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    Steam = Most Recent Build?

    At the moment it is, yes. There's plans to have development/"unstable" builds available through Steam as well, but this is not implemented yet as far as I know.
  2. Leimboy

    Steam Early Access

    Absolutely fantastic work on the soundtrack, Aleksi. Thank YOU! And having a digital copy of the soundtrack would be a great thing! (Doesn't need to be exclusive for premiums either, I think this is something everyone should enjoy )
  3. This would be cool if it is a feature and the shooter is equipped with a rifle. In that case this could reflect that shooting a rifle at a (presumed) moving target at close range is harder than from a distance. This penalty should not affect pistols or shotguns (ie. they hit more often than rifles at close range) and should be even harsher for heavy weapons (MGs and rocket launchers). Maybe this already is handled by hit % and in that case this is just a bug
  4. Thank you for XCD Lee! It was a great read and I'm definitely going to check out Epic too
  5. Leimboy

    Iceland Incident Novella

    Thanks for the update and your effort! I'm really looking forward to read this novella!
  6. Leimboy

    History of Julian Gollop and XCOM

    Thanks for posting, XenoMask! I'm very excited for the next episode
  7. Welcome GJ! Thanks for keeping us updated through the journals. Interesting stuff!
  8. Glad to hear that you're considering it Chris
  9. I would also like to see Xenonauts on GOG.com. I would gladly buy it from GOG as well as the pre-order I already got. The price tag shouldn't be a problem as I think every game negotiates it's own price. When they released The Withcer 2 on GOG.com it's pricetag was $39.99 I believe (or was it $32.99). Anyhow, I think Chris will have a word regarding pricing of Xenonauts on GOG.com. Also, many of the customers of GOG.com should be very interested in Xenonauts as the original X-COM is already a good old game and I believe many are visiting GOG.com too see if it's there. I know I did
  10. Leimboy

    Build V8.9 Released!

    Great! I remember it as being quite a fun little game for two players. Played it a lot on the Amiga in the good old days. Thanks for reminding me of it
  11. Leimboy

    Build V8.9 Released!

    Gorlom, you may think of the game 'North & South' released for amiga back in the days: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_%26_South_%28video_game%29