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  1. Sounds awesome Anywhere around that Intervall seems fine - thus there is a fair amount of overload can be done if the player wants to (anything around 10-20% seems fair since above that it is probably hording )
  2. If a cheat is defined as an action to circumwent game mechanics giving the player an advantage not intended in the design of the balance then this would be such a thing depending wether the game designers took this feature into consideration when desining balance. Since I do not know if it was the DEVs intention for the players to do such things I am guessing that it wasn't based on the experience that several aspects of the game have been streamlined to avoid micro management (free ammo, and auto upgrades). Since this task requires a lot of micro-management but a mechanic is missing to restrict overall weight my guess is that it was unintentional. Nontheless we have discussed in another thread that this aspect would not be a priority for CE and I must admit it is really up to the player if it takes advantage of it. I guess we all have to learn some self control and that will be it
  3. These four have also been done by a few mods and are probably easy to do without effects on other elements: - Extension of the weapon selection list so all default weapons are comfortably displayed - Showing kills and missions on the soldier inventory page in combat and maybe even make them more apparent on all places being an important indicator for the user how valuable the soldier is (is one of the few elements enhancing role playing aspect) - In the soldier list screen make both (all three including the memory wall) options identical when selecting - currently the inflation table as well as the selection window jumps up and down since not all pages are formatted identically - Extend the soldier list page so that it can host at least 12 soldiers making scrolling and least till the endgame unnecessary There may also have been a mod which describing how to do the above thing, if someone can point me to that it would also be greatly appreciated so I can set these myself until it would become the norm
  4. Both sound really cool If light is turned off by environment change it ads more to the tactical layer and a lot to immersion If they are turned off by default, it ads to difficulty (which is always fine unless the AI cheats to transparently) Mood lights would add much to the visual quality making bases more menacing and showing off some light affects. Most of us probably avoid night missions per default so this would be a nice way to show off this mechanic even if one is playing very carefully.
  5. It would not hurt to have both - both should be a kind of limit but in a different way else one is not relevant. Currently the available space is mostly irrelevant since though there is some TU difference between belt and backpack - it is not much and backpack is pretty much unlimited storage space Nonetheless I guess this is not something for CE since it would change the vanilla balance instead of patching bugs or delivering new features. I remember seeing some mods and description in the old mods threads about this as well I can also understand that the overload limit is not a viable topic for CE then but the usage carry over through missions seems something that may be suited for CE.
  6. Exactly my though that is way this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11965-Suggestion-Max-overload-for-transport The above workaround is very tempting and the problem is that it is a huge gray area - how about I just bring two extra grenades for each soldier and drop them on the way? The rewards are way to tempting to leave a peace of mind if not applied - the only way to ignore it is ignoring this possibility altogether and trying hard not to take advantage of it:) If this mechanic was working like it should a while ago, there may be a good chance the community edition can bring it back?
  7. This is regarding the cheat to have soldiers packed with ammo and weapons to the teeth and then dropping these in the first round Could a counter (Overload) implemented to soldier equip screen which would increase each time a soldier is packaging more then it can handle and deny overload of soldiers if reaches a limit? All soldiers would always be able to fill up their capacity and most of the soldiers could be overloaded slightly even allowing one to be overloaded extensively thus allowing some stash pile on the transport but if player is resulting to this sensible cheat/feature it would be only worth loading one soldier and the result is the same as in the original with the exception of some little micro management at the beginning of each turn
  8. I remember this topic being brought up around a year ago but not what the result was. My question is whether it will be possible to have the ammo state of weapons carry over from mission to mission if the transport does not return to base between missions. This is somewhat an immersion feature which I think was there in the original but is also something that would put additional penalty on conducting missions right after another which would be nice. It would also make some more sense to have several clips for soldiers since at the current stance I never needed to have more then one extra clip for each weapon even for lower ammo level weapons. If the feature can only be implemented by removing the current ammo clip for the soldier equipment it would be even better - lore wise they would rearm their weapons between missions if they shot at least once during the last mission thus conducting three missions in a row would become quite difficult even if player is pro
  9. I can think of at least another way which Xenonauts incidentally also seems to be an example of: community funding. It is of course only one of many new business models but one that is showing potential: Make a contract with your community on the deliverables and have them finance the development. I know I joined Xenonauts because of its premise and the possibility to fund a game I wished to play. Also joined Star Citizen for the same reason and there are already numerous other promising games steering towards this direction. If the games developed now can show off good quality and customer satisfaction we have got a much more efficient and dynamic model than those of large DEV companies since they are unable to deliver that closely to customer requirements due to their corp water head and other limitations due to size. The only real advantage was larger budgets but if that advantage is nullified...
