter covering several nautical miles discovered; shipping impeded. Events.CivAtkMin.Sea10 Distorted mirages and otherworldly images are seen in the skies. Events.Airliner.Sea1 Spherical lights intercept Airliner %1%-%2%. Ball Lightning blamed. Events.Airliner.Sea2 Unexplained lights sighted around aircraft carrier. Scambled fighters unable to close for combat. Events.Airliner.Sea3 Midair collision narrowly averted by airliner %1%-%2% Events.Airliner.Sea4 Airliner %1%-%2% shot down; %3% fatalities. Events.Airliner.Sea5 Marine patrol aircraft destroyed by alien activity, %3% serviceman reported lost. Events.Airliner.Sea6 Coastguard helicopter shot down by alien forces, %3% personnel killed. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea1 Coastal town converts to a new sea based religion, citing lapsed morality for the alien attacks. Marines restore order. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea2 Merchant Vessel SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea3 Passenger ferry SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% reported drowned. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 Cruise liner SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% lost at sea. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea5 Increased underwater alien activity leads many to suspect submarine alien operations may exist. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea6 Oil tanker SS %2% sunk by alien bombing; %1% dead. Events.CivAtkMaj.Sea7 Offshore rig %2% destroyed by alien bombing run; %1% killed. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea1 Frigate %1% sunk during advanced anti alien weapons testing. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea2 Warship %1% sunk with all hands by alien bombing; %2% servicemen lost. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea3 Aircraft carrier %1% and escorts bombed by alien craft; %2% personnel killed. Events.MilAtkMaj.Sea4 Nuclear submarine %1% lost in alien attack. All %2% hands lost. Short Event names Events.Short.Abduction.Land1 %1%.%2% - Crop Circles Events.Short.Abduction.Land2 %1%.%2% - Electrical Interference Events.Short.Abduction.Land3 %1%.%2% - Communications Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Land4 %1%.%2% - Radar Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land5 %1%.%2% - Missing Livestock Events.Short.Abduction.Land6 %1%.%2% - Strange Lights Events.Short.Abduction.Land7 %1%.%2% - Abduction Events.Short.Abduction.Land8 %1%.%2% - BSWs Events.Short.Abduction.Land9 %1%.%2% - MIBs Events.Short.Abduction.Land10 %1%.%2% - Livestock Mutilation Events.Short.Abduction.Land11 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land12 %1%.%2% - Abductee Events.Short.Abduction.Land13 %1%.%2% - Alien Implants Events.Short.Abduction.Land14 %1%.%2% - Hybrid Experiments Events.Short.Abduction.Land15 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Land16 %1%.%2% - Hybrid Experiments Events.Short.Abduction.Land17 %1%.%2% - Alien Conflict Events.Short.Abduction.Land18 %1%.%2% - Alien Accord Events.Short.Abduction.Land19 %1%.%2% - Lab Explosion Events.Short.Airliner.Land1 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Airliner.Land2 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Airliner.Land3 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Disappear Events.Short.Airliner.Land4 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land5 %1%.%2% - Airliner Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land6 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Land7 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land1 %1%.%2% - Morality questioned Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land2 %1%.%2% - Forest Fire Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land3 %1%.%2% - Black Rain Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land4 %1%.%2% - Lake Sightings Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land5 %1%.%2% - Cryptoids Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land6 %1%.%2% - SHC Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land7 %1%.%2% - Highway Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land8 %1%.%2% - Poltergeist Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land9 %1%.%2% - Red Rain Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land10 %1%.%2% - Ancient Astronauts Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land11 %1%.%2% - Park Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land12 %1%.%2% - Mall Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land13 %1%.%2% - Town Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land14 %1%.%2% - School Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land15 %1%.%2% - Train Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land16 %1%.%2% - Airport Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land17 %1%.%2% - Strange Skies Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land18 %1%.%2% - Dreams Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land19 %1%.%2% - Cult Siege Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land1 %1%.%2% - Labour Crisis Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land2 %1%.%2% - Police Station Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land3 %1%.%2% - Riots Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land4 %1%.%2% - Assassination Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land5 %1%.%2% - Hospital Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land6 %1%.%2% - Bridge Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land7 %1%.