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  1. Are you considering having a different, side on, battle map for base defence missions? Is that something that is being developed? I can't imagine how it would work so it would be interesting to see.
  2. So the base defence missions will be fought over the top layer of the base, which is the same for each play through?
  3. What will base defence maps look like given the new side on base on several levels?
  4. wanderer

    Hidden Movement Screen Unnecessary

    I think it could be an optional feature, because it would seem some like it and some don't.
  5. Yes, I was hoping for a more conclusive answer! I am less interested in the weapon slots (as they relate to carrying soldiers) and more interested in whether we can carry soldiers at all. If a mission goes badly wrong you will try to get as much stuff back onto the transport as possible, another reason backpacks were useful. I cannot be the only person who realised they were not going to win the mission and had my remaining soldiers run back to the transport grabbing as much stuff/soldiers as they can on the way. It is often the case that losing armour and weapons is disasterous as they are so expensive.
  6. Can soldiers still pick up fallen comrades to rescue them or their equipment?
  7. I thought maybe I could edit the savefile to turn it off but I have started a new game instead.
  8. wanderer

    Community Map Pack

    I think it was industrial.
  9. wanderer

    Community Map Pack

    I installed map pack 3. I started a scout mission and large parts of the map are black and I can't move more than a few squares from the helicopter. Is there a way to fix this without abandoning the mission?
  10. You don't get to keep guns looted from the battlefield. It's the same with alien weapons. You are not supposed to use them. Annoying but you can mod your way out of it apparently.
  11. I get this as well and in addition the game freezes for around 10 seconds at the start of every turn. I didn't have this when I played on veteran(not iron man). Since I started a new game on normal iron man I have had the freezing. I play on Steam. These are my Specs: AMD FX-4350 Quad-Core Processor 4.20GHz 4 GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  12. wanderer

    Wallet Rape, Dec. 2013 edition

    There's a steam sale? Please excuse me, I'll be back when i have no money.
  13. wanderer

    best total war

    I liked the Rome Total Realism Mod for the first Rome game. And I liked the Stainless Steel Mod for the second Medieval Game. I think the Original Shogun game is the best one of the lot as I never thought it needed Mods to make it better.
  14. wanderer

    War of the ages!!!

    With or without mods?