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    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    Congrats to the dev team for continuing to develop so much of the game even when life throws a massive curbball at you. It's good to know that the development of the game will return to normality (or as normal as it could be). Chris, can you elebarate more on the new UI concepts that you and the team have been working with? I am really interested in your ideas for improving the UI.
  2. I mean, they can make it so it is relatively easy to switch soldiers between or out of teams/squads. I'm just saying that this system would just cut out all the micromanagement needed to fill the dropship. This system would also be fully optional to use so you dont have to manage squads is you dont want to. I dont follow and how micromanaging single soldiers is much more work than micromanaging an entire team. Your points 1 and 2 dont make sense to me. I mostly agree with your additions to stress,
  3. Woah there buddy, that's going a little off the rails dont you think? Yes I agree that there needs to be limitations in order to allow more interesting decision making in the geoscape. In xen 1, doing every UFO was the most optimal choice since you get more funds, materials, and soldier exp making any other decision mostly worthless. Systems like stress help to create strategical diversity because grinding every UFO isn't the most optimal option anymore. All I'm saying is these systems can be improved upon to make the game more interesting. For example, several have stated that the current implementation of stress makes them rush missions, which doesn't encourage them to slowly outflank and out smart the aliens. Instead, it makes them make poor decisions because they are quickly rushing into every fight. A way to improve upon this is that soldier stress doesn't slowly grow as you complete the map. Instead, it grows as your team see themselves and their comrades die, get fatally wounded, suffer through a psionic attack, get suppressed, etc. This system promotes an efficient style of play, which means that this discourages turtleling especially against psionic enemies and it discourages running into fights mindlessly. Another nitpick I have with stress is that I dont want to take a bunch if time to replace a bunch of soldiers on the drop ship; instead, I would really like a squad system that allows me to replace everybody in two clicks. I have some nitpicks for the current base building system as well. I would really like to be able to directly upgrade buildings to their superior for a lesser cost and time because it saves me from destroying buildings just to build another one. From the footage I've seen, the early game encourages you to build a couple generators to allow you expand you base with future unlockable buildings (the expanded radar for example), but that investment would be a waste once I start building aluminum reactors. If this system were used, then you can feel free to make these early investments and wont regret it when you get a superior building. Point is, most of these new mechanics are great, but there are ways that they can be improved to make the player experience better.
  4. I think one of the main goals of xen 2 is to force the player to make tough strategic decisions on the geoscape. In xen 1, you pretty easily build things like all of your interceptors(I like building 2 condors and 2 foxtrot for every base) and base structures in the first month and grind out every UFO to get above the experience and resource curves. In xen 2, systems like stress, power, and more base structures gotten after research prevent the player from doing all of the things above and forces the player to make tougher decisions on the geoscape. In xen 1, grinding out every UFO you can was the most optimal option. However with the edition of stress, that is necessarily the best option anymore and allows the player more options that can be considered just as optimal to each other. You could let your soldiers rest which allows you to save money, power, and base space at the cost of losing valuable exp and alien materials. You could also put in the effort to accommodate space for extra soldiers so you can go on more missions at the cost of power, money, and base space. Do I agree that this system could improved upon? Of course. I agree that the recovery of stress should be linked to a soldier's stats, that would help to differentiate the soldiers a little better. This system also encourages hiring more soldiers, so a squad creation system should be in place so it would be convenient to be able to easily easily switch squads on the fly to take out a lot of micromanagement.
  5. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Dude we understand that a full balance patch will come months in the future, that doesn't mean you bold, underline, and supersize your post. I dont see an issue with giving balancing suggestions to the devs well before it is going to be implemented, that is why these forums are here.
  6. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    I'm not surprised that the reapers are one of the most unbalanced aliens. If they dont have enough hitpoints they die to reaction shots too quickly to be threatening and if they have too much then they are too difficult to kill and they get close enough to you guys to infect them. It is a very delicate balance that makes it really difficult to balance. I'm not exactly sure how to balance reapers, maybe buffing stuns grenades so they deal more damage to reapers and scare them off more could help to deal with reapers being too strong. Sebellians should definitely have less vision, should be more inaccurate, or both in order to balance them better. I cant say anything about the other alien races since I haven't played the game yet.
  7. Kamehamehayes

    An accurate release date?