  10. Agreed, this would be the pragmatic source of the problem the question being who makes the money? In case of "intellectual" property which software can also be considered the physical production price is not high as mentioned above, but the intellectual effort of devs similar to that of a musician composing song does have effort put into it. Naturally the existing system is built on the old model of product and value but it would be a mistake to not take into consideration: All intellectual effort is a social effort. Everything a person outputs by its mind is pulling data, knowledge, ideas and know-how from the wider range of society (education in school, friends, other artists, devs..etc) cumulative mind. Does it still take effort to filter, merge, slice and dice then dish up the product? Sure it does and it deserves recognition both monetary and other wise but it could lead to a seriously corrupted system if this "right" is taken too far. See big IT firm lawsuits as negative example. Limitation of intellectual property can lead us to serious problems so it needs to be made with the greatest of care and not like: "Well shoot just burn the heretics already in the name of the emperor :)"
  11. The biggest enemy of a product is obscurity and yes piracy does decrease this aspect. As for negative reviews it is a common marketing axiom that there is no such thing as negative marketing exactly due to the previous. If the product has quality that is confirmed by relevant sources the potential costumers who gives a c..p will find those and listen to them because they want to find and hear those opinions and all others are only searching for excuse not to buy something and most of them wouldn't even if there was no free way to get the product. Even though common marketing sciences still try to work with a model containing "rational" customers it is very very veeery outdated model. Humans create opinions mostly on instincts and feelings and then "rationalize" them afterwards. Accordingly one cannot deem piracy bad simply due to the largely unknown effects of it and since they are most probably positive in a sales perspective neither convincing "pirates" from it being unwise. If customers would be rational buyers the gaming market would most probably be a desert with a few cactus like lifeforms roaming the endless post-apocalyptic wastelands of emptiness. As a customer of this and many other products, a pirate of others and an indie "seller" myself i can only urge not to fight piracy by making products more easily available and better supported. DRM and censure is a great way to increase piracy though and if there were a way to "fight" this phenomenon it would come at the cost of much of our humanity. Of course the later is not a high price for some but just take a look at a certain console release not too long ago
  12. Hi bonds0097 Just set up CE 0.25 and noticed your mod, looks great, thanks for implementing. It adds a lot of atmosphere to the game Hope you are also planning on expanding the records with soldier portrait and maybe role or the way it bit the dust "Bravely blown to smithereens", but even as it stands it is a great value-ad and much appreciated
  13. The original had this covered by limiting storage space - cost of ammunition was only one aspect which indeed go away as soon as one could sell alien stuff but there was also the need to balance out limited storage space and cover the missions with enough ammo clips (calculating the delivery time into storage management) and that gave every single ammo clip value - good ol times
  14. Play throughs so far with v1.02-1.07 Normal/save scumming: 1 terror site 1 alien base No base assaults Normal/Iron man: 2 terror sites 3 alien bases No base assaults Base assaults seem to be effectively out if the player knows how to achieve air-superiourity or at least very rare in play-throughs, but alien bases and terror sites can occur several times if played on iron man mode which is highly recommended (didn't use the option though simply didn't load games back) Edit: There is no need to be upset on these numbers, there are two higher levels of difficulty that probably stack up the numbers nicely - I will certainly try Veteran/Iron man mode next and actually expect at least one base invasion unless I get really lucky. Terror sites and alien bases should also be min 5 I suppose.
  15. Versions 1.0-1.07 have invisible props in the final mission: - in the praetor room, the whole room seems empty but something is blocking shots and passage in the middle - side rooms before the reactors seem empty but a lot of tiles are blocking shots and passage
  16. Belay that bug - The power source it seems has also 3 stances like other props. If it is shown damaged the thing does not glow, but the game does not consider it destroyed, it needs to reach the third stage and explode for it to recognise as destroyed item and then the base is also gone after mission abort - I guess this makes sense
  17. In case someone wishes to verify this here is the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k316ygdb9qpclxr/Base_save.sav Simply hit abort to witness the hinted survival of the Hunter and in surprisingly good health nonetheless (although its looks seem a bit deceiving during mission I have also seen soldiers living after alleged death with 1 HP - I have nothing against a bit of random survival if it can be deducted in which circumstances this occurs (maybe only with veterans, or if not get blow to smithereens and so
  18. 1. During alien base mission, hunter destroys itself in suspicious self splash hit (should not have been destroyed since it took minimal damage before?) 2. After clicking mission abort button all dead soldiers are shown correctly outside the "landing" zone but Hunter is shown with 71/100 HP although it is shown destroyed (Hunter is not actually destroyed or shown incorrectly in mission abort screen)
  19. Alien base is not destroyed if the core has been destroyed and soldiers withdrawn The base core is shown in another stance (damaged/destroyed?) after a direct plasma missile hit, then soldiers escape but mission is not won contrary to xenopedia description of alien base intelligence and the base remains on the geoscape
  20. More specifically: Why can't predator armors use rocket launchers? The xenopedia states the armor can only use heavy weapons but the tool-tip of the rocket launcher tells the player it is also a heavy weapon (would be strange if it wasn't). So why can't an armor limited to using heavy weapons use this specific heavy weapon? Is this a bug? Since weapons have the Heavy attribute (or not) I would think it is not hard-coded but calculated if a soldier can use the weapon but if so then this is a bug Is this an intended change conducted in later changes for balance sake? It seems more logical to have 2 weapons available for the armor (not counting the end-game weapon which probably won't get built anyway ) since every other soldier is pretty much multifunctional with grenades, medikits, primary and secondary weapons. I was also thinking that the armor looks pretty stupid carrying 25 or 26 plasma clips (since most of these will never be used but not utilizing the capacity without back-draws would be foolish) but if it could carry both weapons, the place at last would be a limiting factor instead of strength and the player could customize these soldiers in how much ammo for each weapon is carried on the cost of the other. I really hope this is a bug, but fear it might be a balance consideration in which case the tooltip would need to be corrected Edit: I just had a blink in the unit sprites and fear this might be the later
  21. Hi Kel, Nice mod you got there - I really enjoy the laser weapon art wish these were more concepts like these Yeah I also haven't seen any description in Xenopedia regarding colors of alien uniforms but Lore+ has this covered as good as humanly possible
  22. It wasn't the idea to have a list of things that are hard-coded since I do not know what is and what isn't coded If there cannot be any flat file filled with data such as these then I guess it is not possible without editing the engine - even if it would be cool I guess this would fall into the same category as having combat, UFO activity and other stats, but what about the total civs killed counter? Can't this be modified, replicated edited to collect KIA stats?
