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    [v1.07] Xtended Backgrounds Mod (v0.7)

    Link fixed, was only down for ~3 days... honored it was noticed & missed!
  2. Ogaburan

    Does this look Better?

    lol share the 2nd one! It looks amazing! Hobonauts mod anyone?
  3. Ogaburan

    Base defence & scientists

    I like this idea!
  4. Damn SON! Jk, I hate when stuff like that happens... Never send your best men to breach... send the grunt...
  5. 1. I was trying to be sarcastic... it would be a "device" of some kind. The details are hardly the important bit atm... as I was asking about modding limitation... Once I realize more clearly what can/cannot be done, then we can speculate some more. My broad idea was referring to a portable device that can "read" information (like modern smarphones) from an alien body/Remains. And you would get a boon of some kind by doing this (easiest thing will be money). Not make all kind of bad-tv-techno-magic stuff. 2. I also want to get into the obvious differences between women and men, I think this is the kind of thing one usually goes through in kindergarten... Im not sexist in any way, and the "dare i say it women" was more meant as a joke. Like putting the name of the English queen as a reptilian alien. If you cant get a joke... I apologise. 3. Traits? There is not even a basis for that in the game, at least nothing even remotely similar to that that is moddable. You need to write a whole new code to implement these... and then make it HTML friendly so ppl can mod it withotu the source code. I think the better angle would be to adjust existing code... From how I see it, the ability to have a chance="X" is in there somewhere, it would just need to be extended to the part that creates the soldiers. If that is even possible. Then again with the sorce-code anything is theoretically possible. Am just looking for what seems to me the shorter rout. But if you want, and are capable of doing that... I'll gladly accept traits. 4. Thats the whole idea of the mod, to create classes and if you have a reason to use them. Scientist - generate money. Doc's - Maybe revive a dead soldier? (on a % base, not just magic). Aliens - Plain old "Cool factor". Woman - All the reasons you stated, about mindfucking with the aliens! (JOKE!) Regarding Scientists without any special features. I, as in me that is not you and might think differently, would just want to add them anyway. Because I think it would add realism and make the game harder/more interesting. - A team would probably have a brave decently trained "egghead" with them on operations. - It would make the game harder, to have to deal with also be forced to babysit a scientist that you were forced to bring with you because of bureaucracy. At least thats how I would RP it. And enjoy it. Since its mod, guess what.... you wont have to use it if you don't want to. 5. I think you should re-read what I wrote. As I didn't even mention specialized combat classes... in fact I want quite the opposite... Specialized low-to-none-combatants... So if YOU are suggestion this, I would have to say no. I don't think its a good idea, for all the reasons you then stated... 6. The combinations of those are just bad... Are you trying to imply I am racist? My somewhat provocative yet humorous sub-title was just that, to ensure people actually read it... and don't just give it the "TLDR" treatment you seem to have given my post.
  6. Ogaburan

    Tanks why are they so weak

    Its not a tank... its a light scout vehicle that enters into a chopper... don't expect too much out of it...
  7. Ogaburan

    Soldiers panicking...

    I'll add my voice to the support of the current panic system. From my experience it works extremely well, Ive never had once say "Oh this guy is just a wuss" when it was a soldier with high bravery. Yet, some veterans will also panic in some situations. Ive yet to seen an unrealistic one in Xenonauts... I think most of the "hate" come from being a poor loser, and blaming the bad decision making that got that soldier into that situation on the "evil unrealistic game mechanics". In fact I would add even more "panicable" scenarios. I once had a sniper, with a 98% chance to hit his target and a 5% to hit a friendly (who would die if he would miss, probably) headshot his teammate... He remained cool and did land the kill... on a 38% saving his own life at least. I would have poop my pants!
  8. Im somewhat shocked by this thread... I stopped using shields a while ago, and the game suddenly became easier... Mostly due to the lack of random grenades been thrown at me from the unseen/unexpected. Aliens hate shields and will throw nades at it at almost every possibility. Not much you can do about an angry Sebilian who decides to charge at you and throw a nade. Best case scenario you are left suppressed & somewhat injured with a baton staring death in the eyes and in dire need of someone else to get you out of the situation... As I said, there is nothing you can do against this scenario so I rather be preemptive and not draw a huge target on my guys... Flying scouts tho... Thats an eye opener! Will definitely try me some of that!
  9. Ogaburan