    Well due to covid-19, this past year has been chaotic and things could change drastically in a short time. Unfortunately, Chris has a relative that has contracted a terminal illness so he is taking time to hang out with his family. He doesn't know when the open beta will come out and new versions and hotfixes will come out slower as well. I would guess that the open beta will come out sometime between late April through early June, but as I said it is a very chaotic year and recent events in Chris's personnel life will cause him to work about half as much as he normally would so the dates could change drastically very quickly.
  8. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    All of these changes look very interesting and fun to try, good job to you and your team. If you have the time, I am very curious to know how you are planning to implement features like geoscape situations and human psionics, with the psionics in particular. Are you going to implement human psionics as a brand new weapon type into the game or are you implementing it in some other way? If you read this post, thank you for your time and know that you can spend as much time as you want and need with your loved ones.
  9. Kamehamehayes

    Soldiers Uniforms

    Adding back packs would probably make the soldiers look much cooler. Though I don't know how difficult that would be to implement. I don't have access to the game yet so I can't say anything about the late-game armors.
  10. Kamehamehayes

    Base Building v2

    I agree that the visuals should be updated, but the way bases are managed could easily change so it would be a shame if the devs make a bunch of new, great art and then have to scrap it since it doesn't fit with the new systems. It would be nice if you could upgrade any building into their superior (generator into alienium reactor, labs/workshops into quantum labs/nanotech workshops, etc) for a reduced cost and building time so you don't just waste time and money you spent into the original buildings just to demolish them so you can get a better one.
  11. Kamehamehayes

    Base Building v2

    I don't think adding more 2x2 buildings to the game is a good idea (unless you add some other system that supports more 2x2 buildings). If you look at MrAlex's screenshot you should see that the base is almost full, and that he hasn't placed some of other buildings like labs, storerooms, missile batteries, etc. You probably wouldn't have any room if you added more 2x2 buildings to the game. MrAlex and Alienkiller have been proposing outposts for awhile now which would help alleviate the issue if it worked kind of like a mini-base. It would be very restricted in what you can build (you couldn't build extra labs, workshops, or improved radar) and it would be pretty small (4x4 compared to the 6x6 of the main bases); however, you could use it to build extra hangars and storage spaces so it could make 2x2 hangars work (otherwise there wouldn't be enough space in the base to build other things if you have 4 or more 2x2 hangars).
  12. In your opinion, do you think that v19 would be ready for the open beta or should the open beta release wait until v20? I really want your honest opinion.
  13. Kamehamehayes

    R & D Use in Xenonauts 2

    I don't think it is necessary for everything to be in limited quantities; I just think that everything that come in unlimited quantities should be designed by the engineers first before they are available. The technologies at the beginning of the game I think should still be in unlimited quantities; they are pretty common in all militaries across the world (which are directly funding/suppling the xenonauts) so I see no reason to have to buy them. Ammo for weapons should be in unlimited quantities since it is just a nice quality of life addition, I do agree that anything that requires alien materials to build should not be in unlimited quantities (excluding certain things like explosives, since low-grade alienium is extremely common in almost all ufos) and have to be built by the player. Speaking of upgrading weapons. On the battlefield, is there a reason to have ballistic/accelerated weapons over laser weapons? Do certain aliens have more thermal protection than kinetic protection making it worth it to use a ballistic/accelerated weapons over lasers in some scenarios?
  14. Kamehamehayes

    R & D Use in Xenonauts 2

    The standard weapons, steel plating, and other stuff that you get in the beginning of the game should be available in unlimited quantities without the use of a research project or for the engineers to design them since their technology and final designs were already there before the invasion began. Stuff you research afterwards (like stun weapons, upgrades explosives, etc) should be unlocked in unlimited quantities after the engineers make a suitable design for them as the scientists, while very intelligent, only come up with prototypes that aren't as effective as they could be, so it would be up to the engineers to come up with the most effective final designs. This system would happen faster for stun weapons, which are made up of materials and technology already found on earth, than it would for alienium explosives and alien-alloy plating, which are technologies that were not already on earth before the invasion began. I don't think this system would be necessary for things that come in limited quantities since that should just be part of the manufacturing process so it would be unnecessary. It would also be nice if this was directly put into the lore of the game, which would make the engineers seem much more important than they did before. Your idea of outposts seem really interesting, and the idea of slow upgrading base parts seems really cool to me too. I don't have that many ideas on how to improve these ideas since I haven't actually played the game yet (I've only seen the first couple of hours since I don't want to be super spoiled for the coming open beta). Since this question seems to bee in line with this thread, how is the manufacturing economy in this game? Can you manufacture stuff purely to sell for profit or can you not to it in this game either.
  15. yeah I agree that the engineers should develop a suitable design before you unlock things in unlimited quantities (stun weapons included). It's nice that they engineers have a lot to do in Xenonauts 2. In the first Xenonauts they kinda just sat on their butt half the campaign since there wasn't that much for them to do after periodically upgrading your gear and the head scientist already creates all of the designs for them, which is supposed to be part of the engineers' job. The amount of work they have to do is a nice problem to have. Also you seem to have posted the same message twice minus the first sentence. Were you trying to edit your post and made a new one instead?
  16. Kamehamehayes

