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Found 13 results

  1. Hey.. I hate the lousy little Chinook a lot. But anyway, anyone else find that it takes *forever* to get the Shrike, and when you do, its a much much shorter wait to the Valkyrie? Which isn't nearly as necessary as the Shrike is. Anyone else think it would be nice to get this thing a bit earlier?
  2. I had 2 dropships in my first base. After the second base got a hangar I relocated a dropship with the 8 soldiers within. The ship moved, the soldiers stayed back. After that it is no longer possible to assign any soldiers into the second dropship. I have the feeling, that the game still thinks, that there are 8 soldiers in the ship, so it wount let any more assignments. So I have a useless dropship.
  3. Great game so far, can't wait for the finished product! Anyway, here's two suggestions I have for the tactical aspect of the game. 1) Why is the Scout Car always in the back of the craft? It blocks the side doors and has a hard time getting out because of all the soldiers in the way. My suggestion would be to select and modify the layout of troops in the landing craft. Maybe I want specific weapons to roll out first, or maybe I want the Scout Car to be the first one out the door. Mostly, I want the Scout Car to be first so I can use the side doors. 2) So, I couldn't help but notice that the soldiers were really frequently shooting the cover they were right next to. Perhaps let a shooter ignore the tile in front of them to represent firing over a rock, barrel or around a tree or crate? Or at least a hefty modifier to make it a rare occurrence.
  4. Hi guys, have a simple question: How much soldiers should pass into the Charlie? Xenopedia says "up to ten or equivalent" and I can load only eight persons in it. What do I wrong? Ok, and another one, a bit harder Do somebody found a solution with missing textures in 18.4? I had no probs with 18.3 HF2, but miss the textures in each ground combat now.
  5. So I was wondering if you could get a missile lock with your interceptors while evading? The only way I can seem to get a lock is by flying right at them. Also, I just established a new base in china, and I have a chinook and 8 xenonauts ready to go. Or they would be, but I can only load 4 onto the chinook despite it appearing identical to the one in my original base that could carry 8. Is there something I need to do or someway to increase the carrying capacity of a chinook?
  6. Hi guys, I've noticed that in 18.2 that the drop ship at the beginning of the game is not letting me assign more soldiers above the the original 8 initially assigned. I do not have a tank on board. Any ideas?
  7. I remember in the Original X-Com you could not only load up your soldiers with the gear they'd typically need on a mission but you could also leave some gear as backup on the drop ship. This was a really cool feature as it would allow you to adjust your tactics mid-route. Say you loaded a bunch of explosive rounds and Gatling guns on a terror mission- you could always grab those extra rifles on the Drop-Ship floor right before the mission started. This of course also assumes that Xenonaughts gives you a load-out screen right before the mission starts. The gameplay also benefited from this in several other ways. One of these ways was if a solider ran out of ammo he could always fall back to the drop ship to rearm. One of my favorite experiences of this was when you first ran into the mutons (or in the case of Xenonaughts, alien vehicles!) and had to send several soliders back to the ship mid mission for extra hand grenades and rocket launchers.
  8. It's quite common for a Chinook to have a machine gun or even minigun on the sides. http://www.dillonaero.com/uimages/chinook/chinook_close_up.png http://www.chinook-helicopter.com/standards/areas/Images/RAF_M134_Minigun.jpg It would be awesome if the Xenonaut Chinook had them too. Of course they would be fixed and have a limited angle but they could help out if the Chinook lands close to aliens.
  9. does anyone else think this is really annoying? =/ It's not very fun to have all my fighters engaged then a fighter wing swoops down from space and kills all my soldiers going to or returning from a mission before I can react ~_~
  10. On screenshoot http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2012/02/db6d5ba5d243e9d97916686eb1b1d258.jpg Chinook has a machinegun. I think Chinook should fight against UFO's using gun - it make sense for me. Info from wiki "The Chinooks were generally armed with a single 7.62 millimeter M60 machine gun" In game we have CH-48 (prototype? no mention in wiki about it, so we can add one more gun) Chris is it possible? I know it make sense only against Small Scout - later it will be a waste of time.
  11. The line that lists the weapon held by each xenonaut in the complement window in the chinook hangar is only half visible. Just makes it a little bit harder to do your quick dispersal formation.
  12. Greetings earthlings! I have only been playing xenonauts for a few hours but i am allready very impressed, and i allready have questions. 1. Is it possible in the current version to manufacture new aircraft for new bases you build? I read somewhere that you could not manufacture new dropships yet but i havent been able to figure out if the same goes for the interceptors. 2. Is there any way to increase the probability of an intercepted ufo generating a ground mission? I have shot down maybe 20 ufos so far but only the first (or was it the second?) gave me a ground mission. A big thx to the devs working on the game and also to the supporters helping to make it even better! Down here i was going to put "Live long and prosper" but i changed my mind, its just too cheesy.....
  13. Since deploying out of the narrow doors of a transport is one of the most vulnerable times in a mission, it would be cool to be able to research the ability to drop your troops into the battle... Whether this is by parachute, fast-roping from a helicopter, or more advanced transportation tech stolen from aliens (a la Star Trek transporters), I think this might add to the game...
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