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  1. One of the few good things about new XCOM was the foundry when our engineers could do their own research, and create upgrades and new tech for our base. Now I think, that it would be cool to give our lovable oafs something better to do, and constantly drive doctor Snidey to extreme lengths of frustration with their inventions.
  2. Well, you're right that it doesn't feel the same, but on the other hand, the majority of bases we build are just outposts for planes, radars, and troops. I only expanded one, because I needed more place for engineers, as they are lazyasses. Building more bases is fun, but how much of those we build will serve a different function than just outpost. That's the question we need to ask.
  3. It is an interesting possibility, but you've forgotten about one simple thing. Black market activities would be always burdened with the risk of detection, something for something, and retaliation from those you've messed with (Base sabotage, or destruction, the assassination of important personnel (scientist, engineers, soldiers) decreasing loyalty of your own staff, or when you really piss someone, permanent decrease of maximum funds, and when you truly cross the line, terminating you, as a commander(execution). Black market should be from the very essence, risky business, where disaster may cost you dearly. In the age of the Cold War, there is always someone who knows the truth, and if you play it wrong, you will be very sorry.
  4. Hi there . I see that X2 is going well but I want to give my 50 cents about that game . While I respect Xenonauts there is still much to work to make it better . Here are things that in my eyes could make Xenonauts even better Weapon and armor accesories - XCOM 1994 was a game full of nonsence . We had heavy plasma , blaster launcher or fusion weaponry but NOT fucking nightvision which was invented EVEN before WW2 . We need all kind of grenade launchers , scopes , bayonetts , night and thermovision and some sci fi stuff like in UFO aftershock and Afterlight Soldier training - In all of Altair UFO series we could train soldiers and upgrade them BEFORE battle . Why can't we spare all those money we use for condolence for rookies families when we can use it to train our troops (and scientist and engineers and other people ) to increase our meager chance of survival ? Increase base size - Why we can't create three kind of bases for our needs ? We should have a bigger choice to build a base we need from outpost for soldiers and planes to fortress . Augmentation - In UFO AS we had access to augmented soldier and special equipment for them all kind of cyber augmentation and psi support . We could also use gene upgrades like in XCOM EW . Foundry - Foundry was one of the few good things in XCOM EU/EW so Xenonauts could use this as well to make upgrades to equipment . Mechs and robots - Aside of tanks you could add more vehicles ( like T-72 or Abrams ) with more armament as well as robots like in UFO AS and AL or badass mechs to mow down aliens. More russian planes and upgrades - Please , add Mi-24 and few more awesome things from soviet air forces instead of defenceless cow Chinook . Mi-24 is 10000% better . Also , please add more cutomization for planes and choppers ( engines , avionics , armament , fuel capasity and kinds and more ) More ammo kinds - We should use more kind of meaner ammo ( fire , acid , dum dum and more ) to make life of the aliens harder . Add all purpose planes - 1970s was a time when all purpose fighters saw it's age so one use fighters were removed . We should use all purpose plane as building the new hull is expensive . More varied arsenal - UFO 1994 wasn't known for outstanding or original arsenal that why you need to look into UFO series which removed that problem . We had all kind of mean weaponry - warp weapons , collapsible machineguns and rocket launchers , flamethrowers , gattlings , plasma shotguns submachineguns , revolvers . Don't make the same mistake that UFO 1994 creators did . Better buldings - You could make some buildings that could increase research or production , bigger hangar , hospital and more . Buildings also should be upgreadable . Human enemy - In XCOM EW and UFO Aftershock we had an enemy faction to destroy us . It would be very interesting to fight on both fronts . Those are things that in my eyes would make X2 great . If you have time , please consider adding those things
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