    Multiple players game

    I like games like dragonball fighterz, minecraft, splatoon, and tetris 99. I play all sorts of genres.
  17. Kamehamehayes

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    I would assume the aliens would not underestimate the xenonauts and assume that the angels can take out the relatively ill equipped scouts, so instead the scouts would retreat trying to keep the valuable information on earth's major regions (like their development, population distribution, general panic level, etc) that they acquired throughout the scouting missions.
  18. Kamehamehayes

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    I would make them try and run for the most part, their purpose is to scout and they really don't want to lose all of that valuable information to one of the xenonauts's angels. The destroyer should be the first really aggressive ship that the xenonauts encounter.
  19. Kamehamehayes

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    I mean their purpose in the invasion is to scout, as it is in their name, so they aren't supposed to be super aggressive. The scouts want to feel out humanity's current situation before sending in the much stronger capitol ships and fighters. The destroyer is supposed to be the aggressive early game ship since it has more powerful cannons and is much tankier, it is clearly there to crush low-developed civilizations.
  20. Kamehamehayes

    Demo thoughts

    To be honest, I just forgot that was a thing that they implement since I was caught up with improving the air combat and suggesting other things. A zoom-in would be a very nice feature to have.
  21. Of course I think that terror missions are supposed to be some of the hardest and most dangerous missions you come across, feeling outmatched should definitely be part of it, but if players are dying in the first few turns because of mind control then it should definitely be nerfed to some extent (either through directly nerfing it or maybe telegraphing to the player the general direction of the alien that is trying to orchestrate it). The idea of a mission where you are completely outmatched where you have to quickly complete an objective and retreat before the aliens completely surround and overpower you sounds amazing to me @odizzido. It would be a fun and interesting mission with much different tactics and strategies than the rest of the missions. The objectives of these missions could be to escort an important person, assasinate/capture an enemy commander, secure invaluable goods from the aliens, etc. We could start an entire thread to talk about what a mission like this would look like.
  22. So it was the mind control that was killing you guys? Do you think it should be nerfed or should they implement an armor that directly counters it or something like that?
  23. I can't play yet, but if the difficulty curve is as drastic as people are saying it should definitely be adjusted. What was the main thing killing you? Were you outnumbered? Had worse equipment? Both? Or something else?
  24. Kamehamehayes

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    We could take the best of 360 fire arcs and having a blind spot. We could make the ufo always have a blind spot but the guns can rotate around and attack the interceptor after a few seconds. This would mean that the play can't just stay in the ufo's blind spot the entire battle; instead, they have to constantly move around to take advantage of the shifting blind spot of the ufo. This would be pretty easy for the player to exploit when fighting something like a scout, but it would progressively get harder by making the blind spot more narrow and making the guns rotate faster as the ufos get more and more advanced. You could theoretically take no damage with only having weaker cannons, but the fight would take longer and longer as the game progresses, which vastly reduces the margin for error. I do like the idea of only having one aircraft in most battles except in certain scenarios, it helps balance air combat and it makes stopping alien bombing missions much more interesting. Clouds seem like a good idea, I'm not sure how good they are in practice but we'll see.
  25. Kamehamehayes

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    Guys what is with the toxicity. We all want Xenonauts 2 to be the best game we can possibly be. But shutting down people's ideas without a counterargument or anything like that just doesn't do anything to improve the game or the community around it; this behavior just turns people away from discussing the game. This is a place where we try to have a civilized discussion about the game while not shunning people because of their opinions. I understand that there are things that are implemented into the game that we don't agree with, heck I don't agree with 360 degree aiming, but that doesn't give anyone the right to shun people and be toxic because they are frustrated. Thank you for reading this and hopefully we can turn our attitudes around before the open beta release.