    Front line scouting late game

    Shields are bad mkaaay... If you haven't notice, they attract nades like flies... I think one of the two variables for an alien to throw a nade is shield or 2 soldiers standing close. Since I stopped using shields i never looked back...
  10. I might be mistaken, but I think he wants this to be another option alongside the current Scout Vehicles... Something you will have to build via the workshop and have it flown with the troops. Altho having these as an independence units might be an interesting idea... but it seems an overkill to make it and then just have it roam around on some maps...
  11. Ogaburan

    [v1.07] Xtended Backgrounds Mod (v0.7)

    I understood what you meant, but I would also like it to be moddable... I expanded on my ideas here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11524-Mod-suggestion-Idea-%28Field-Scientists-Not-tricorders%29?p=129343#post129343
  12. Ogaburan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    This explains so much, I had a few raised-eyebrow moments... Im sorry, but im having a hard time keeping up with your releases & versions... Was a new version release? Or you just sneaked in a hot-fix to the "rocketbullet"? If its not too much, can you state anywhere really visible what version of Magnum. is the one for download? Maybe even a mini-changelog? I had 2 really bad encounters with Androns who weren't amused at my point blank blasts... Is accuracy factored in? I usually give Shutguns to high TUS low ACC guys and mostly shoot at "snap" thinking "how can he miss". But they could.... or some really bad luck with he Andron armor? If you say it should work, I will be less paranoid and report back... Hell yeah! Cant wait for next version!
  13. I think he wants to add a "friendly unit" while the other thread wants to enhance the Alien rooster... Or am I mistaken? I have to say I kinda join Ragnarock in a more friendly warning that this is a more massive undertaking than you might realize... I frankly hope you will stick with it. But if not, Any work done towards a sectopod/friendlypod will likely be picked up by the next optimistic guy or someone with too much free time...
  14. Ogaburan

    Does this look Better?

    Had to lol at this description... If you are going for "Beef" and don't mind the somewhat "Blizzard-cartoonish look", you might be on the right track. Im not a fan of neither...
  15. This is mostly a 2-in-1 post, but I think they tie in together for a neat mod. Yet also separately they could add allot to the game. 1. Totally not a tricorder suggestion I think this game can improve if we could add optional goals/objectives during missions. So they wont become all that repetitive. What I thought, is having a "weapon" that could load in it alien corpses or remains. It would look somethign like this: And named something in the lines of "Obviously not a tricorder". And every time you load it, it will give you some kind of a benefit. Now for this... I don't know what are the limitation of what can or cannot be done. But my default thinking was in the lines of creating an invisible, uninteractive alien structure that will end up showing in the end of the mission and give you some money. I think this will add allot to current game play: - More strategical stuff to do - Less "samey" missions - Reason not to blow up or BBQ (Magnumomauts im looking at you!) aliens - More things to do for the "concomitantly-impaired" recruits Thoughts? ---- 2. Xtended Racism and Sexism potential Was wondering if this code: <minSoldierAge value="21" comment="The minimal age of a soldier." /> <maxSoldierAge value="35" comment="The maximal age of a soldier." /> <femaleSoldierChance value="20" comment="The percent chance that a generated soldier is a female" /> <soldierStats comment="Soldier's stats are generated with values in the specified range."> <actionPoints min="35" max="65" /><resilence min="35" max="65" /><strength min="35" max="65" /><accuracy min="35" max="65" /><reflexes min="35" max="65" /><bravery min="35" max="65" /> </soldierStats> <startingSoldiersStatBonus value="3" comment="Bonus applied to starting soldiers' stats" /> Can be separated into a few categories? Like: Combatants, Scientists, Aliens... dare i say it "Women"... ect... This will pave the way for quite a few mods, like the Alien Recruits mod ive seen some pictures floating around. And also add the possibility to make a specific categories for Scientists who will have high ref but low acc. (Just Example) My thoughts is that each category will have a chance="X" similar to how the distribution of nationalities work. So end result will be that in the paperclip you will have: Pvt. Longname Longnamisson Dr. Shortname Shortnamisson Seb. Elizabeth Windsor Maybe even have separate ranks for the new "Classes"? Thoughts?