%2% - Storm Damage Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land8 %1%.%2% - Coup Attempt Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land9 %1%.%2% - Gas Terminal Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Land10 %1%.%2% - Forest Fire Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land11 %1%.%2% - Oil Refinery Bombed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land12 %1%.%2% - Dam Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land13 %1%.%2% - Dam Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land14 %1%.%2% - Power Station Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Land15 %1%.%2% - Meltdown Averted Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land1 %1%.%2% - Religious Leader Speaks Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land2 %1%.%2% - Radar Station Destroyed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land3 %1%.%2% - Satellite Comms lost Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land4 %1%.%2% - Civil War fears Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land5 %1%.%2% - Military Airbase Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land6 %1%.%2% - Munitions Depot Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land7 %1%.%2% - Border escalation Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land8 %1%.%2% - False Flag Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land9 %1%.%2% - Military Base Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land10 %1%.%2% - War Declared Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land11 %1%.%2% - Command Centre Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land12 %1%.%2% - Nuclear exchange Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Land13 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Abduction.Sea1 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Abduction Events.Short.Abduction.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Aurora Events.Short.Abduction.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Communications Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Sonar Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea6 %1%.%2% - UFO Sighting Events.Short.Abduction.Sea7 %1%.%2% - Tidal Disruption Events.Short.Abduction.Sea8 %1%.%2% - Abductee Events.Short.Abduction.Sea9 %1%.%2% - Freak Storm Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Dead Zone Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Ancient Cities Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Monsters of the Deep Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Ship crippled Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Fishing Fleet Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Oil Rig Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea7 %1%.%2% - Warship Strafed Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea8 %1%.%2% - Cultists Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea9 %1%.%2% - Marine Blob Events.Short.CivAtkMin.Sea10 %1%.%2% - Strange Skies Events.Short.Airliner.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Foo Fighters Events.Short.Airliner.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Strange Lights Events.Short.Airliner.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Near Miss Events.Short.Airliner.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Airliner Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.Airliner.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Military Aircraft Destroyed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Esoteric Cult Quashed Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Merchant Vessel Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Ferry Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Cruise Liner Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Cruise Liner Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea5 %1%.%2% - Oil Tanker Sunk Events.Short.CivAtkMaj.Sea6 %1%.%2% - Oil Rig Destroyed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea1 %1%.%2% - Naval Experiments Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea2 %1%.%2% - Warship Sunk Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea3 %1%.%2% - Carrier Group Bombed Events.Short.MilAtkMaj.Sea4 %1%.%2% - Submarine Sunk
  23. Local forces have kindly shot down a UFO for me. Just as my Chinook is approaching to land on the mission, a UFO appears above the site. It's just like the terror missions. The shot down alien head icon remains. I complete the ground mission. UFO breach is part of the mission. The airborne UFO is still on the map and begins to move off. It was a Light Scout Sebillian mission, so I would not have expected it to behave as a terror mission.
  24. When launching multiple flights of fighters, sometimes with differing speeds, it would be nice to be able to control the speed of the squadrons. I would like to be able to launch a set of condors to strip fighters off a ship, then follow up with two Foxtrots to take down the main ship. Doing this right now takes an excessive amount of micromanagement.
  25. There is only one major change for the Geoscape in this build, but it is pretty big - the time needed to perform all research has been doubled. "But why?" I hear you cry - I want to see how far we can push the timings on the research before people start having to make critical decisions about which tech they want to research first - up until now it seemed like you cruise through the game with a relatively minor science staff, and still have them idle fairly often. So pencils out, noses in books.
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