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    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    Hey, all, super late to the party but I'm very excited to hear that Xenonauts 2 is in the works! Re: making air combat more "tactical", have you considered a turn-based maneuver system a la Steambirds or X-wing? Each fighter could have a different set of maneuvers available to it, depending on how its loadout or role. I feel like this would be a nice compromise between the frantic action and high granularity of the X1 air combat interface, and just axing the interception game completely. Looking forward to X2!
  2. Sleet01

    Is my Crypto Decoder lying me?

    This... this was info I needed three months ago
  3. Sleet01

    Civilian AI

    I was struck last night by the thought that I'd like to see "civvies" able to pick up alien weapons from downed invaders, a la (iirc) Syndicate. It would be great if soldiers and cops, at least, had a chance to swap their ballistic weapons for plasmas if they saw a dead alien and, say, had a high enough morale. But that would probably make crash missions a little too easy.
  4. AKA "Red Squadron, Gold Squadron" tactics
  5. Sleet01

    Xenonauts V1.08 HF Released!

    Awww, there goes my perfect record of shotgunning Reapers this last game I'm really loving 1.07 and on. Great work!
  6. I can unfortunately confirm that this bug remains in v1.08. It appears that the game will allow you target friendlies or enemies that are beneath one layer of terrain, but not two. I'm trying out the various squares around the affect friendly (in this case, a jughead who hit himself with his own stun grenade) to see if I can find one that magically allows me to target him, but I'm afraid he's going to take a really long nap.
  7. In the original X-Com, you could have your guys carry their fallen / passed-out comrades back to the plane for extraction if things went south. We should bring that back for civvies: if you carry one back to the plane you can make them into a cyborg super-soldier or something!
  8. Sleet01

    How i meet Rambo in Xenonauts :)

    I'd like to see this added to the game, along with the "civvy-hearding" option a few people suggested way back when. Maybe even a pop-up at the end of a mission where an NPC can ask to be allowed to join up (based on random chance / their morale at the end of the mission / how many aliens they killled ).
  9. Sleet01

    I Need Your names for Xenonauts Let's Play

    Bet Yeager Female, Blond, Caucasian, short hair. Any class, with the max available armor at any time. Start with one held and one stored shield, and a pistol or grenades. Should she survive long enough, Bet Yeager gets power armor and energy weapons.
  10. Sleet01

    Anybody playing ironman?

    I started playing Ironman because it was recommended for RC build testing, but no more. With the bugs, UI issues, and occasionally just completely effed-up misses - guys dropping grenades at their own feet being a major one - it's not realistic to try to test the game in Ironman mode... nor is it all that fun. I play in regular mode and only save at the start of missions or when I'm shutting my machine down; this way I know I'll be able to recreate most bugs, and I don't get the urge to throw my laptop off the balcony when the game shits its pants.
  11. Clicking outside the combat zone is the same as using the bug-out button, isn't it? I don't think that's reversible. I wonder if it would be possible to implement mid-air refueling as a research option, and give the commander the option to mid-air refuel planes if they're over friendly nations... that, or just build refueling bases at the edge of your radar range and direct planes there if they run out mid-mission? (apologies if someone else has suggested this stuff already; I haven't read the whole thread yet)
  12. Sleet01

    Does anyone know anything about old computers?

    I don't believe IBM ever produced a gasoline-powered digital computer, although stranger things have happened. And I wasn't able to find any information about an IBM 5630, although a storage backplane for another IBM computer carries that part number. Did you perhaps mean a System/36 5360 computer? If this is your grandfather's model, then it is not gas-powered; I believe the key unlocks the control panel for fine control or servicing. If this is not what you are seeing then most likely you are looking at an IBM-branded generator; generators being integral to mainframe and server installations that have always-up requirements, it would not be unusual for IBM to provide their own branded versions (and I have found manuals for IBM generators dating back to the '40s). Can you provide any photos, or more details about the computer? Edit: here's a site discussing the above computer system. I would *not* recommend attempting to power it on without a pro present, as it appears to be quite fiddly.
  13. Oh, I'm not putting it down anytime soon! I just wanted to try to get a little further with the defaults before tweaking anything. That's a good idea, though.
  14. Tech. Info v21 Experimental Build 5 Observed behavior: Civilians are morons. Desired behavior: 1) If a civilian enters a Xenonaut transport while running around screaming, s/he should *stay* there unless an alien follows him or her inside. Weight the interior squares at 110% for pathfinding or something. 2) Similarly, weight the squares *outside* of Xenonaut LOS higher than squares within their 90-degree visibility. Even scared-poopless civvies should be smart enough to not run between Xenonauts and aliens, and Xenonauts are usually pointed at the aliens. 3) Add the ability for a Xenonaut to give a civvy a single order if the Xenonaut is in an adjacent panel and has sufficient TUs (say 15 or so). Make it possible to herd panicked civilians away from danger at the cost of reduced actions that turn. The affected civvy can become a player-controlled unit and be given either a single movement order - e.g. "go as far towards the marked square as you can" - or a single fire order for that turn. This could make for some interesting mission variations - get all the civvies out of a crash zone for extra cash, or round up all the local law enforcement to protect the landing craft - and would sure be nice for keeping dumb farmers out of my fire zones.