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  1. CheftonUTD

    Aliens in buildings?

    They might surprise us and levitate one of these days... I recommend scissor-grenades and laser-monkies sir.
  2. CheftonUTD

    Quick question regarding the game

    ErvJ, One very important thing I found out when learning to capture ships, stand adjacent to the door and right-click it to open it instead of opening it by sending a soldier inside. I was losing that first soldier everytime until I discovered the right-click.
  3. Yeah Reapers often come running over to my guys, then decide just to stand at a convenient stun-baton range for my turn haha.
  4. CheftonUTD

    Sebellian AI -- aggressive!

    Yeah, they sure are. I posted a thread like this about a week ago, here's a happy pic: There were 4 more just across the road, plus 1 more Seb and a Reaper in the smoke, it got really messy after that...
  5. CheftonUTD

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    Is there a version of this for the current game? I tried both, they both work but a lot of my other text gets altered to #####. It happens on things like 'Alien Turn' in battles, fuel/ammo readings for intercept missions, and a few other things.
  6. CheftonUTD

    A few questions

    I've been reading through the forums and manual and have a few unanswered questions I'd like to know more about. Global Relations - I've noticed that I can have bad/poor relations and still get more funding from regions, and some regions with good relations reduce my funding, how do these tie together and are there effective ways to keep areas happy aside from shooting down UFOs and doing missions? Does shooting down UFOs over water get credit from the nearest nation? Base Building - I've heard the more bases I build the tougher the enemy gets. Should I just build one base at a time to be highly effective, or multiple smaller bases in an attempt to cover more regions? Air-Cover - Planes seem to be using up most of my budget. How do people go about getting a decent airforce at a good value? I usually seem to buy 3 Condors and 3 Foxtrots per base and still end up having difficulty up against enemies such as a Corvette with Fighter escorts. Vehicles - So far I have only unlocked the Hunter. I don't use it much as I want my troops to be getting experience, should I still keep a few on standby incase, or at least have the garage for future vehicles? I think that's all for now, all help or links to relevant info would be appreciated
  7. CheftonUTD

    Shields and Grenades

    Yeah I use grenades and shields as a large part of my tactics, my squad is 2 Assault (shields), 4 Riflemen, 1 Machine Gunner and a Sniper. Everyone gets at least one of each type of grenade and the Riflemen get C4 too (recently found using it as a grenade can work quite well). I'm a bit undecided on the gas grenades, sometimes they've been great and other times they seem to do nothing at all.
  8. CheftonUTD

    Well, that got out of hand...

    Yeah it is, I smoked the door where my shield-bearer is and brought her back inside, managed to melee a few more in that area after that. Tried scumming from an earlier save but couldn't win the battle again so I'm playing on with only 3 Majors and about a dozen pvt/cpl's from here. Only just started building my second base a few days before this happened too, got decent air-cover but my infantry is pretty weak now.
  9. CheftonUTD

    Well, that got out of hand...

    Found a save game of just before it got crazy, That was the turn I worked out smoke grenades + C4 makes for good crowd control/cover remover .
  10. Not sure if there's a section for this sort of thing so I guess I can put it here. Just had a terror mission turn into absolute chaos, and somehow 'won'. The entire battle took place within grenade range of my dropship, I was attacked by a swarm of lizard guys and reapers. With little cover and most of my soldiers in the ship I deployed as much smoke as possible for some concealment. Within a few turns half of my squad was dead along with quite a few enemies, at this point I started using C4 as grenades to destroy enemy groups. I also took down a few more in the smoke with stun batons before losing two more men, with only two left (armed with pistols) I figured I'd grab some nearby alien rifles and go out in a suicide run. Killed the last six enemies and won the battle somehow haha. Anyway that's pretty much it, never saw a battle become so chaotic before, the whole area around the dropship was scorched earth and flames by the end of it. Anyone else have any stories of missions like that, or tips for fighting your way out when you're completely surrounded and outnumbered?
  11. CheftonUTD

    Xenonauts Squad Amount Question

    I like the current set of 8, perhaps being able to drop 2 lots of 8 would be good too. More than 16 soldiers (or less with a few vehicles) would feel a bit crowded - to me anyway.