  23. I was writing together some thoughts what made the game short of perfect in my opinion when I realized that given the current status of the DEV project all feature related points are only have a chance to get eventually addressed if a modder with golden hands takes a turn on them. So hear go some ideas in hope one or two will be taken a fancy on by people better then me in a nifty mod : - Operation endgame button more visible/striking (it is a high priority apocalypse button) Green colors could dominate here and highlight the button background and outlines with different shades of green - Tanks shown in garage when viewing the base layout since we use this view to get an overview on number and type of planes as well (it is also the best designed management view so information should be tied in where possible) - Sorting of soldiers within base/personal menu does not show sorting direction set (asc/desc) - Strip all equipment function for soldiers in the base equipment screen - Geoscape does not contain much information and the range of planes specifically. Would be nice to have each type of planes and their range on the bottom of the map so to have more useful info there and also help planning air coverage. Icons of air combat could be used and a simple distance meter like in maps showing the range with larger numbers displayed to help orientation and increase immersion: 1000km? 2000km...etc... - One of the most important function of geoscape is showing relation and funding levels + changes for continents but the information is only displayed for each continent when cursor is above making for a lot of useless hovering. Information should be shown directly over the continents themselves and even color code them - maybe via buttons so they can be blended out so not to disturb in interception orders. - Statistics from UFO activity are missing that were present in the original - Mag ammo is very thin and without character (noticeable style) - Bring back original rifle as standard rifle (it is such an iconic and function defined form ) - Color coded squads (red and blue team). Painting the sprites seems too much effort, but how about a triangle above sprites, colored gloom or backround colour of quick key button? - All heavy weapon ammo should take up 2 slots just like in case of heavy machine gun. When predator is used the armor can take a crazy amount of ammo with him which may make sense but is not fun - If heavy ammo would take 2 slots the predator could only take 13 magazines which is still more then enough but looks and feels much better - Final mission optional objective is lackluster - Maybe its just me but I do not care about the survival of my virtual troops in the final mission since there is no strategic/tactical payoff nor emotional - no image of dead soldiers or other just same victory image - Final missing is too easy - the map is straight forward and thus much space meaning one can mow down enemies with rockets - 10 soldiers with fusion rockets - no issues that the equipment is destroyed and no small rooms and corridors to limit shooting angle. Elevation is also not utilized which make flying armor under utilized in the final push - this mission still feels much better then that of EU in my eyes due to the unique tile set and plot buildup - Hall of fame in game for won games and their statistics (mission count, lost civilians, soldiers, date and which ending is achieved) - Soldier equipment slots strongly reduced since they are never utilized (except in case below) - Resolve cheat to have all slots filled with ammo, medikit, backup weapons and drop them in the first round of tactical mission. The problem with the workaround is that it is giving a large advantage but is sheer micromanagement. The original had a perfect solution for that: max weight for transport and a slot to fill in unused equipment to (this might not be possible with the engine though) - Difference when using belt or backpack. Currently I don't see any difference and since we have so much space, the belt is simply meaningless with its size limitation
  24. Confirm on the fix regarding CTD at first door of final mission.
  25. It is nice to hear that the second base will also be targeted since I went a game without a single base invasion - shot down the one UFO trying to pull it off. Maybe if they can target more bases chances are higher they will actually attack. I must admit though I thought all bases are subject of direct attack - I hope they will be - else it is kinda like a cheat to know that the aliens are "only" interested in the first one or two - this way everyone who knows this mechanic simply ignores defenses for all other bases and makes the tension suffer - until know I was always playing under the fear that all of my bases are in danger if detected which makes it more fun. If a base has reached a certain size I always built defenses for it. I hope this will be so eventually even if smaller bases get much lower priority - if they are attacked once per every dozen games that is enough to keep the player on its toes
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