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  1. Adapting things for faster/slower playthroughs would take a bit of work, mostly in adjusting the research/manufacture speeds. I've heard people brag about having beaten X-Com in under six months gametime with no adjustment at all simply by knowing what is needed as far as research and what isn't.
  2. Another idea would be asking for a strike team to secure the site themselves from local military forces. You wouldn't get the salvage (obviously) but I think the relations adjust afterward could be geared on a random scale based off the size of the ship that crashed and losses incurred by said military.
  3. Montie

    Training and perks

    I'm a little confused... wouldn't having their own STATS make them different from each other? The kind of perks you're referring to there would only be identified by some seriously deep psychoanalysis. Most of the stats have nothing to do with personality, that's going to depend on how you play them. There is an argument to be made for things like bravery not being shown at all as there's no real way to quantify the concept of bravery. Don't need a 'Sluggish' trait to tell me someone has crappy reaction time. Just look at his React. WOW he's slow. At the end of the day it's a lazy gimmick as opposed to a properly designed random generation of the character.
  4. Montie

    Training and perks

    I'll freely admit that there are some games where perks are awesome. The newer Fallouts used them to reasonable effect, the original Bioshock also used something similar to enhance plasmids. That being said, I don't think they belong in military squad/strategy games, which is what Xenonauts is to me. Yeah, there are aliens, but who's kickin em in the daddybags? A bunch of pissed off Infantry
  5. Montie

    Training and perks

    LMAO I'm actually working on not swearing as much, so freakin, forkin, and a few other words get put in place of various swearing. people look at me a little funny, but are usually less offended. If only because they don't realize what I meant
  6. lol I hear ya there, Rodan. I pick up my pre-order tomorrow when I get paid.
  7. Montie

    Training and perks

    Yes, let's have the perk 'Fairy Feet' so someone can traipse across landmines without setting them off, etc. I tend to find that kind of stuff not only annoying, but if you hide it, I can't tell if FuFu can do this or not. or 'Bulwark' with the ability to ignore damage a set % of time... Or Pinky Rings! for ultimate bling blinding! Please Gods No I'm about to get crude here, so turn away. I'm tired of the Candy-ass casual genre waterdown effect I'm seeing across the board in strategy or Real-Time Spam gaming. I say we draw a line in the FORKIN sand right here, right now. And say "NO MORE! This Far and NO FURTHER!" Don't mind me, I'm just tired of a number of dev teams (here excluded) pissing on my head and telling me it's rain.
  8. Montie

    Training and perks

    Classes and Perks... If you REALLY need those to figure out what your soldiers should be carrying go play the cheap X-Com knockoff Firaxis is putting together for the kiddies. Yes I'm snippy, The application of lazy gimmicks to every new game I may enjoy is starting to grind my nerves as well as my patience. This is one of my last hopes for a NEW and complex game, and I don't want it cheapened by shoddy construction short-cuts. Thankfully what I've seen implies the development team isn't interested in said shortcuts.
  9. Women and Beer... Didn't you ever play Duke Nuke'm? lol
  10. Montie

    Blaster Launcher

    Point taken. sometimes I forget about little thinks like tech bleedover lol
  11. It has a long history of being used by the enemies of the U.S. (circa 1979) and not so much in use by the U.S. That may require it's manufacture if communist countries are unwilling to provide them, but I can hardly see a realistic reason for needing to research them as by 79 I think we had a pretty good idea how they were constructed. Just my 2 cents. Won't break my heart either way.
  12. Montie

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    I came here the same way. Just can't afford the pre-order til I get paid or I would have already. Now the wife is telling me I can pick up the Xenonauts preorder or Mass Effect 3 0.0 May have to break out my secret weapon and see if the puppydog eyes still work.
  13. Look to someone else for Fanfic mate. I can get about a page in before whatever I'm writing starts to just fall apart. That and I don't know enough about the Xenonauts back history to tie it in properly.
  14. Ah, that's something I was unaware of since I haven't had a chance to tinker with the early build. The tabs would effectively do the same thing so long as there aren't upgrades added into older tech, which appears not to be the case. hrrm
  15. And a Good intro is ALWAYS remembered. The intro to the original Dawn of War was among the most jarring and memorable I've seen. That said, as far as the funding Thermometer.... How much would I have to donate to get a cute little redhead with large... assets?